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    My old work has a rememberance wall for all of the Texas officers killed in the line of duty. More than half of the men being recognized has a random placeholder picture instead of a proper photograph, which always bugged me.

    I found photos for ten of the men and sent them (along with all the information showing who owns rights to the photo and verification that the photo was of the correct person, etc), along with an offer to find more.

    They blew me off, because I wasn't high enough up in the chain. Fuck those guys.

    Rememberance is probably the most important thing any of us can do. You're doing good by tending to this, Thruster. <S>

    Didn't hear any, not any other kind of bug. Also no birds singing. Even the wind was quiet. It was maybe the saddest place I've ever been.

    Chernobyl was filmed in the town I was staying at.

    It's so unchanged since those days that they could believably film there.

    The colors of the vests are determined by which region you're from.

    This is the region my vest maker will probably come from:

    Looks like the best match.

    Their crows look like they're wearing sweater vests.

    I decided to write a children's book about how the crows came to wear sweater vests.

    On my next trip I'll make it my mission to find the person who I'm going to have make the first sweater vest.

    In the mean time, I'll find an illustrator. I wish my son had free time. He'd do a cracking job.

    Not by security.

    Probably ramp dudes.

    I had a seven hour layover there on the way over. I'm sure that's where it was stolen. Fuckers.

    Typical bitch mode:

    On the way back I placed a letter in it:

    "To the mother fucker who went through my shit and stole my jewelry, fuck you. This time I packed tampons here for you. Pussy.

    Fuck off."

    Ton of miles.

    My bag was raided in Stockholm.

    Took all my jewelry. Only one pair was expensive. Bunch of junk earrings, but all were my favorites.

    I planned on not checking any bags, but I ended up being asked to check it. Still, it was a rookie move to have it in my little suitcase instead of my draw-bag.

    One pair my mother in law made for me is irreplaceable.