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    He just started it, and only a handful play. The prizes come from a bookstore he's partnered with, and are really awesome.

    I really hope he builds the base & a ton of people play!

    The answers (as posted on his site):

    1. McAthur

    2 - American factories produced one aircraft every 295 seconds

    3 – Breakthrough (1979)

    4 – The Ulster Rifles/Off, Off, Said the Stranger (Quick March of the Royal Ulster Rifles)

    5 – Seoul City Sue. Her real name was Anna Wallis Suh (1900-1969) and she had originally gone to the Far East as a missionary.

    6 – A downed Romanian IAR-80

    7 - The Germanic chieftain Odoacer

    8 - Battle of Kambula

    Kambula was fought the day after the British loss at Hlobane. The battle was hotly fought often in close quarters, but resulted in a British victory. It was estimated at the time that Zulu casualties around 3,200 while British forces underneath Colonel Eveyln Wood lost 29 killed and 54 wounded. Retreating Zulu warriors, it was reported, were chased as far as Hlobane by members of the Frontier Light Horse.
    9 - Early pilots were familiar with flying fighters such as the Gloster Gladiator with fixed undercarriage and when landing forgot that they had to lower the wheels.

    10 - After Hitler was released from prison, he was given a flag that had been stained with the blood of his fallen comrades—they became the first martyrs of the Nazi party. The flag became known as “Die Blutfahne,” or “the Blood Flag,” and it was one of the earliest symbols of the mythos and ritual that would grow around the Nazi party. It was used in all the major ceremonies, its touch was thought to sanctify other flags with its power, and SS officers swore their oath to it. It even had its own keeper: an SS member named Jakob Grimminger.

    The last time Die Blutfahne was seen in public was in October 1944. No one knows whether it was destroyed in the bombings at the end of the war, rescued and shuttled away, or whether an unwitting Allied soldier took it, unaware of its significance. The keeper of the Blood Flag not only survived the war, but later took a minor position as a city official in Munich. All his property had already been confiscated, and he died a poor man.

    You anti-trump fuckers would be complaining about him if he HAD done it.

    If he doesn't do it, he's a pussy.

    If he does do it, he's a warmonger.

    It's just like a man fighting with a woman. Either way, the woman will turn it into the man's fault.

    So just shut the fuck up with your limp wristed whiney bullshit and tend to your own collosal political goat fuck.

    In the mean time, our guy is leading world again.

    Ok....with the wife's help I finally got it sent off....haven't received an answer back yet.

    Would you like to see the answers I posted?

    It's in the middle of the night his time.

    When he gets up on saturday, he sees who has the most right.

    it'll be tomorrow night (our time) when he sends replies.