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    I still like my saiga. accurate enough. eats anything I feed it. so far hasn't failed me.

    I shot skeet with my riot gun clone. was the first time i'd ever shot skeet. did a ton better than i'd expected.

    I bought a stoeger m3k to use for 3gun this year. I tried using a pump gun for it last year, and it really wasn't the smartest thing in the world to do. at least not for me just yet.

    In California we are denied normal capacity mags but even retired cops can have em.


    it used to be that way here. on duty cops could have standard capacity mags while the rest of us serfs were left with 15 max.

    on a side note, the obama appointed 3rd circuit judge is retiring....and there's already a conservative judge lined up for appointment next month. this should be helpful to us here with the plethora of illegal laws we hafta navigate here.

    they're working on a "fix" for that. i just told a friend of mine about this last night...whose husband is a camden county metro cop. i don't think he knows. i got no problem with them limiting the police though, if they're gonna limit us. if they need the higher capacity, then so do we. if we don't need it, then neither do they.

    pray tell... how was it rigged? I asked everyone to count the votes.. not one of you fat ass lazy fucks would do so. I counted the votes and gave the results... not one person complained or corrected me.

    Yet... somehow... it was still rigged?


    did you count the late arriving mail ins? did you count the deads votes? if not, then you didn't count em all.

    I'll just leave this here, From the article:

    "DETROIT (AP) — General Motors will lay off 14,700 factory and white-collar workers in North America and put five plants up for possible closure as it restructures to cut costs and focus more on autonomous and electric vehicles."


    funny thing is that 2 of those plants I think build the volt?

    my house is less than 1k square feet. built in the 1890's by drunken monkeys snorting crack after having shot up heroine on a nasty lsd trip who had no clue how to use a level, square or tape measure. I heat with oil and a wood stove. I have no need or intention of buying a bigger prettier house, 'cause this one keeps me warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and dry when there's wet shit coming outta the sky. this house will never see any tech smarter than my smart phone.

    thanks man. sadly, I did not know that surplus was corrosive. and that's all I run through my garand. I tried commercial ammo that was supposedly made for the garand, but she didn't like it at all.

    i'm gonna hafta try that recipe for cleaner this time.

    yaknow? was gonna make a new thread to ask this.....but shit.....garand thread....good place for a garand question.

    I took mine out today. found powdery rust in the barrel and chamber. I cleaned it out obviously before shooting......still had the first round got stuck in the chamber.

    but here's the kicker. this was the ONLY gun in my safe that showed this. none of the others did. I thought i'd cleaned her well, and oiled her....but I found this. is there anything specific I shoulda done differently to my garand than I do to any of my other long guns?

    first and formost, i feel for the families who've lost their loved ones.

    now....too bad that all of the illegal half assed(yes, they ARE illegal) laws out there didn't prevent this. too bad that all of the illegal half assed(yes, they ARE illegal) laws out there possibly prevented anyone there from being able to defend against this nutball. i cannot see a finer example of just how irrelevant these laws really are.