The OFFCIAL Flamewarriors music thread.

  • That's a great live version.

    Yeah, Stephen Stills is great- his work on Manannas is wonderful. I like this song and dedicated it to Wrag because heli pilots had to fly at treetop level and the lower you flew the less the bad guys had a shot at you. Your natural instinct is if you get shot at you pull up, but that only exposes you to more enemy fire. Another natural instinct is when a bullet whizzes by your head you hit the deck, but that just makes you a bigger target.

    I admire Wrag because he had the toughest job in that war in that he had to stay low and fast, and remain standing or sitting on his helmet. He's a man.

    Anyway Manassas-

    I got home in 1974 after 4 years, and all of it but a few months were spent overseas. and I had an Austin Healey 3000- a 63 model, straight six- and a buddy of mine had a pickup so I bought a boat and he'd pull it for me and we were regulars at Lake Berryessa. I had a really smoking hot looking girlfriend with long blonde hair who loved sex- unfortunately, with just about anyone- but we'd put the top down on the Healey, crank up Manassas on the cassette player and camp at Berryessa for the weekend.

    Unfortunately my girlfriend was batshit crazy, but I still loved her, kinda- and I tried- so, to her-

  • There was something about that blonde hair blowing in the breeze, top down on the Healey, doing four wheel drifts in the turns, on the way to Barryessa to camp for the weekend- only woman who ever rode in my car when I was acting really stupid who urged me to be even more stupid and go faster.

    We never did make love- we fucked. She'd slap me, really hard- she liked being on top. I couldn't trust her to give me a blow job because she was a biter... she went down on me one time and I thought I was going to have to get stitches on my penis.

    Bitch was crazy... but damn man, she was georgious. We'd camp and she'd come crawling out of our tent with her hair all tousled, wearing a halter top and Daisy Dukes, and everyone envied me and I was like "No you don't." She finally broke up with me, and I was as relieved as if the IRS sent me a letter cancelling my audit.

    I never did figure out which of us was a schizophrenic psycho.

  • I grew up in that town, used to play at that railroad station.....looks most different now. I remember when that album came out, I was like 11 or 12, but my big brother and his friends were mesmerized by it

    If politicians only got paid according to their district's economic success, there would be no more Democrats.

  • My longtime friend, Todd. I've mentioned him before. He's an incredible - everything. I mean, anything he does he does to a super high degree of proficiency. He's an insane guitar and bass player. Drums too. Started and owns his one data center, is certified flight instructor from anything up to multi-engine jets.

    I met him before the internet from an ad in the local musician paper, The New Times. He was selling a delay or something. I went to his house not far from mine and he played me his music. We became friends. When my friend Scott and I formed our band, we met our drummer, Travis McNabb through him .