New Mouse

  • I'll pay the $2.51 extra so I wont have to worry about handling a mouse encrusted with some kid's putter butter or some fat guys fromunda cheese.

    I didn't notice that was an "essential" model. Lower res than the other model. I have one of the essentials, the white one. Bought on sale for maybe $19.

    20 bucks.

  • I wrote the first review of the first Razer mouse back in the year 2000. The company that made the original Razer Boomslang 2000 was Kärna LLC.

    I'm no Razer fan either...not at all. I did recently buy one, the mini Death Adder, it was very cheap on sale, and I wanted to use it for a HTPC set up. It's "ok", I wouldn't pick it to game with, but that's just me. Still a Zowie fan for the most part. I dislike the "super light" mice with all the holes drilled in the housing that are around now too, about 1/2 dozen companies make a version of this type of mice.

    I still have that original Razer Boomslang, and about 3 or 4 dozen others, including the Logitech Wingman which is still my favorite mouse of all time - no roller wheel, just 3 buttons, and a perfect shape for gaming IMO.

    I'll post some pics of all the mice, keyboards, headphones, etc I've collected, but first I need to do an updated pics/vid of the HOTAS stuff I've gotten since I posted pics/vids the last time, the new collectives from Virpil should be here in 10 days they said in an email on Friday.

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