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  • You must get into the 52 card thread and suggest “Iron eyes Cody” as an Indian mascot…. He’s a fake Indian

  • Lol, I am enjoying what you are doing to milo. Keep it up

  • I know this week gets busy for everyone but wanted to say hi and know you will enjoy a really nice time with your family for the holiday. We hope all is well with you and your family.

  • Hey there, I really, really need a way to get what we bought for you guys to you. Please give me a clue on how to accomplish this. My husband keeps asking. You can even go on line and check what is sold at Highland Orchards, Penryn, Cal. site and pick anything. We have some of most all.

  • Here you go Lazs, search for this: "Well that's all come to an end. President Pelosi can't be bought, and she can't be intimidated. Mueller is closing in... I wonder if TrumpyBear still "loves wikileaks"?"

  • Accidentally visited... I will not pass go nor collect 200 buckeroonies :P

  • Visa shouldn't be a problem, IIRC your administration left a consulate in Frisco. They reworked Soviet experience and grant a 3 years visa in half an hour.

    I don't own a gun license, but I'll take you to gun activists with kalashoid rifles :)

  • Lazs, do you have a passport? No kidding, i want to pay for your trip to our hard land of the winter. I inherited some money i can't spend rationally, so, would you be so kind to meet me? I pay for airline tickets to Moscow and high speed train to Leningrad er SPb

  • PM ya? don't see the link for it? Everything goes on your wall?

  • Hey tell her that I sent you there( Jess Ledford), ya wont get a discount nor will I, but it just lets her know I was spreading the word.

  • It arrived. Probably been in the box since saturday!

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  • Heya, Nuke has blocked me from posting but how ya doing?

  • Toilet!