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    Yeah penguins with rulers... I went to catholic school.


    Yup, I'm sure StRaNgEdAyS and Phatzo can confirm, how normal getting "Six of the best" (bending over to get beaten with a cane) or hit on the hands/fingertips, was common practise as a form of punishment at school. (not just at catholic schools)
    Luckily girls weren't caned. When a teacher would hit your desk suddenly with a large ruler or cane and raise their voice it was usually enough to scare the crap out of you.

    Once the Japanese language teacher was filling in for an english lesson and she lost her shit with the smallest kid in our class. First she hit him hard enough for him to fall off his chair, then proceeded to pull him up by his hair as he screeched from the pain.
    I ordered everyone to stand up and for someone to gather all the hair they could find and marched them all to the headmaster's office to lodge an official complaint.
    She ended up getting suspended for 6 months and returned only after following anger management course.

    I know. My normal diet is not far off that anyway. I don't eat a lot, but counting every single calorie kind of opens your eyes.

    For instance, a normal breakfast for me:

    2 eggs, fried in a teaspoon of olive oil, a cup of spinach and 1 piece of sourdough toast with butter. Add a cup of coffee with 1/2 cup of milk in it and that whole breakfast is already 415 calories.

    While exercise may be good for cardio and general fitness it it less effective when it comes to losing weight than changing your food intake.
    Looking at this breakfast I'd say : lose the sourdough bread, spinach and olive oil
    : fry an extra egg in butter

    You will feel satiated longer with the extra egg and without the carbs.
    (invest in best quality free range eggs you can get, as the Omega 6 in the grain chickens eat end up in your body)
    Spinach is one of the vegetables that contain the highest level of oxalates (other: beetroot, Swiss Chard, potato, sweet potato,Celery, Rhubarb, plantain (peanut(S)butter)..

    Low Oxalate vegies: Cabbage, Paksoi, lettuce, watercress, lamb-ears lettuce, rocket/rucola.

    You're on the right track though because if you're coming to consume bread, sourdough is the least harmful...
    The least harmful nut is Macadamia.

    All seed oils are pure poison and to be avoided.(Omega 6 fatty acids)

    Olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, butter (preferably from grass-fed cows), beef, pork, duck dripping etc are good for you.
    A high quality nutrient rich diet will keep you satiated longer and without cravings.
    Should you wish to snack, do so on cheese (made from raw milk) or paté, sausage, Parmaham, Macadamia nuts, full fat yogurt.

    5 Most Unhealthy Food(s) (groups) one can Consume: (just a general guide for everyone)

    1: Processed meats, farmed fish, corn, soy, grain-fed meats, conventionally raised eggs.

    2: Vegetables (plants :
    1: Lectins contained in : nuts, beans, all nightshades
    2: Gluten " " : whole wheat, Rye and Barley
    3: Oxalates " " : Legumes, leafy greens, tea's
    4: Phytates " " : Nuts, Seeds and Grains
    5: Glucosinolates(mustard, cabbage,cruciferous veg)+Goitrogens(soy, brocoli, cruciferous
    6: Tannins " " : Tea, coffee and legumes

    3: Refined Grain Carbohydrates, whole grains

    4: Sugar, Fructose, corn syrup, sucrose etc

    5: Vegetable seed oils. (They are processed using chemicals: the Omega 6 causes inflamation, ultimately insuline resistance)

    Oh there are plenty of exercises one can do in the comfort of your own home that isolate the buttocks. I saw one being demonstrated the other day that was especially designed to not include the thighs... (by someone who didn't want to gain thigh muscles).
    It was done lying on back with knees up and feet at shoulder width on the ground. The pushing up the groin, while holding glutes lightly (to feel them contract) and lowering to the ground again, repeated ad nauseam :biggrin



    I've never encountered a Lapwing plover but those spurs look pretty menacing.

    When I was 11 I had piano lessons in Nowra and not only did I dread going because of the old witch
    who "taught" me, the mature trees in her street were full of Magpies that would swoop at me.
    Luckily I had one of those hard plastic school cases I could hold over my head while running, or waiting for Mum to come pick me up.

    (The piano witch would hit me on my knuckles with a wooden ruler every time my wrists dropped slightly. On the school desks behind me would be 4-8 other students doing music theory homework or writing out scales as a punishment, most had sheer terror in their eyes or were sniffling after crying)

    Red road,Ozark,Mayans and one other that for whatever reason I just cant remember. Oh ya frankie and grace.

    Haven't heard of or seen any of these. You have me curious now. (nor have I seen "Lost" or "24")
    Binge watched Dexter after having seen every episode, and Breaking Bad.

    Yes, Cassowaries. I was trying to think of their name but yeah definitely want to be wary of those mofos..
    I'd be terrified to cross paths with one of these, or worse, a feisty Mum with a chick.
    I've heard some pretty shocking tales of them ripping out peoples' innards.
    I don't recall what advice was given on the David Attenborough piece I watched on them. Anyone know? Well apart from carrying a spare pair of undies for when you shit your pants ??:snicker

    Hahahahaha! I read the Daily Mail article last week and discussed it with some fellow forum members (Dutch forum) and I more or less predicted this reaction. She was basically asking for it!
    Please keep me posted on any follow up articles about the 2000 + BBQ cookout Phatzo  :wink

    Think you mentioned Legion before and I had never gotten around to watching it until a few days ago. Half way into season 2. I like it. My wife isn't sure if she likes it.

    I just finished watching the last episode of the last series last week.
    I won't reveal anything other than to say that the madness and at times seemingly discombobulated story line does actually become un-discombobulated in the final few episodes :biggrin
    I just loved how trippy the scenes and story becomes and am really hoping FOX does an entire weekend of binge showing of entire Legion series one of these days and I might watch it while on mushrooms.

    2:16 am here and should be wanting to sleep but am wide awake..
    Just learned a young boy I have been following for over a 2 years has died from his brain tumor and am celebrating his short but impressive life..

    Do you know the series "Legion" Gina? I loved it ... as freaky no more freaky than Twighlight zone

    both in bed naked lol! Suck on that Lárzs :popcorn

    This is heartbreaking if true... I saw a diagram of the how the beds were divided on different levels and I personally would never sleep on lowest deck. Burning alive is my biggest fear, I just hope those who passed were overcome by smoke before then..
    One thing is for sure, having worked as a cook on board a sail ship the extinguishers are left right and center (as are other precautions) I cannot get my head around this unless those in charge were intoxicated or something... pfff