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    yaknow? it's amazing how good of a voice ray stevens had, and to know that he coulda made it big time singing serious songs.....yet......he chose to have fun, and sing stupid shit. :D and by stupid shit, I mean comedy.

    fucking a straight I would. or.....i'd go to florida on Kissimmee/gateway airport, and pay a couple grand more to FLY a pony for an hour. :D

    first off...….IT WAS NOT YOU. shit happens.

    secondly....your friend that ditched ya? I know it hurts. I've been there, although for different reasons. but.....fuck him. he was never a true friend if he acted this way to you when he found out. bear in mind, this comes from a person that's never had a ton of friends....I can count my true friends on one hand. if I cut off a couple fingers I still can.

    regarding your dad......I honestly don't know what to suggest. I never knew my pop, so I've got no way to relate to what's happening with you n him.

    when I've had boss's treat me as you describe how you were...….once was when I was a short order cook working for greeks. one of them went off on my in the prep kitchen. I handed it right back to him 10 fold. after that, I was treated like family. had it happen once early in my career fixing cars....on that one, I handed it back to them, then left the cars I was working on all taken apart, cleaned my tools, locked my box, and walked. when I came back with my trailer to take my box, boss called me in the office. apologized, blablabla, and it never happened again.

    I think though(and I know it's easy for me to say from pfrnj), don't harp on these things, and don't stay mad. that's how you wake up in the ER. none of us here wants to see that.

    when they act the fool, just step back, realize that you are you, they are them, and they're not nearly as cool as you...….then let it go.

    sorry for the long lecture man.

    also.....I am very sorry to hear of your personal problems.....but they made the choice. it's their loss, not yours. you are you. if they don't like you or can't accept you, then fuck them. you've got family here on the interwbe too.

    i'm gonna sound like a dick....and I don't want to....and I truly hope you don't take it personally, as I don't mean it that way...but it's the medications you have to take. I've seen it before in friends and acquaintances that've gone through what you have.

    define accidents? I don't personally believe there is such a thing as an accidental discharge. it is a negligent discharge. guns don't go bang by themselves. I know you know this better than probably all of the rest of us here....but I felt I hadda say it.

    I don't know about dropping down to a 750CFM Carb on a 454 cubic inch motor? I have a good 750 on my 383, but in my mind it'll choke down a 454? The tree is a four light at that track and you're right I'm rusty and need to work on that light and stage correctly.

    you could be right. i'm trying like a bastard to remember what we had ont he camaro. that engine was built for the car before I went to work for that shop. he'd said it was a truck block with truck heads, and (his words) the biggest fucking cam I could fit without modifying the pistons. I ripped the heads off and ported and smoothed them out a bit. it was a holly we had on there. I can't remember though if it was a 1050 dominator or and 850.

    my best et in that puppy was a [email protected] we usually ran in the 10's. we never really tried for the 9's 'cause I didn't want to get my license, and the shop owners wife wouldn't let him drive the car.

    for staging, my preference was always to just barely light the stage light. stay as shallow as I could. 4 lights I think is a .4 tree. should still be just about the same though.....flicker of yellow, and you're gone. you'll either go red or you'll tree every sunofabitch that lines up next to ya. :)