Quantum Computing

  • Here's a pretty good article on quantum computers. It is difficult to understand their application. They are not programmed in any manner resembling a classical computer. This excerpt is particularly helpful in understanding the difference:

    "There are several fundamental compromises when you move into the realm of quantum computing. Here's one that's daunting just by itself: Solutions will rarely be exact or definitive. A quantum computer is not a deterministic machine; in other words, there is no singular solution for which any other result would be an error. Instead, a quantum computer will tend to render sets of answers with their respective probabilities."


  • Seems like that could be compared to human intuition. A mind that is intimately familiar with any system can make intuitive leaps in troubleshooting that system based on probabilities.

    An AI using a quantum computer would also need a classical computer to interface between the real world and the probable.

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