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    Nice combo. Most of mine are BPS or Cabela’s rods with Lew’s or Abu Garcia reels but there are some BPS baitcasters picked up on sale that haven’t gone wrong.

    High value stuff since I’m hard on fishing gear and since it ends up getting broke in pretty short order I use GearGuard from BPS which has saved me a ton of money when either I or the kids (usually me) break one.

    I had a similar combo get swiped at the boat ramp in June. I left my kayak at the launch for a few minutes while I took the SO up to the cabin and someone lifted it. I had 6 rods and they only took one but they got my crankbait rod, 7’, BPS medium, moderate with a 6.4:1 BPS reel.

    Caught a ton of fish on that thing. Hope the bastard breaks it and falls off their fucking boat in the process.

    Hope it treats you as well as they treated me!

    Tore down an ‘82 Corvette and rebuilt with an LS swap, 9” solid rear in place of the weak shitty IRS and some other go fast racing bits.

    The old stuff was mostly SAE. The new motor was all metric. Now it’s a hodgepodge with a lot of generic hardware being SAE and most of the engine and modern parts being metric. There were a few metric body bits when I got it but it was hard to tell what was factory and what wasn’t with the shape it was in.