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  • Wife is into Young Living Oils, big time. No chemicals allowed in our home. I met someone that also sells YL oils and she told us how she got into it. She used it to cure her lupus! She showed us copies of her medical records both before and after. Wife and I used it to lower our blood pressure, no more meds. Just thought you might be interested in it.

    • I'll try it. It may have worked on her skin lupus, (Discoid lupus), which I also have, but my primary problem is SLE Lupus (systemic), which affects organs like my stomache, liver, kidneys, and small/large intestines, which oils can't get into as easily. I will try it though, I try everything that anyone has a recommendation about with results that are positive. This included paying 15,000$ per 3 weeks for the first 3 Benlysta infusions years ago, before they were covered up here. Didn't work, and it actually killed many people, and the government up here pulled it, which sucked, as it was the first new Lupus dedicated drug in 50 years to come out. The primary treatment is corti-steroids, which I can't take as they spike my blood sugar up into the coma zone in even small doses as I have some sort of allergic reaction to them. So, I'm left with all the "small guns", and am happy you posted this, as again, I try everything in hopes of having some positive results myself.

      Lupus is known as the disease of 1000 faces, as it's a real bitch to treat, and what works for one person has opposite results in the next, Prednisone is one of the few drugs that 90% have success/relief/etc with. I'm in the 10%, in fact many males - again only 10% of Lupus inflicted people are men - often don't react as well to the steroids.

      So, Monday, I'll try and find a dealer in Canada, if I can't, a good friend is a doctor in Palm Dessert/Springs and owns 3 clinics there that can send them to me, as he's done many times before (Dr Steve McKenzie, we shot a lot together in the early 90s before he got is MD and was hired away to the USA like all the good docs up here who can't stand our BS socialized medicine).

    • It absorbs into the body rather quickly. The YL Oils are pure and can be ingested. I'll ask my wife to send me the info or at least a link to the treatment options.

    • Ok great, looking forward to trying this.