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    An attack from CVs on Russian land should result in sinking bloody aggressors and/or an immediate ICBM massive launch.


    You are not worth talking to anymore.

    An ambassador threatening a country he's assigned to is beyound any limits of common sense.

    Pavel, if you don't mind. Paul. Pavlos, Pablo.

    Ameican amassador in RF had a TV interview from an American CV in Med Sea and said we are going to mind 200,000 tons of US diplomacy.

    I am 100% sure Huntsman is not going to return to Moscow.

    Fucking Americans. How ya been Boroda?

    Thanks, alive and kicking, I apologize to StrangeDays I didn't call him... Went to Queensland to visit my ageing Mother, she spent 6 months in MSK and now we are working on her moving back here. She got absolutely enthusiastic about it :)

    Well. You guys are only innocent misleaded people,

    Spending some time in AU I saw a certain difference in attitude to me as a Russian, who prefers to be friendly, with my previous trip two years ago.

    Now when i or my Mom say we are Russian - people stop trying to run away and in Aussie way take you by the button and start telling imaginary stories of travelling from Siberia on foot to Iran as told by their Polish relatives from Anders Army. Or Estonian SS-men. (yeah i should sound hostile enough!)

    Many people say their parents were Ukrainians, but eagerly speak Russian, not "mova". When Mom tries to speak Ukrainian "mova" no one understands except me.

    You guys hosted some wrong Ukrainians, Pribalts. And other nazis as well. And murdered anyone like Lennon or Zappa.

    It's your leadership that in our eyes should burn in hell, along with our fucking Beloved Party and Government.

    All i can say is: "Fuck you, Lenin!"

    You guys know I am for decades an open enemy of so-called "freedom of speech" and other bullshit that helps speading terror. But now I only hope terabytes of confusing crap is going to be released. No mercy for mass-murdering genocidal maniacs.

    I only pity he didn't come to an embassy of some decent country. Like Russia, Belorussia or maybe even China. You can make a working agreement with Chinese, but never with anglo-saxons. Chinese may misunderstand. While anglo-saxons simply don't think anyone else is a human, Remember that joke about "gentlemen" East and West of Suez? Americans are usually even worse. Officially declaring "American supremacy" - nazis. And anglo-saxons killed more in India then Hitler did in Europe.

    Do you guys know what's an Equadorian embassy in UK is? Something like a 3-bedroom apartment, I am sure my dweling is more comfortable. At least i have central heating and hot water. 7 years...

    Of course. It's always the Jews

    Wrong answer. Now it's always Russians instead of Jews.

    Look, Chopper Red already said that all Jews are Russians. And Poles. And Europeans, as if we and Poles are cunt-eyed instead.


    да блядь Лазс!

    Ukraine still has over 50000 1911s lend-leased. I won't be surprised they have M4 Shermans, since they fail to produce anything. M2HDs m1929 tommies they got it all stacked. They fucking DO train personell with Maxim 1910 on Sokolov cart.

    I am Ukrainian, i know - nothing wasted.

    Addie salutes American flag. JVS sends people westwards.


    Do you really misundersand?

    Again: read Albert Camus "Rebelling Man". To understand the difference.

    Misantropes. And parasites.

    Commies and Nazis have more in common with each other than us. The only difference being commies are internationalists and nazis are nationalists. Just 2 evil flavors of totalitarian socialism

    U serious?

    Do you understand YOU are nationalist now? Perfectly nazist american exceptionalist?