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    I say? let em get more and more insane so that normal people (voters) can see what the fuck...


    MANY voters are not normal as evidenced by the divider in chief, and how close we came to divider in chief part duex/

    Mueller: 'If we had confidence the President clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said so'

    so what he's saying is that he and his crew presumed trump to be guilty, and is attempting to prove his innocence. i see a huge problem here.

    the only thing that's gonna stop trump from re-election in 2020 will be the economy. the leftists are pulling out all the stops to prevent this, including bullshit from the media, hoping we'll get over-confident and not show at the polls.

    i think what everyone's saying, is that there was a day when you'd have brushed it off, laughed your ass off at him, and things would've gone on.

    Yeah... it looks like it is running dry but that should not have been a huge deal. theory has it that on blue or stainless steel oil will migrate away in as little as three days. What that means to me is to use a good lube that penetrates like CLP or my homemade ED's Red mixture and.... lube the thing before you go out. even if it has only been a few days.

    I like to use a little grease on the slide. I got some tube of some super duper grease for guns I bought a decade ago and I use it sparingly on the bolt lugs and the slide.... it seems to stay put....


    funny you mention grease.....'cause when i finished cleaning last night, as i started to lube it, i remembered the thread about greasing the bcg on ar' i did just what you said above. greased the slides. very very thin coat. and anything that looked like it moved got a very thin coat. i'll not be able to hit the range till sunday again....but i'll post back how it ran. i DID cycle a few rounds through, just racking the slide....and it moved with zero hesitation, so that makes me feel good that it was that simple

    only soldering I really do is installing dui interlocks. I just use a simple soldering iron. when i'm doing very small gauge wires, I dissolve a little solder onto the iron first, then touch it to the wire to transfer it over.

    When I was young I liked it. It just seem so cheesy and unfunny now.

    i still find it funny because with very few exceptions, there is no "comedy" anywhere to be found on tv these days......tacoma fd and impractical jokers are 2 exceptions

    I've wondered about that. Is the Bernoulli effect involved? From what I read there is no rise from the barrel trajectory.

    The projectile flies a parabolic arc because you are tilting the barrel up. The minute it leaves the barrel it is falling vertically

    what storch said.

    since the scope's a couple inches higher than the muzzle, we're in essence tilting the barrel up slightly to make the bullet intersect with the sight.

    I thought on it more as I fell asleep. I think you're right, and I should be zeroing at 100. from what I can find, that'll give me a flatter trajectory. it seems that with me setting zero at 25, I've got the bullet climbing it's still really climbing at 100 yards. gonna re-zero this weekend and try it.

    Yeah... when I have a semi auto that does what yours is doing and I try different ammo or ammo that worked before or.. 4 mags that used to work? I start looking at the extractor.. now a huge deal to replace but they almost always need to be adjusted. if your extractor has a spring.... I think it does.. you might replace the spring first a buck or two... I would have spares of both the extractor and the spring tho...

    My Kimber started being a little bitch.. razer would have cum.... it would stovepipe a round every few mags. sometimes not even in 100 rounds.. but I hate a gun that does not functions 100%.. I bought a new extractor and spent 4 trips out shooting getting it right.


    for some odd reason, I never thought of having spares of those....I've got a drawer full of spare parts for the ar....not a dam thing for the 92 though....

    thanks man, i'll look for those. it was cleaned last time i put it away, but it's been away for quite awhile.

    while it's odd that all 4 mags would screw up, i shoulda got the keltec out and ran them through that to see if they worked properly in that.

    the ammo was all 124grain, mostly winchester white box. i've run that through this gun before with no issues

    people that don't believe in god....shit......I dunno what to tell em. I know my mom would be dead right now if not for god…..b ut my friends call it coincidence. I call it god watching out for her.

    XM855 (62 grain) is fairly cheap in bulk and will work fine.

    I caught a ton of that shit for stupid cheap, 'cause people panicked and over-bought when the divider in chief opened his trap.

    also......I forgot to mention in op...… with muzzle brake and no hearing protection is a very very bad idea. I forgot to put my ear plugs ears are still ringing.

    thanks man. if need be, I can switch out the barrel, or I can just move over to a different upper too.

    i'm pretty sure that gman and/or lazs will be along shortly with some awesome advice...…..