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    And also get bigger handlers. There is no fucking way a 100 pound hippie chick can handle a 220 pound retard no matter how short the leash is... and they don't have Chalupa

    DAmn man... THere's this group that takes retards out on daytrips to fitness centers and stuff. Obviously a Government Grant group. THere's this one retard that carries around a WWE belt and he play acts interviews where he talks about how he's going to beat the shit out of everybody. THat is FD.

    Another trolling tactic.

    Never let them put you on the defensive it’s what they want . When people go on the defensive they tend to get emotional which is what they want .

    The more desperate and angrier they your prey gets the more allies they will seek out. The more allies that they gather is a good litmus test on how far you have gotten to them.

    They feel hopeless before their opponent so like sheep they seek numbers. Inexperienced trolls fall for the tactic of their prey agreeing with each other .

    Real trolls pay that tatic no mind. It’s something you would see at a child’s platform like TOP.

    Sometimes the best trolling tactic is to ignore the emotionally damaged victim screaming for attention .

    The Art of Trolling


    WEll yes but we don't really know because sHe is backpeddling on the boat claim. Good thing- that one pissed me off and put its head above the radar. WE don't even know how old sHe is- we don't even know if sHe is a he or a she. So- sHe will be forever known as HeeShe. The mystery person. The person of mystery. The proclaimer of victory... the General Custer of Flame Warriors.

    WElcome HEeShe- may your stay be brief and may you leave in abject humiliation.

    What’s the matter sweetheart don’t you know any trolling tactics ? ( rhetorical )

    Your a fucking liberal

    “FD says mean things “

    HEre's some rules- there's others. THese are a bit much and i prefer a three point debate but that's up to you.

    I posted subjects before- if you'd agree we can start a thread where only you and I can post in it and we can have our debate. I'm sure you'll make short work of me, you being so intellectually superior to me but... gosh darn. I gotta try man... I gotta stick up for the honor of my board.

    Do you even read the shit you post that you know nothing of? Look at number nine. Tell me where we going to find a neutral judge on this site .

    OK "Brilliant Debater"... pick another subject for tonight's debate. You said Agent Orange was my specialty, but that's only because i'm living with the effects of exposure. SO... You pick one. How about Capital Punishment? Yea or nay? I'm not on death row, so...

    Fuck man- pick a subject. You failed to baffle us with bullshit so dazzle us with brilliance. Tell us again how superior you are- continue to keep this up and you'll get worse than the herd, you'll get the Triad.

    OK I pick trolling tactics to make bullies cry.

    i’ll give a tactic then you tell me a better tactic. I’m gonna start at the trolling 101 level.

    Once you selected your targets be aloof, condescending and speak from a supercilious position .

    The goal of this tactic is to get immediately under their skin and stay there . Then whenever they think they’ve gained some small crumb of Control . Wham!!!! Hit it again and put them right back to square one .

    Normally this is a short lived tactic that is useful for a few days. But occasionally you run into a group of naïve ego driven putzes. Then you can keep it going for weeks and watch the veins pop in their heads .

    Like I’ve done to you and the peanut Gallery for the last three weeks. Did you think my attack was an accident ?

    Come on big boy you trolled 20 years ago.

    Let’s see one of your awesome tactics.

    I could’ve probably kept the 1st tactic going for weeks longer. But to be honest I was starting to feel sorry for you guys .

    Dude, you got owned and you begged for mercy. You said "Uh... I want more of an informal debate" and I even gave you your choice, yea or nay. You were like "I Agree with you" and cutting and pasting the chemical compounds and otherwise obfuscating the issue to the point you never even answered.... other than to suck on my nuts when you begged for mercy.

    Oh, and you aren't mean- you're stupid. Nobody invests any emotional lint on you, just sayin. We'll drive you off simply because you refuse to bring anything to the table- we don't know who you are, where you are or what you are.

    Did you ever read Lord of the Flies? You are Pinky.

    Show me the rules of a formal debate. Then tell me how one could’ve been achieved on this platform .

    While you’re at it I didn’t copy paste anything. I’m just smarter than you are.

    Go back and prove I copy pasted something. I know for a fact you can’t .

    You also had no idea that it’s been proven the effects from TCDD are passed down through generations .

    Face it you’re beneath me .

    By the way nobody can get to your nuts Sluggo won’t give them up .

    Now dance monkey !!!!

    Keep getting mad or I’ll keep laughing harder .

    :big laugh


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    I think you mean Apex Dipshit. The "herd" is just the growing number of people who are LOL'ing and goofing on you FD.

    Whatever, you were warned and now you're going to get ganked. Just remember- you wanted this.

    The only yanking you do is in front of the computer when your wife’s asleep .

    But I love it when another person becomes infatuated with me. I’ll just do the same thing I’ve been doing to these other fools. I’ll poke you a little bit and watch you dance .

    You and Sluggo are my favorite two dance monkeys .

    Airhead’s position over the last few days .

    FD IS MEAN!!!! Everyone else is nice .

    Jesus you sound like a liberal should I change my name to “the orange man” . :big laugh

    But my all means feel free to make some other judgment on me. Don’t forget to ask me if I care . :laughter

    10th grade education? That must put you in middle school from the way I humiliated you last night .

    Your specialty subject was agent orange and you could barely graze the top .

    This is why I like you. You are so utterly incapable of reading anyone on this board. You are so completely full of yourself that, despite being struck in the face a half dozen times by people trying to clue you in, you've blindly stuck with your preconceived notions. It's absolutely fascinating to watch.

    Bravo. Carry on.

    :big laugh

    Thanks for quoting me. I think these are the only replies I’m going to start answering for now .

    So lets see .......when I saw what you were doing to my ̶ ̶F̶r̶i̶e̶n̶d̶s̶ ̶friend decided to piss you guys off. Right now I’m at 95% of my objective .

    I’m pretty much doing exactly what I wanted to.

    The funniest part is replies like you just made show how stupid you are. For some reason after three weeks you people still think I care what your opinion is .

    I guess that was supposed to hurt or something ? :big laugh

    You just have to shut up for a while, and start posting stuff more interesting than your narcissistic bullshit.

    Tried that Sluggo and Storch are just to badly hurt .

    Did anyone read my thread about herd mentality ?

    I’ve noticed that the herd is growing in response to the apex predator .

    Remember when the herd grows in number. Apex predators multiply in line with it .

    You issued the challenge by your attitude... Had you shown some humility you wouldn't have attracted the attention you have.

    So what you’re saying is in order to be a member in good standing here. I have to take a knee ?

    If I was the outclassed loudmouth that you guys claimed I am. You would just ignore me.

    But you can’t so that proves I have struck a nerve deep within all of you.

    You fools think you can make me submit. That will never happen. I’ve told you that repeatedly but you’re all to emotionally hurt to understand .

    If you truly understood one thing I’ve been telling all of you. You would realize how hopeless your situation is .

    “ I don’t care what you say”

    Have at it say whatever you want I barely read the posts anyway.

    All they’ve got to do is shut up . And this shit would be over .