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    I love Texas women. Those desirable to me have the trifecta of looks, attitude, and taste in men, and they are plentiful. Of course there are all types from all places here, but the emulation of the Texas type can even turn a New Jersey turd into a Texas treasure.

    I'm an alcoholic. I know that's a big surprise. Had a three month stint followed by a few harsh weeks and am back to two months now. I took an intro psych class(about 400 peeps at first) vack in '96 where the teachfessor said if you have a few beers while studying you'll prolly do better if you drink before the exam. Needless to say, my skillz aren't as sharp shooting as they used to be. I've only popped a few rounds though.

    My driving isn't as sharp either. I've cut off two q-tips that had to honk, and I bumped a truck in the parking lot at a meeting in the last week.

    He was just 10 years too soon like his cousin, obammy.

    He had great ideas, but the media derailed him when they leaked videos taken with undercover cameras at the dentist, barber, and even a tire change. It was obvious the fix was in when they made him ride a skateboard onto a stage.

    I feel bad for the guy. It's not like he can fall back on his wife's money like John Kerry.

    I bet we will see the facts come out after Trump is gone and we get the dirt on the Russians and their hand in preventing a great man from becoming president.

    Johnny Cochrane would be proud, Milo. There are a lot of idiots that believe a guy who knows he's spewing shit, knows some will buy it, and does it with a smile knowing you know he knows you know he knows.

    I dunno, MF. Being single, and with the acceptance & proclivity of pRon immitation, my studies have shown me that women will use their face and eyes as a target with the vigor of an amatuer athlete trying to make the Olympic team.

    They're not blue Jean cut offs, they're jorts. If I did get a mullet, everyone else would get them again. Women prolly wouldn't notice either way because they can't get past my dreamy eyes. It's a burden. Often, I can tell they are so deeply hypnotized when I'm listening intently to them, that I have to snap em out of it by blinking slowly. That way, they can soak in whatever insightful advice I offer. They are lucky a guy like me doesn't take advantage of my God given amazingness. My innate humbleness is almost hard for myself to accept...almost.