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    Good lord. 0.0% chance it was fueled with jet fuel. Different trucks, different nozzles, fuel samples, etc. NTSB has already said as much as they sampled fuel and it was avgas.

    The pilot, Mac, is the only person I ever saw fuel the airplane. No line service mistakes here.

    Lost me at fascism being a far right concept. I’ve heard that parroted for years going back to high school and citing that Germany and Russia fought against one another as the justification.

    Hitler and Stalin fought viscously because they were the same kind of far left motherfuckers.

    There are far right motherfuckers out there but they aren’t socialists, Nazis or any other such motherfuckers.


    I’ve been fortunate for the last 6 years to be able to max out my contributions to the 401k where we have a very good match. There’s a Roth IRA that exists where I made contributions during college and a separate traditional that started as a SEP IRA from a previous employer but the lions share is from my current employers 401k.

    Aviation is inherently fickle when it comes to long term planning as I’ve ended up jobless with no notice twice in my career so far but with a fair ROI the next 10 years, I’ll hopefully still be in my 40s when I add the next decimal place.

    I’m not there but neither are many people in their mid 30s just because they haven’t had the chance to contribute enough money for a long enough duration em with a high enough annual return especially during the Obama years.

    We’ll get there soon enough. Been saving for retirement since I was 20. Ex GFs son beat me and we had his Roth IRA open at 18 and he’d been making contributions for 2 years now. Proud of that kid. He’ll be a millionaire.

    Caddies get a pretty cut when when their pro does well. You might mention that to Golfer. ;)

    Lol! Elfie’s good people and I’ve been fortunate to get to know him better especially thru all this being able to call him a friend. Just need to stay on top of the leaderboard instead of juuuuuuuust outside of the money like I’ve been doing this year. I’m not just fishing for me and I’m proud to wear his logo. Just gotta generate some more sales for his stuff...which freaking works.

    trump is unamerican and a con man. stop being stupid

    you deserve better

    Cool! Let’s vote for that person!

    My vote against Hillary worked out far and away better than I ever dreamed it could. The next one will be for Trump because someone better* doesn’t fucking run for office.

    *Better for this country and everyone in it. Not better for everyone but this country or better for themselves in a self serving rather than service kind of way.

    Yup. Had some glassware get hung up at customs for almost 2 weeks coming from Canada earlier this year.

    That’s not on the shipper.

    Clever. If I was her counsel that would be evidence I’d use to allege defamation and something to the effect this is an attempt to publicly humiliate my client and one more example of Elfie’s instability. I submit she’s been a caring, attentive and loyal partner despite these ridiculous accusations. In light of this and many other examples, she is not obligated to provide any compromise as she’s borne tremendous burden in all these years of marriage. Blah blah blah.

    That’s what your lawyer would tell you.

    Stick to the facts. Don’t be a dick. No matter how deserved it might feel.

    Lots of accusations flying around. I deny everything.

    Elfie you’re good people. It’s easy to be decent to good people and it pisses me off when they’re taken advantage of.

    You will get thru this.

    Ground rule number one. Number only.

    She does not mean well and nothing she does is for your benefit.

    Every damn thought you have, preface it with that statement. It’ll cut down on your thinking.