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    She caught me off my guard. Amazes me the will of instinct.

    Good easy song if you can only play a few chords. I got a little beat messing with it. It's kinda like Johnny Cash with a dash of Johnny Cash.

    I see whut u did, and I refuse to play this game.

    Of course thye seat was removed for my pleasure.

    BTW. I keep an ear on The big Okee. Can you throw me a shad? I hear it is really bad, then I hear others saying it's fine if you can get through the mess.

    Our guy in the 80's was an airboat enthuzeeasst.

    Our best guy was about 80+ and brought a bucket of tomatoes that tasted better after a few hours in the sun.

    Anyways, hope all is good, Storchita. Steal a Mango from el jefe.

    He still around?

    I think this was a bad decision,

    Next time there is a shooting at a Christian church someone should ask for Rev Wright, play a taped prayer of Fred Phelps, or have Rev Al Sharpton.

    Next time a Synagogue is hit someone should invite Dov Lior.

    That'll bring errrrrrbody together.

    Guess what color I am...

    I don't know my dad.

    I have keedz that don't know me.

    My great great grandfather was a slave, so I am too.

    Sorry, MiniDick. Some shit is just what it is.

    We already kicked the Brits where we thought there might be nuts.

    Brits are just faggy.

    How can a nation be any more shitty.

    Arrogant dorks who kneel to the queen or king.

    What the fuck makes them so female? I don't feel sorry for the Brit men that are actually men. I bet they have a fucvking buffet of women since the other 90% are smoking poles.

    The left operates on chicanery. They're exposed.

    I sometimes operate on chicory, but I apply chicanery as well.

    What kind of shit do you drink, Storch? I don't know much about the Cuban coffee. I'm a gas station black, Hot/cold. When the fish aren't biting, at least you have coffee.

    I imagine that if you are a cigar culture, you prolly have a taste in coffee.

    I easily agree with nuke. The bean pies I worked with were mostly what anyone would consider a winner.

    There was hardly any bitching and when shit got rough that is when the jokes started and I appreciated their willingness to let me say racizz shit after we had an understanding.

    I have to say, my bean pie buddies were often catholic, and they were very racist. I don't think any white man has they disdain for the negro that my bean pies showed. They fucking hate blacks. Fucking hate them.

    I don't want anything but a border.

    Hold me to that.

    I want those with brains coming from places where they are hanging on to long standing practicies of letting non shitstains in and even shit stains in as long as they know who those shit stains are,

    ---------every legal since before dickheads that think bacon is ham like SLAMFIRE set foot and stole women.