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    The second "Infomentary" tackles the False climate models, showing how the Sun's influence is being ignored or rather, " Human force" is being blamed for phenomena caused by the sun's activity (or lack of). So I recommend watching this one (climate forcing: our future is Cold) if you want to get clued up on the difference between the two.

    Those rowing machines are killers! Great for using every muscle in your body though.
    A few weeks ago I bicycled really hard (only a short way), parked the bike and tried to run
    as the train I needed to catch was already on the platform, ready to leave. My legs just gave way
    and I've no idea how I managed those flights of stairs and the last little sprint to the train
    but it took me well over 5 minutes just to get my breath back.

    Seeing as there are quite a few of you interested (aware) in the Sun's role in our climate and how it affects our weather patterns I'm posting this
    Documentary going into specific research, proving our Earth has gone through mass extinction events many times throughout its history.
    It is not for the faint hearted. I haven't finished watching it myself yet as I've been running (crawling in my case lol) errands)

    May as well post the other two Documentaries.



    Oh there's no mystery, and this cold front was predicted to form after the geo-magnetic storm blasting at earth from the Sun'd coronal holes. It's also responsible for the record breaking intensity of hurricane Lorenzo in the Atlantic.

    Good for you Gina.
    See also High Intensity Interval Training aka HIIT.

    Is HIIT good for losing weight?

    HIIT is often praised as being uniquely effective for fat loss—more so than steady-state cardio. That's mainly on the basis that your body continues to burn calories at an accelerated rate after the workout is over. ... It's the calories burned both during and after exercise

    Do HIIT workouts burn belly fat?

    HIIT Can Burn a Lot of Calories in a Short Amount of Time
    One study compared the calories burned during 30 minutes each of HIIT, weight training, running and biking. ... Summary: HIIT may help you burn more calories than traditional exercise, or burn the same amount of calories in a shorter amount of time

    As soon as my foot is healed I intend to get into some regular HIIT exercise and back on Keto. (going back on carnivore for a while, which of course is also keto)
    I noticed my left leg's muscles (and left butt cheek) are tightening up these past couple of weeks because I use it to lift my entire body up the stairs, one by one to avoid placing weight on broken foot.

    Oh and my kind of speeding turns an 8-hour drive into 5 or 6...

    Holy crap Batman!! You must be averaging about 160 km/ph ? if not 180 crikey! no wonder you got yourself a couple of speeding tickets lol!! I's be terrified! Not because of your driving but all the other eedjits on the road not signalling and suddenly trying to over-take doing 110km/ph.. :shyOMG like that dude @5:40 min!! changed his mind quickly but still, that would give a heart attack lol!
    Edit: where were you driving in this clip?

    Oh and I'm not into sniffing armpits either, but my cat is... couldn't find pic I was looking for I love this one too.

    Lol, that's a reindeer... :laughing

    I'm probably not going to drive through the Netherlands and down France this time. I'm thinking Germany to Italy and then the Riviera to Spain. I'm concerned I have one too many speeding tickets in France... Best to keep the French part of the drive to a minimum.


    yeah, just testing ya. Mind you I'd probably turn it into Reindeer Mousse :P
    What a pity we won't get to have a coffee and sniff armpits due to your past
    haste to get somewhere a few minutes faster than if you hadn't broken the
    speed limit.. oh well, you still have a bloody long way along the french Riviera
    in which to get caught so you still need to be on your best behaviour...

    :what? "But Gendarme, I've never been en France before.... "

    Wow Iron , snow falls in the category of "winter" in my part of the world.
    While it's been pouring down here the past few days and pretty windy with it today,
    the leaves are still green and I'm really hoping to have some more sunny reasonably
    warm days before the long dark cold winter starts.. *sigh*

    Indeed, you are you looking so much more relaxed and happier all round these days Elfie which is good to see. Hope that is a reflection of you coping better with your home situation :flowers

    Loving the moose among the wreckage. That's one cool museum and thanks for the pics GScholz :thumbsup

    So what's your plan heading south? (maybe pm me so possible info doesn't get lost among the threads?)

    That guy sounds pretty funny.
    In my time as a live sound engineer in a predominantly Jazz orientated environment I've come across some shockers. Ironically it were the "schooled" chicks from the local conservatory who could make my toes curl with their completely soul-less renditions of Jazz standards.
    I kid you not, once one sang "My Funny Valentine" but struggled to remember the words despite the best efforts of her equally well schooled friend reminding her of the text. She sang "Is your FINGER, less than Greek " (instead of "Figure"). I nearly died laughing..

    It's precisely because I sing from the heart, I tend to feel vulnerable and why I haven't pursued it in the past. Nowadays I think things would be different. Not because I'd no longer bare my soul, rather I could not give a shit about what anyone thinks. I've survived so much hardship, not much else could make much impact.
    I am thinking about whether and where I'd like to give it go and don't take it too seriously. I've even considered joining a choir to get me started but it would have to be a perfect match repertoire wise..
    Also, choirs tend to be too "trained" and it's my rawness that keeps the songs I sing fresh. The last thing this world needs is another one of those "schooled" chicks I mentioned earlier :snicker

    :thumbsupanyway, thanks for the encouragement Airhead.

    Wow GScholz ! That Trans Am makes your Big Cat look and sound like a kitten !

    And why didn't you tell me before, your Dad is Bjorn from ABBA??!! :biggrin

    But seriously, very cool undertaking all round.
    Your father looks pretty pleased after his little ride but what did he have to say about
    his old machine?

    Yay! Jippieeeee! ICECREAM!
    :love:flowers:hahaha On

    Thanks Gina! I'll raise my glass to you and the new ICOM *cheers*!



    A leading barrister says eating meat could become illegal, because it is so bad for the environment.

    Michael Mansfield, the Left-wing lawyer known as ‘Moneybags Mansfield’ for his huge earnings from high-profile cases, is expected to call for a crime of ‘ecocide’ today.

    Mr Mansfield, a self-styled ‘radical lawyer’ who has represented the victims of the Grenfell Tower and Hillsborough disasters, will speak at the launch of a vegan campaign at the Labour Party conference in Brighton today. "

    The hypocrisy of this creature is just infuriating.. fathering 6 kids just for starters ... :barf

    Might not... but I don't see how wrapping crystals around your foot will help either. Thing with alternative medicine... you got to look at alternatives. being narrow minded helps not a whit.


    LOL! I was joking about the crystals :snicker

    As for being narrow minded hehehe ...oops gonna piss myself laughing so I'd better start waddling to my toilet now ...

    Ninny.... if you have the makeshift cast off at night you can try the raw egg and salt poultice... we only ever used it just before we went to bed and took it off in the morning. It has worked on everyone I know who tried it.


    Thanks for the tip lazs but I have no swelling nor does my injury involve an actual joint so I can't see how the salt poultice could influence it. I might stick to just eating the eggs ;-)
    (and about to stick my 6 chicken wings in the oven)