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    I warned him to stay out of mine. He just posted some off-topic bs in my music video thread, then storch came into it to continue their crap. I'm sick of it.

    Since he's too stupid to understand what he's doing, I'm making it simple. He can stay out of my threads, or else. No one would miss him.

    Or else. :laughter

    My life would be torn asunder if I got kicked out of Ron the yawns House of prawns.

    Or maybe I should have been calling you or Ronald McDonald ? That’s probably what you look like after you plaster a half pound of foundation on your face to cover up your acne scars and the ingrown hairs in your pores which fortunately are big and deep enough they act as anchors when shoveled Spackle in deep enough. That way you can support the weight of all the foundation you need to Cover up the ugly. What does it take about 2 55 gallon drums of industrial strength foundation per month ?

    I can just picture you now. Your eyebrows probably look like they were groomed by a epileptic and your ears canals are So neglected it looks like you could grow taters in them .,

    Whenever anyone that knows you thinks of you. All they feel is sad . Except your dad he thinks you’re a pervert .

    Your mood swings reek of counterfeit hormones, self-pity and depression.

    Self loathing or perversion caused you to want to be a chick with a dick.

    I think the inner reason is you never had any balls in the first place. You grew up as a sad neglected pitiful kid. Who because of your choice and lifestyle I would be willing to bet was molested by a family member .

    You spend your days hoping someone will dedicate the song “take a walk on the wild side” to you. So you will feel loved .

    But all you get is grandma got run over by a reindeer as people mock and ridicule you like they have done your whole life .

    I’d tell you to suck my dick but it would probably turn you on because of the joy it would create thinking someone finally propositioned you with the exception of your uncle .

    I throw the term delusional around a lot. I’m playing most the time. But if you think you could threaten me on a form that after 10 years has 20 members on it. You’re out of your mind . :laughter

    So kiss my ass I’m out of here. I was mainly here to hand Spork his ass and I did that repeatedly along with catching him lying .

    I’m satisfied .

    I did find one thing funny here. You guys sound like CNN the way you defend each other and tell each other what a great job you’re doing .

    FYI Ron when you threaten somebody you should actually have something to threaten them with . :big laugh

    one more time posting in one of my threads, motherfucker.

    Just trying to get the rules straight. Even though I’ve been having a blast with everyone all day. No problems no fights whatsoever. Heck even lazs and Air head entered into a truce with me today. Airhead even further stipulated that the truce is in full affect on the main form. When we want to fight or play we will take it to the trash bin.

    I agreed .

    So I guess since everything is clearing up. What you’re telling me is you don’t want me posting on your thread’s whatsoever?

    OK no problem. But I wish you would’ve mentioned it on the flat earth thread we were all there .

    The original thing was the 'coming ice age'. It then occurred to them, "there's NO way to blame this on capitalism". Quickly cycling through 'acid rain'... the 'depleted ozone layer' (none of those really caught on) they hit on MAN MADE GLOBAL WARMING! A decade or two later... CLIMATE CHANGE!


    I use to have a semi standard reply similar to that .

    I believed in the population bomb in the 60s and 70s

    I believed in the coming Ice Age in the 80s and 90s

    I believed the panic over the hole in the Ozone in the 90s

    Man made Global warming ? Ya ain’t getting me four times get the fuck out of here . Besides I have an excuse for the first two. At that point in my life I was a screaming liberal .

    Did anybody post this yet ?

    New Trump Brand .45 ACP Handgun Ammo Sure to Rile Liberals Everywhere

    May 24, 2019 MJA

    Godfather Politics: A new brand of .45 caliber handgun ammo has hit the market carrying a photo of Donald Trump on it! Well, this ought to drive liberals crazy!

    Called “Trump .45 ACP,”* the ammunition is suitable for a .45 caliber semi-automatic handgun such as Colt’s venerable 1911 Army model.…rile-liberals-everywhere/


    The climate has been through much more dramatic and significant changes in the past... But try to debate those points and you're instantly some kind of ist or perpetrating some kind of ism.

    Wow that’s cool. The Liberals could group all labels under one name .


    Tell me that’s not a catchall phrase .:snicker

    There's an interesting theory circulating that May jumped ship because if the upcoming declassification, rather than Brexit.

    This way she can grab her money and run before the shit hits the fan

    I would love to see May pulled into the coup investigation . One of the most powerful members of a foreign government involved in a plot to illegally remove the US president .


    But I would give Comey, Clapper and even Lynch up. In order to see Nancy go down hard .

    I hope Christmas comes early this year .

    I agree.. Look what at how they have systematically erased Patrick Moore from the records after he broke ranks and started to speak out about it.

    But more are getting sick of the length people have been going to to perpetuate the lies.

    What sucks is they have found the perfect niche for their “how can you be so awful and thoughtless” tactic in Faux morality .

    If you’re being honest you can’t deny that the climate is changing. That’s when the blame game starts . You can point out examples like the Eemian period or other natural cycles that have warmed the earth in the past . But those position fall on deaf ears .

    Because you know the earth is warming and don’t agree with their dogma . They don’t think of you as uninformed or even stupid.

    From that point forward you are part of the problem . A threat to humanity because you were honest.

    Then they start getting a “man is bad” stiffy. Because it gives them the perfect opportunity to blame GW on the evil capitalistic old white guys and their oil companies. That have shoved the earth to the edge of extinction within 10 to 12 years .

    Admitting to one commonly known truth is all the nutjobs need to hear. After that you are complicit and part of the reason why the earth is warming .

    They’re oblivious to the fact that they dishonestly used your honesty to rationalize their stupidity.

    I swear the inside of a hard-core Progressive‘s head. Must look like a bag full of cats .

    I've noticed there are more and more scientists beginning to speak out against the global climate change agenda.

    They haven’t been able to speak out. For the same reason it’s dangerous to wear a MAGA hat in public .

    To the liberals those that disagree must be destroyed. If a scientist comes out and makes a statement against the global warming cult. Or does something even worse like find actual proof .

    He puts his reputation, life and job on the chopping block . All of which the Liberals will be more than happy to attack with a chainsaw and a wood chipper just because he dared to disagree .

    The Liberals don’t care about his motive is accurate or not .

    All they care about is everyone should think the way they do .

    If they gain consecutive power for 12 to 16 .

    The first amendment will be trashed. Instead will be facing compelled speech .

    Trumps annoying public demeanor is part of the plan. Liberals don’t realize it but he does it on purpose just to piss them off .

    Similar to a shock jock on the radio the longer he keeps them riled up and reacting emotionally. The closer they come to a implosion.

    I’m not kidding about him doing it on purpose. The funniest part is the liberal media is so mad they can’t recognize it .

    You could take someone and put them in a chair Just off camera at CNN or MSNBC for the next six years . When the host of any show points out things Trump said and ask why he say it.

    The guy in the chair could lean in and be completely honest . “ he did it to piss you off )

    How could he call John McCain a name ?

    “ he did it to piss you off “

    Why would he call the country a shit hole ?

    “He did it to piss everyone off“

    Why does he called the media fake news ?

    “ he does it to piss you off “

    24 hours a day seven days a week 52 weeks a year. Every time Don lemon or morning Joke ask a question like that .

    The guy in the chair could explain to them that the purpose of every statement was designed to piss the liberal media off and they still won’t get it because it’s so officiant they’re blinded by rage .

    I’ve gotta quit now before the readers digest paradigm goes into effect .

    No, I'm saying list Obama's lies.

    Again sources and methods. If a conservative listed Obamas lies it would be tallied more evenly and honestly.

    If I was a screaming liberal. ( which I was until my mid 20s ) I’d be pissed off at the main stream media for the contempt they hold for me. They know they can tell any lie and their viewers will buy it hook line and sinker without any research .

    They get just about everything wrong except for the fact that their viewers are all gullible .

    The Democrats position on their liberal base was spelled out in black-and-white .

    Trump said “grab them by the pussy “?

    What are your feelings on that statement ?

    I just listed Tinyhands' 10,000+ lies. Somebody list President Obama's lies.

    If you keep your doctor your can like your doctor...

    Anything else?

    Why bother it’s all about sources and methods .

    Are you saying Obama never lied ?

    That claim of 11,000 lies is ridiculous and reeks of desperation .

    If trumps figures are off. It’s not a mistake it’s a “LIE!!!”. He repeats himself so when he repeats the mistake it’s called a “LIE!!!” . He could repeat the mistake three times inside of 10 seconds. And everyone of those would be added to that stupid tally list as a “LIE!!!”

    If Trump tells a joke it’s a “LIE!!!” .

    We all know Trump exaggerates. But instead of calling it an exaggeration it’s called a “LIE!!!”

    Plus whoever publishers that list appears to be looking for instant gratification . Yes on the campaign trail Trump said Mexico will pay for the wall.

    Despite the fact that he has six more years to make that happen. The left already holds it up as a “LIE!!!” .

    Everybody lies but anyone that actually believes the list of 11,000 lies. Is either very naïve or knowingly pushing a lie of their own on purpose .

    The liberal motto “ The ends justify the means “

    The arrogance is stunning.

    I’m not sure if arrogance is in the equation. They truly believe they are right and they’re doing it for us because we don’t know better .

    When you look up the character traits of control freaks . It’s like a blueprint for just about every liberal I know .

    They’re correcting you for your own good

    Even when they know they are wrong they deny it

    If you disagree with them they don’t acknowledge your position. They put the blame on you personally

    When asked why they do what they do. Who here hasn’t heard similar replies ?

    • “I know what’s best for them”
    • “If I don’t control them they’ll get into trouble”
    • “If they make an independent decision they’ll make a wrong decision”
    • “What I ask of them is such a small thing”
    • “I’ll suffer if I give my partner freedom”
    • “I’m smarter than they are and they need my advice”
    • “I am responsible to keep the world spinning”
    • “If anything goes wrong it’s my fault for not being in control”
    • “I am chosen to be the one who calls all the shots”

    Basically when you’re arguing with a liberal you’re arguing with your mother when you were 12.

    It’s a no-win situation .

    The only thing the Liberals will respond to now is direct confrontation and violence .

    But as always the right fails to organize properly or get up off our asses.

    Anybody remember Charles Krauthammer ?

    “ The right thinks the left is stupid. The left thinks the right is evil “

    ( pretty sure that’s paraphrased but I’m too lazy today to look it up today)

    I haven’t followed it much for a while. But weren’t the liberals trying to get a do-over on the vote?

    If so.....

    Teresa May tore up her score card because she didn’t get a Mulligan .

    Democracy liberal style .