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    i'm an average shot at best. aim(pun intended) is to be able to stop the intruder. my rounds are always well within that standard. someday, i'll try to drill paper at a couple hundred's not that day

    looks like they've got plenty of meat. the edge wear is going to continue though. once a wear pattern's established, it'll keep going. if all 4 are as good as those in the pictures, you're golden for awhile. at least till the end of the year. won't hurt ya to start saving your pennies now trhough

    these on your explorer? if so, is it awd?

    the only aircraft I've kilt from the ground was when I was in a field gun. was waiting for incoming tanks. then lancs flew over the hill. I really had zero clue on the range of my gun.....but I started firing in their general direction, trying to adjust as needed watching the tracers. I hit one, and suddenly the text box lit up with the guy saying he was gonna send the film in to htc 'cause I HAD to have cheated to shoot him down from a field gun. through my laughing, I tried to tell him it was sheer luck that I hit him, but he didn't want none of that.

    the funniest part was when he came back in 24's, and I managed to hit him again. I logged after that, 'cause I figured i'd used up all my luck for the night.

    sometimes better lucky than good.

    That's a smart dog- he's going to kill Cap and bury him.

    I laughed pretty hard at this, lololol

    Well I say she is absolutely pure. She is gorgeous. My gramps dogs were like that, they lived at Table rock lake in SE Mo. lots of copperheads there. Baron always walked in front and would not let us by if there was a snake. He looked just like Kylie. And that’s a cute name. 🎶 Me and my Kylie, she sticks right by me, 🎵she’s bad for pizza 🎶but she’s my best buddy🎶

    You won’t be getting that out if your head soon! :snicker

    no, I won't, lolol. also......she tends to always want to walk out front too.

    The two small ones never really stink, it's the big one that reeks.. Even after a bath with special shampoo the fur bag starts to smell after a day or two.

    wonder if changing the food you feed him/her would change things?

    Yeah... smelly bastards.

    only if ya let them. if you keep em clean, and keep the house swept up after them, they don't smell too bad. I've had customer come into my shop that stunk so bad I though I was gonna puke....

    She looks like a proper German Shepherd

    I mean real german style. My grandad was a dog cop in chicago and after he retired he always had a couple of expensive males with German lines. He told me Rin Tin Tin. Idk if that was true but your girl looks like his.

    I adopted her when she was 2. I didn't go to a pound, or adoption agency, but rather straight from another family.

    the woman that brokered this adoption convinced her friend to adopt her out. they had 4 dogs total....3 little yelper dogs, and kylie. they'd let the yelpers run the house most of the day with kylie locked in the cage….which isn't fair or good for the dog.

    they hadn't socialized her with other animals, they didn't leash train her, or anything. essentially se was a 2 year old shepherd with the mentality of a 6 month old puppy. I've got her leash trained, and have been working on socializing her. I've got a trainer helping me with that. then we're gonna go to off-leash training so I can let her run the yard without being on a runner.

    from what I can tell, she is pure. she's an incredible companion, and will not let me outta her sight when i'm home. i'd thought about changing her name to shadow(as in me and my shadow), but felt it wouldn't be fair to make her get used to hearing a different name......

    I could find a picture or 2 from when I first brought her home....she was way over-weight. she was around 100 pounds. she's hovering around 70-80 pounds now. and is like the energizer bunny.....

    I agree!! My dog begs for pizza crust too! cap1 I noticed that iron ring. I have one of those! :fistbump That makes me happy, your dog with the shovel. Lol


    you should see her when I bring home Sicilian pizza. for some reason she literally goes batshit for that. she knocked a plate of it off of the kitchen table.....and that's the first time she's ever done anything like that.

    when I saw her grab the shovel, I went to grab it from her, and she ran away with it. I laughed for a couple days over that one

    Cap wins, nobody’s ever posted a dog with a shovel here before.


    our pipz?

    sadly yes. I miss him. we used to do pizza on holiday weekends. it was a tradition at Christmas time.

    Pipz from Canada? That was two years ago wasn't it?

    yep. and yep. I still miss him. he was a great dude, and fun to hang out with. he was actually from mt. Ephraim nj.

    Damn I didn't know that...

    I was just thinking yesterday that we've probably lost more members to death than butthurt over the last 5 years or so...

    he wasn't that old either. he was only 47. heart failure.

    Ruger Gp 100. I guess is the name? I call her Pearl.

    I don't own any revolvers. i've shot that one though, and a s&w.....didn't care much for the smith. trigger felt like utter shit.

    i love me my 1911 though.