Ok. On a more pleasant note. What would one of these be worth?

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    Ok. I see these decanters empty selling a price points ranging from $20 to $40. Just for the decanter.

    Its an "1976 Austin Nichols Wild Turkey "The Spirit of 76" Decanter - Limited Edition"

    The wife came home with 2 that she got from a co worker at work that were in her aunts attic when she died.

    Difference being is these are still with the original boxes and one of them is unopened. Well actually both are. But the wife when taking one out of the box managed to break (tear) the seal and the cork stopper which connects the head and neck to the body snapped with half in the neck and the other half in the bottom portion of the decanter that contains the burbon. that one we gave to my son who is planning on drinking it the other I am keeping for myself. Trying to find what they are worth though.

    The closest Ive been able to find on a price for one unopened is a different model in the series thats worth like $200

  • I've read that whisky stops "aging" once poured into bottles. I read that an opened bottle is good for 1-2 years and unopened maybe 10 years.

  • I quit drinking for about 15 years. I found a bottle in the cupboard a few years ago that still had a tax stamp... remember them? It was plain old JD .. drank it. it was fine.


    "Don't let it end like this. Tell them I said something."

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  • don't know, but that' super tacky. lol.

  • I've read that whisky stops "aging" once poured into bottles. I read that an opened bottle is good for 1-2 years and unopened maybe 10 years.

    I don't think whiskey ever really goes bad. I have several bottles that have been opened for 3-4 years and they are still every bit as good as the day they were opened.

  • Wild Turkey isn't exactly an exceptional booze, or even a particularly good one. In fact, Wild Turkey is one of the reasons I used to loathe whiskey along with Jack Daniels, Johnny Walker Red or any other bottom end swill. I've discovered that I don't actually loathe whiskey/whisky at all and in fact it is quite enjoyable as long as you aren't drinking crap like Wild Turkey.

    What is the point to this? Point being that since it is Wild Turkey it isn't likely to be worth a whole lot and the distillery likely sent out thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of bottles just like that.

    Here is a site where you can request a valuation. Your bottle should have a bit of extra value considering it comes in the original box and the seal is unbroken, how much extra remains to be seen.

  • I wouldn't know first hand. Mine never last that long.

    If I have a drink 2 or 3 times a month that would be a lot for me but even then I only put about 1/4 of a bar pour in the tumbler so a bottle lasts me a ridiculous amount of time. It's how I still have 13 bottles and all but 3 were gifts for Christmas, birthday or Father's Day.

    I have a bottle of Ardbeg Drum that is unopened and will remain so until it's time to open it and I'll know when it's time. I paid $125 for my bottle and as you can see in the search link I provided it is worth quite a bit more than I paid. I could have gotten a second, or even a third bottle but didn't and now I'm kicking myself.

  • I like Ardbeg but don't recall having "drum". I do have half a bottle of Lagavulin that's a few months old. Son is visiting soon. It probably won't last beyond his visit.

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