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    Choked the heck out of it. Just a thump and little twitch if the line for a bite like a big one. Not hooked really great like a lot of these finesse fish I catch are...kind of rely on catching into some skin and a sharp hook point. In fact the weed guard didn’t even get “tripped”

    I changed hook brands from VMC to Gamikatsu earlier this year because the weed guards are metal on the VMC and I lost too many fish to what I believed was the weed guard not giving like it should and also flat out getting bent and impeding the hook set.

    The Gamikatsu guard is a very flexible fishing line type material and doesn’t want to retain its shape like the metal ones. Plus they’re good and sharp :)

    It’s not just the taste either. The composition and the nutrition and what months of these things did to this guy really messed with his ability to digest anything when he actually got real food.

    The admin folks were amazed by this guys experience on the lines away from some of the limited comforts available for combat troops. I’m sure he wasn’t the only one but one of the very few who survived with that experience.

    He ended up a company commander because nobody was left alive. Then he army good idea fairy came along and really screwed him which got more guys killed.

    Very good story.

    Great story. Poorly executed film overall.

    Read “If You Survive” by George Wilson. Replacement Lieutenant fresh from hurried training who came ashore in Normandy during the breakout, August 1944. Fought almost continuously, sustained on K Rations longer than just about anyone else and has a few very good chapters fighting in the Hurtgen Forest and the extraordinary meat grinder it was. The numbers are staggering.

    Elfie sent some prototype colors and I rented a kayak while on a work trip Wednesday this week. Second cast with a wacky rigged stick bait had a fish slam it. Tough conditions and ended up with 3 in the boat on plastics and another 2 on a lipless crankbait.

    Wasn’t a good day for fishing but hey...gotta take what you can get. Elfie’s lures officially catch fish!

    I read that book (Granite Mountain), Norman MacLean’s Young Men and Fire about the Mann Gulch fire as well as his son John’s MacLean’s book Fire on the Mountain about the Storm King/South Canyon Fire all within the last year. Wish I’d known about that life when I was a kid. Might’ve taken an entirely different path in life.

    Ohio’s the same way. Any electric motor and you have to use a standard vessel registration vs an alternative registration. You’re registering your hand powered vessels regardless but you just don’t put numbers on if there’s no motor, only a sticker. I think it’s BS.

    That's awesome, Golfer. What kind of kayak do you have?

    I use a Hobie Pro Angler 14. That’s a relatively new addition as I started with a big box stores house brand fishing kayak bought second hand. Fished hard all year with it and it proved effective however durability and controlability were lacking in some conditions where the Hobie (and most pedal drive boats) has a distinct advantage over a regular paddling kayak.

    The Field and Stream Shadow Caster is 12’3” and about 95lbs empty and while on the water was very stable and paddled pretty quick for being its size. The materials were cheap and low quality and a hole actually wore thru the hull from just launching and retrieving on a particular ramp with crushed gravel and a whopping 5’ drag a few times. Really soft and low end materials also not made very thick. This was evidently a big enough problem the new production boats have a modification which makes that no longer an issue via a denser, replaceable sacrificial piece. That should be effective because other manufacturers do the similar things including Hobie. I hand to cut an inspection hole and do a repair from the inside of the boat to prevent water from ever getting back in thru that weak spot which seemed to have worked because for half a season I didn’t have any water issues.

    But the Hobie...

    It’s as good as it gets for fishing kayaks. Also bought second hand as a brand new one is just flat out expensive and I saved about $2000 off the cost of the total package of what I bought vs what it would cost to equip a new boat.

    I’ll probably sell the old one but for now it’s okay as a lighter alternative to the Hobie if I want to take it to the river close to the house.

    It is. And "Feel the Bite" sounds better with Smisek Custom Baits than "Get Bit" does. Funny how that works. Lol

    I'm using Smisek because it was the surname I was given at birth, and soon it will be the surname I carry once again.


    Smisek’s is good. Nobody’s going to confuse it for someone else and being distinct is a good thing in this business I’d imagine.

    Sent a couple emails with a few questions to your business address and have a few hours of driving ahead so I’ll probably have some more 😆

    It is. And "Feel the Bite" sounds better with Smisek Custom Baits than "Get Bit" does. Funny how that works. Lol

    I'm using Smisek because it was the surname I was given at birth, and soon it will be the surname I carry once again.

    Actually I think you should keep the Custom.

    Smisek Custom Baits. Sounds better to me if you say it enough times. Not sure why but it’s more pleasant to say or rhythmic or something.

    I dig it.

    I had fun today brainstorming politically incorrect color names while fishing. On a trip in Chicago and we had 55kt gusts at MDW but still managed to catch a couple at a park pond just over the line in Indiana.

    Blue/white pearl laminate. Lewinsky.

    White with only one tiny .008 red glitter flake making up 1/1024th the bait. Liarwatha.

    Lewinsky got me thinking about cigar names for the Senko type worms. Perfecto or Diadema. Probably perfecto.

    I blame it on that YouTube channel you sent and listened to him shoot a bunch of beavers. 🤣

    Feel the bite is good but I’d use it for line or for a rod or something I was trying to highlight the sensitivity of.

    I don’t know if you need to have a tagline as part of the logo or not. Could always add it later.

    “Get bit” is pretty concise and I could hear an announcer saying that over a tournament recap someday.

    “The big girls can’t resist sucking it into their mouths and trying to swallow it down.”

    Then we get some 70s porn music.

    Lol! Going thru this thread I’m digging it! I’ll send ya a PM but I like where this is heading! It’s a neat process and I watch Marling Baits YouTube channel where he makes anything from plastics to swimbaits in all shapes and sizes. It’s really enjoyable to watch...and as my 10yo says...”it’s so satisfying!” When he’s carving and pouring and picking the little legs out of molds.

    She’s gonna be a monster one day!

    That’d be great! I’ll be getting my jersey together soon with the group I’m going with from one of my trails and if you come up with a logo I’ll throw it on.

    Will show them some love with a couple of these trails as well.

    I’ve been kayak fishing tournaments this year, qualified for and am going to the Kayak Bass Fishing National Championships in Shreveport come March 2019.

    Need a pro staffer? I have plenty of room on my kayak for a sticker and can get some shots/videos of these suckers catching fish. They’re gonna...they look great! Especially in unique colors.

    Most of my fish this year were on Yum dingers and Zman plastics. Love fishing a Texas rig or a wacky worm.