Here's why I'm not worried if Biden gets away with it.

  • Here's the deal. Trump got more legit votes than any other Republican President in history. Trump also took a huge piece of the minority votes away from the Democrats. The trend is obvious.

    Did you not see the incredible building enthusiasm during his entire term in office ? Sure Covid fucked things up, but it's temporary, and the good Trump days before Covid will be remembered if Biden wins and (invariably) absolutely tanks the economy. Stocks will tank, unemployment will be terrible, and outsourcing/offshoring of American manufacturing will go back into high gear as Biden gives Big Tech/China/India what they want. Biden will capitulate to trade wars, utterly fucking up US domestic industry. Our enemies will be emboldened, and America will start collecting black eyes once again. Islamic Terror will make a comeback. Nobody respects weakness, and Biden/Harris will be as weak as it gets.

    The enthusiasm for an "America First" approach is only going to keep building, and we'll keep wining more and more people over as time goes on. The Democrats will fuck up everything and take take take from people.

    It's a speed bump. Obama was a bigger speed bump than what those clowns are.

    If Biden takes it, it's a setback, and we'll keep winning people over as soon as times start getting tough (again).

    Guarantee we'll slaughter them in the midterm.

  • Irrespective of the outcome

    What the Fuck was that?

    Some guy Hiroshima, Japan August 6, 1945 08:15:47

    Some guy Nagasaki, Japan August 9, 1945 11:02:44

    Some guy Chernobyl, Ukraine SSR April 26, 1986 01:23:03

    Some guy Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant March 11, 2011 11:28:37

    Hillary Clinton, November 8, 2016 22:07:32

    Secret Service Agent attending Biden/Pope Francis meeting October 29, 2021

  • The thing with cheaters is they end up spending all their effort just to cheat to stay there. They also only exist to enrich themselves. They will completely fuck up the job they are supposed to be doing, and it will catch up with them (probably a lot sooner than anyone thinks).

  • Remember something else - what motivated the idiotic hard democrat base ? The Orange Bad Man. If Biden wins, he'll be gone (for now). They're going to expect Unicorns from Biden, and neither he or Kamala are charismatic bullshit artists like Obama was. It's not going to go well for them.

  • You seriously underestimate the stupidity of democrat voters. They STILL believe Bush killed the economy. Hell, half of them believe he blew up the World Trade Center. They also still believe Obama is responsible for the booming economy.

    You also seriously underestimate the corruption of the democrats themselves. They were emboldened by what they got away with before. And if they get away with this, they'll be even more emboldened. Between getting away with all the scandals under Obama, including Obamagate, and getting away with stealing the election, they will be so emboldened that they'll try anything. And few will try to stop them.

    It absolutely MUST be understood that what they get away with encourages them to do more. And they got away with it all. Fast and Furious, Solyndra, Benghazi, IRS targeting conservative groups, Burisma, China, Hillary's email server, and the Obamagate spy scandal against Trump. They got away with the Russian Collusion bullshit. They got away with the impeachment. And they may very well get away with stealing this election.

    They will create the image of invincibility. No one will even try to stop them.

    Yes, if history is to be learned from, they SHOULD get the literal shit beaten out of them in 2022. And neither Biden nor Harris should be a remotely viable candidate in 2024.

    But then, a sitting president with a 52% approval rating, a good economy that is improving, and a massive increase in minority support, should easily win re-election, especially over the shittiest candidates in modern history.

  • The other factor is there is a civil war brewing inside the Democrat Party. No honor among thieves kind of thing.

    This it absolutely true. They are turning against each other. And it will get worst.

    If people do not display wisdom, they will crash like blind moles and then mutual annihilation will commence.

    you ain’t black! -Joe Biden, 2020

  • No, there aren't more. Even if the vote counts were legit, and they aren't, there are over 330 million Americans in this country. Half of eligible voters didn't vote. Don't imagine there were any loud mouthed idiot Biden supporters among them.

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