I’m addicted to orgasms, I have them just from looking at someone – my record is 18 & I’ve even passed out

    Amy, 23, has had orgasms on public transport, in college and even during lunch with her parents. Now, she says, she is addicted to them.

    Her record for an individual sexual encounter is an incredible 18 orgasms. But the single dance teacher, from Oxford, says reaching her peak so often has its downsides.

    Amy says: “I orgasm very easily and multiple times. If I’m on my own on a train and see someone I fancy, I’ll start to orgasm then and there. If I’m in bed with someone, I can pass out from having so many that are just too intense.

    On other occasions my abs hurt from the constant contractions in my tummy and pelvic area.

    There's more AND her PIC here........…to-orgasms-18-during-sex/

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