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    Do you motherfucker from a nazist country with your bloody exceptionalism complain when a Soviet/Russian votes for Hammer and a Sickle!?

    Go fuck yourself into your toothless mouth.

    Without October Revolution you and your grand-parents were dead by 1922. You couldn't have a chance to starve in a trailer park you still live in.

    And you described Putin.

    Unfortunately, we have democracy here, with two-stage presidental elections.

    I never voted for him. I vote for CPRF, Naional-Bolsheviks (when they were allowed) or Beer-lovers Party.

    Edward Limonov is my vote. National-Bolshevik party.

    When Putin said that Russia for Russians is not going to happen - it was obvious. He isn't a Russian president.

    Russia is for Russians and those who agree with it. If you, my Californian friend, agree that Russia is for Russians - then it's for You too. All the 1/8th of the land on this planet.

    And Excel, admit that you don't give a flying fuck about Arabs, Vietnamese, Russians, Hindus, etc, all nation's except Anglo-Saxons. Now I want to disappoint you, my distant friend. Supremacists, aka Nazis, don't give a flying fuck about you. Luckily you're probably the last nation they'll skin, so, you'd better negotiate with us, who are second in line for shearing and skinning after Persians.

    So it goes.

    Get sober, mate.

    Coalition demolished Mosul and Rakka, with no attempts to help civilians afterwards. Aleppo is being reconstructed, humanitarian aid, all shit. Yankees don't bother to even supply some fresh water to the cities they coventrised.

    The Russians were piles of shit. Happy to take over Poland with Germany. Tried to take over other countries. Didn't do a fucking thing to help anyone other than themselves. When it was all over they didn't do jack shit other than take over countries and enslave millions of people behind the iron curtain.

    Russia is a fucking pile of shit.

    Go read something about Moscow negotiations with UK and France in August 1939. "Allies" wanted USSR to fight for silly "guarantees" they gave to Poland, that was a hostile power with their own non-aggressionpact with Hitler.

    I am sick of repeating same obvious facts to illiterates.

    Why don't you ask Ukraine to give Lvov back to Poland?

    Normandy beaches my ass.

    This very urchin was killing nazis a couple of years before brave Americans understood who's winning and finally interfered to steal something from him.

    Why are you so unbelievably fucking dumb? All of you?

    You get HBO Boroda? What'd you think of the Chernobyl mini-series?

    Will watch it. It was a big event in media here, Russians watch it DLing from Torrents, dubbed by independant studios.

    So far I can say that drinking vodka openly in 1986 is funny, Gorby's dry law.

    I remember that time pretty well. We took a Geiger's counter in our Physics lab at school and didn't find any increase over natural radiation. In Moscow. I listened to Voice of America, it was educating. They said 1000 dead, then 4000 dead, then 10000, when they said 40000 dead i stopped listening to that bullshit and tuned to BBC Russian Service.

    When i'll watch it i'll probably start a special thread. Now i'm more interested in Catch-22 series.

    Seems to me it was your countrymen who were Hitler's ally until he turned on you. You keep on claiming the moral high ground while you are hip deep in the swamp.

    Again the money for the fish.

    Well, your country didn't mind trading with nazis even when you bombed Germany. Your bombers had restricted areas on their flight maps - American capital invested there. Just look when GM bought Opel.

    USSR sold Germans raw materials it was unable to process, getting technology and machinery YOU refused to sell. How many heavy cruisers did US sell to USSR?! Lutzow/Petropavlovsk 8" guns worked counter-battery in sieged Leningrad.

    Accusing Persians of something that was probably done by Americans is brilliant. Attacking a tanker with a Russian crew is especially nice. Looking at you, American guys, here - I am not surprised that your administration emlpoy illiterate paranoid morons like Bolton. And you guys here are 146% above average villagers that populate your country.

    Can you tell me one sane reason for Persians to attack oil traffic in the Gulf?! They are naturally evil just like Russians? Get real. Iran, compared to the US, is a secular state, with government support for all confessions, inclusing Christians (real Christians, not you assholes), Jews and Zoroastrianists.

    I think that once all the countries other than us start paying their fair share they can just send a task force to take care of this shit. Or... we could just pretend we didn't know the Israelis were gonna do a surgical strike.


    Lazs, it was Soviet Navy minesweeping Suez channel. And how funny - no Soviet destroyers in Persian gulf shot down civilian airliners back in the 80s.

    Nothing changes.

    Excel! You have to eat something when you drink.

    And we are here, not alone.

    I understand that in your village you can't see enough people to get completely misantropic as I am, all naturally, so try to enjoy it instead. You are lucky if you don't have to drink a couple of beers to get home from work.

    An attack from CVs on Russian land should result in sinking bloody aggressors and/or an immediate ICBM massive launch.


    You are not worth talking to anymore.

    An ambassador threatening a country he's assigned to is beyound any limits of common sense.