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    they only held up the injunction i heard. we're out here hoping it sets precedent for us, 'cause next month's the decision for holding up the injunction on our illegal limit.

    Trump won the election the day that Obama decided not to push for a nomination to replace Scalia. It was a huge hand tip that showed the Dems truly thought they could not lose. This is also the main reason they are pulling out all the stops to stop Trump. These people are dangerous and will stop at nothing, including the destruction of the Republic, to get their way. This situation will continue to escalate until someone blinks or the shooting starts.

    the more they try to stop him, the more they keep his name in the news every singe day.....the better chance we have of having a 2 term trump presidency. which is good. maybe some things'll get fixed.

    who really gives a flying fuck?? anyone can join the nra as others have said. the nra is not going to affect the way i think or vote.the nra is not the almighty superduperpowerfulinvincible lobbying conglomerate that morons like you think/make it out to be. that title goes to the pharma/medical/drug making companies.

    i liked the ariel scenes...but that brit that spent nearly the entire movie trying to hide/get outta france? while everyone else was fighting? kinda pissedme off.

    also.....spit driver was way late on the guns a lot

    It's been my experience... It's always the wrong ones who want to take their clothes off.

    flew over one of the nude beaches in north jersey once. just once. the only people on that beach were people who should never be nekkid in public. that cessna couldn't climb away fast enough.

    i didn't know they made tiles that look like wood planks. i ended up using vinyl flooring for the bedroom i built for mom, 'cause i just didn't have the time to do laminate or hardwood. she was almost out of rehab from the crash, and i had to go down to florida to bring her back home......

    Harley Davidson already had plans prior to the tariffs to move part of their production out of the US. EU is an emerging market for HD, while sales in the US have steadily declined the last few years.

    got any links for this? i was just talking to a customer about this yesterday. he was lead to believe(by left leaning people most likely) that harley was moving all their production out of the country.....

    If you saw the US flag next to the DPRK flag, and Obama shaking hands with Kim, you wouldn't get that patriotic quiver in your lower lip and call for immediate rebellion?

    It's gonna go back and forth forever because the two ends are too far apart. Everything they do will be the end of the world, and for the next few years(of winning), they will be doing it to you.

    the weird thing is? that the 2 ends are actually pretty much the same as each other......just different paths to get there. then there's the rest of us.

    In Airwarrior I used to use the A26 for bombing and vultching airfields... We called them BIG P38s

    what was fun in the rr arenas anyawy......kill the ack....then land, taxi to the spawn point, then turn n kill engines........then shoot anyone that spawned.