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    You'd get more use out of a real bike.

    I thought a lot about that, but I got this for less than I could get a bike for... and I've been looking. The other thing is that I did have a bike before and there's no safe place to ride it in my neighborhood. I don't want to get run over. I used to take mine to the beach, and I loved that... but it takes time to go do that.

    So for me, this is a great thing. I will for sure use this a little bit each day.

    Toad... goes to France because of the Capitalists he works for. Instead of enjoying the place, he comes here to bitch and moan and be miserable,

    So you think people live off the scraps of capitalist lords? Before capitalism, how do you think they fared? What about before there were any governents. How do you think they did then? Maybe they were bitter if they sat in their cave starving because they would not or could not go hunt. Maybe they live off the "scraps" of those that could hunt?

    You really are super clueless about how life works.

    Right now I'm sitting at home as my lunch is cooking. I'm making a chicken dish. I have an exercycle in my car that I am so excited to start using. My A/C is on and feels so nice. I have energy and my time is my own.

    My neighbors are all great. It's safe here and I love it here. My dog is napping on my bed. I visited my dad and the people at his shop today.

    I'm very happy.

    Toad, if you could take a pill that would make you happy fill fulfilled and loved, but didn't change anything else about you, would you take it?

    LOL.. the demoncrats are gonna throw sleepy creepy joe under the bus.. Hey.. the fake indian got a HUGE crowd in NYC.. LOL.. NYC? the home of CNN? how bout she go to frisco next for a rally? meanwhile Trump sells out New Mexico cause he is not afraid. In Trump states pochahantis can't get 300 people at a rally.. they are sooooooooooooo fucked at this point...

    sure.... a long way to go.. but damn.. tell us they want to confiscate guns and increase taxes on the middle class and take away your pick em up truck? LOL


    Remember when I predicted that?

    No, I'm not bitter about anything. That's a waste of energy and emotion. What good is that? I pity people who are miserable and bitter.

    The view things from a positive angle. I feel blessed. There are billion of people in this world who suffer incredibly and have little hope.

    I've never been one to feel sorry for myself or be bitter about anything. I'm grateful for what I have but that doesn't mean I don't strive for more and to do better.

    I have a place to live that I love. I have a nice vehicle that's paid for and I have opportunity to make some decent money. I'll get a great job and I'll be fine.

    I am getting to be a porker.... just passed 200


    Isn't that pretty heavy for you?

    I just got home from picking up an exercise bike from a guy on Offerup. It's still in my car . Not sure if I can get it in my place by myself, but I'll try. If not I'm sure one of the guys around here will bring it in for me.

    I'm excited! I will burn a lot of calories on that.

    I'm looking pretty damn good already though. Everyone tells me I don't have to lose weight, but I want to get a flat stomach and I want work on my legs, thighs and bubble butt.