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  • Can you put me in touch with Janice?

    Or at least see if she's willing to talk to me, please?

    I thought she shared an etsy page with me that she runs.

    I am getting ready to create an etsy page for my MIL, and want to be able to go to someone for advice, pointers, etc. Someone who had already had a page for a while and would be able to answer questions from experience.

    Thank you for asking her if she's willing to talk to me about it!

  • Not a Toilet!

  • Lazs can see the draft threads? I didn't know they existed, well, not in thread form. I've seen the draft get saved and also the post gets saved in its original condition before an edit. He mentioned it in the divorce thread I think.

  • Don't mind me "I'm just tryin to hold it steady while I piss on your wall"...Ba BABABA BA BABABA...