What's the most fucked up thing you've seen

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  • Two girls, one cup was pretty fucked up.

    The worst stuff was the crime scene photos back in AIT. One that stands out clearly to this day is of a small boy that was beat to death by his father with a fire poker. I think that one will stick till the day I die. The guy that was split up the middle by a chainsaw was pretty gross as well.

    I've heard stories of human toilets and stuff before, but never witnessed that sort of thing.

  • I was a volunteer firefighter in the early 90’s and the most fucked up thing I saw was a motorcycle rider vs chain link fence, it grated him like a block of cheese so we cover him with a sheet. It turns out he was almost home and mom happens to drive by, recognizes the bike and freaks out, wanting to look and make sure it’s him, the cops stop her and try calming her down and all of the sudden she shoulder checks one cop, jukes the other one out of his shoes and dives into the bloody gut pile saying it’s not him it’s not my baby until she picks up an arm wearing his watch, she then got up and sat on side on our truck holding his fucking arm and telling us how mad she was when his dad bought him that bike then she takes the watch off and asks where we want her to put his arm.

  • On the night of my 21st birthday at about 1am on the way home from the pub we came across a car that had hit a safety rail. We pulled over to check it out because the lights were still on, what we saw was horrifying, a pregnant chick in the back was in like a sideways splits position with obviously a smashed hip and the driver had been driving with a tallie (750ml bottle of beer) between his legs which had gone up into his guts and disembowelled him, his seatbelt was crushing him and he was screaming at us to undo it, which we couldn't. Our deso driver ran over to his car and got a metal bladed scraper out of his glove box and cut the seatbelt loose. The guy let out a groan and died then and there. Pretty awful stuff for a young fella.

  • 2 different events - still trying to get them out of my head decades later

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  • Well.. not in the same class but where I ran the wastewater facility it was out of town in the sticks (duh?)

    There are a couple of 4 way stops but no real ambient light. people are hauling ass on the country roads out there. Seemed like once a week me or my guys were a 'first responder' it was all farmland but early in the morning you would see a vehicle out in the field. A wreck out there did not get discovered for hours sometimes unless someone was alive and capable of calling it in.

    One time I had an alarm at the plant.. maybe 2 in the morning? on the way I got some reflection like a reflector on a side marker light? Was an Suv... out about 50 yards in a field. it was really really fucked up.. like rolled ten times fucked up.. Got the flashlight and of course.. it was silent as the grave except for some moaning. One kid was only a few feet off the road.. dead as shit.. The other four lived.. they were all kinds of fucked up.. all teens or so. All male which I was strangely grateful for.. all but one unconscious. I am no doctor.. not even close so I didn't touch em. Called the fire dept (normal) and told em the situation.., they of course knew who I was and where I was.

    I was really grateful when they got there. But for half an hour (eternity) I was pretty shook up and... I don't get shook easily...

    Went from me alone to ten rescue vehicles and a helicopter in almost no time. later (a month?) this kid comes out to the plant.. asking for me.. Thought he was just looking for work.. He shook my hand and said thanks. It was one of the kids.. I rarely don't know what to say but this was one of those times..


    "Don't let it end like this. Tell them I said something."

    Pancho Villa, last words (1877 - 1923)

  • Ronnie.. Janice has been out to the place I worked.. it is really out in the sticks.. me and her rode out there.. me on the shovelhead and her on the sportster. I was retired and the event was for the new facility upgrade.. political hacks and fuckwads who did not like me.. big event with the newspaper guys.. My guys were on 'guard duty' to keep out the riff raff... LOL They had called me and told me to show up...

    You can imagine your sister and me on Harleys showing up.. Best part was the engineers who did the upgrade all came over and shook hands and bullshitted with us.. You can imagine your sister had some part in that if you catch my drift. No red blooded male is gonna snub her! So to 3/4 of the people there I am the asshole gate crasher and to the rest an inside joke. exactly the way I like things.


    "Don't let it end like this. Tell them I said something."

    Pancho Villa, last words (1877 - 1923)

  • Ronnie.. I doubt I saved anyone.. but I did feel good about the whole thing. Mostly tho at the time I just felt pretty helpless... but you are right........ I got alarms at the plant like once or twice a month.. I honestly believe that god had a hand in how it all worked out.


    "Don't let it end like this. Tell them I said something."

    Pancho Villa, last words (1877 - 1923)