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    Psychosis. We might have to lock him up.

    Lazs' excuse is that they don't want people running businesses out of their homes so they made it illegal to work on cars. Why not just pass an ordinance against businesses in a non-business district like everywhere else?

    So what's the trigger? What brought all this about?

    I don't give a fuck. But start there, ya fucking hethens.

    How hard did nukes sister work today? While you were crying no mas and trying to manipulate the board. How hard, to put those four beers in your hand?

    Ninster went out of his way, and you fire back with 'but pretty badly'.

    It might be time for a home. We'll get some 2x6's out and start yet another section for your dirty little ass.

    Occupy lazs. I like that.

    What do you want me to say, man? That's .. rough as fuck. Missing that much is too painful to click. But you are leaps and bounds beyond any grief I can give you.

    I would put my hand on your shoulder if I was there. You are solid as fuck. I don't even fucking know ya, and you're a good man.

    If the Lords gonna take it, we'll fuck him up when we get there.

    Trees, air. You gotta live, man. Don't feel guilty.