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  • Welcome Elric! I’m so glad to see you came back! 💗 I have missed you!
    • Hey Fossy, how you doing?
      I'd had a virus recently that laid me low for a bit & I'd forgotten the name of this forum.

      The recent fringe shit fight with Twaddles brought me back.
      What a shame. Smokey is such an arsehole.

      I'm not sure how this 'wall' thing works.
      Is it the same as a PM or can anyone see our messages?
      (Not that I care if smokey sees this though. There's never a reasonable excuse for betrayal)

      Just recently saw that you were fossiliferous. I'd wondered who had asked to be banned.

      Hope your well & as you & Twaddle are no longer at the Fringe I'll stay in touch here.
  • I will make a post about oil pulling here
  • Hey was just reading about your leg.. big hugs and love, to you, beautiful angel man!
    • Thanks Blue.

      Hang on, can anyone read these messages?
      Oh no, I wrote something that was meant to be private ........ oh crap.
    • You wrote it all for everyone to read.. lol.. but don’t worry, only us newbies use the wall.. but I’m sure you can edit each one out if you want, or if you can’t, message gg, she will help when she has free time..
    • See the three dots at the end on the right of the post, click on those and you get an edit option.
  • Hey you... How ya doin
    • Hey Crystal.
      My Dr suspects I've got a cancer on my leg. Doing a biopsy is a risk due to compromised circulation (Buergers disease) as would chemo & radiation (which I'd refuse anyway)
      Amputation would be the only real option.
      I'll have to make some canna oil & try that.
      Aint life grand?

      How are you after your hospital scare? I'm not fond of the place either but I know when I need to be there.
      A year ago I spent a week at the local hospital & got a really good Doctor for a change. He actually listened.
      Even was happy for me to smoke pot for chronic nerve pain (Got interrupted by security twice while puffing on my pot pipe. They just grinned when they smelt it, lol)
      A much more positive experience than what I'm used to.

      I didn't say anything at the time because, well, because you were feeling bad enough & you knew you had dodged a bullet.
      Do you know why you played Russian roulette?
      Knowing what you know, I'd guess that you don't fear death either.
      Although it will be a beautiful day when I pass over, I don't yearn for it. I know I'm meant to be here so I do what I need to do to remain here.
      I'm not 100% certain why I'm still here (Buergers patients are dead within 2-3 years from diagnosis. I've lived over 20 years with it) apart from an inkling.
      You are also here for a reason.

      I've been told by several people, including my Spiritual Guide, that this will be my last incarnation here, if I choose, so I'm not going to fuck that up, lol.
      Once we reach a certain level of understanding & apply that to how we live, I think that most of us then are able to choose a better realm in our next incarnation, generally speaking.
      You've got a higher understanding. You don't want to come back to this world again, do you?

      Sorry if I sound like your dad but you do need to hear this. (Or should I say 'reminded'? You already know) You had a lot of people worried.
      I sensed you'd be ok, this time, but I also sense that you can't keep ignoring the signs when you need help.

      I'm also extremely independent & have learnt to trust myself. The hardest thing for me to do is to ask for help.
      That's you too, right?

      Call on your Guardians from the Light (No, not your dark 'associates', lol) They'll take care of you.
    • Cancer....... What....
    • Russian roulette.... Yeah. I don't like being here. I don't. I feel like my life was taken from me, and I just exist. I want my life back.
      I don't mind dying really, I just don't like it when other try to hasten it. My mentors absolutely feel someone(s) tried to mess with my karmic time line.
      So I do play Russian roulette sometimes.... I figure, let the chips fall where they may. I miss my family.
      Very few people on this plane.... Love me.
      I'm always the expendable one. Always. Maybe... Mmaayybbee... 5 people genuinely care if I breathe.
      So I sometimes just want to go be with the people who did love me.

      I had no idea a lot of people were worried though... *quizzical look*
      That surprises me. Honestly.
      Not many people care if I'm here. At least I don't think so.

      Now I'm worried about you.
      What are you doing for this cancer/issue..... Other than always being baked.
    • Unfortunately no, I'm not always high.
      We have random drug testing. One is not charged for driving stoned but for driving with an illicit drug in ones system. Arseholes. It makes me paranoid so I only smoke enough bud & hash for chronic nerve pain. 3 bongs a day does the job.

      The plan is to not smoke the oil but to mix it 50/50 with coconut oil & apply it directly to the sore (It's been there over a year. The size of a 50c coin. I figured it wasn't healing because of my compromised circulation. 20 years ago an angiogram showed that I had zero blood flow to my left foot & 30% to my right)

      Last week I found 3oz of primo organic bud that I'd misplaced so I can use that to make some oil.

      I'm more worried about my teeth. Three of them have been giving me hell & the dentist wants to pull them.
      What was that about oil-pulling that you mentioned at the other place?

      That's what I feel too. People suck ... but not really. The energies of this world weigh heavy & influence the average unaware individual. ..................
    • Oops sorry Crystal, didn't realise that this 'wall' isn't private.

      Elric xo
  • Welcome! Yay!
    • Thanks Blue.

      I was about to give Frigg at the other place a mouthful, took a breath, & remembered your recommendation, lol.

      He can be such an arrogant know-it-all.
      Keep an eye out for the thread, I'm still thinking of exposing his ignorance.