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    wouldn't happen to have a link, would ya?

    Because one can not buy fully automatic weapons unless one jumps thru many many hoops.. Even the "Black Market" has a hell of a time finding "Fully Automatic" weapons. Only real way Criminal types can get hold of them is to rob a Armory.

    or goes to camden, newark, philthadelphia, patterson, shitgago, and any other number of cities.......

    yeah.. real life ones. A shocking one third of all millenials say they don't have any friends.. this is crazy to me. About one day a week I have a day when no one comes over.. In fairness.....................I do have free beer and am not picky about coasters or shoes.. and there is no crazy woman.. When Janice is here? oddly.. the visits actually pick up. along with the hugging and such.

    I blame smart phones and lack of a voucher system for education..........


    I have exactly ONE friend that I have known for my entire adult life. he's a miserable old fuck, and I love him like he's my brother. which he really is.

    looks like SCOTUS is taking the case against nyc. which would explain why the demonrats actually are threatening the SCOTUS

    I DON'T even go that far. i tell them that if they come uninvited after shtf that they will be shot. that tends to be a conversation ending statement.


    California legislators are in the process of rolling out what will be the strictest gun control laws in the country. Democrat state Legislatures rolled out a list of proposals that will instantly criminalize most of the state’s law abiding gun owners.

    The new law would outlaw all semiautomatic weapons, criminalize anyone who has more than 500 rounds of ammo, and require a permit to buy ammunition in the future. California, which already has some of the strictest gun control laws in the country, is also looking at a proposal which would call for the immediate confiscation of 166,000 registered modern sporting rifles. This is why people are against Registration…SGOH0jMxMAUu5RygCdrHRWy8A

    Just when you think you've seen every low blow your husband's father dies, and his fucking bitch wife buries him 20 minutes from your house without telling a fucking soul.

    Fuck that cunt.

    really very sorry for your and your husbands loss.

    Yes that is the case. if that makes it to the supremes then any other state with restrictions will get hammered too.

    That is my point.... NJ's law is easier to pick off since they have the dumbest one.


    I would normally say you have no clue how stupid it is here....but I think I know you better than that. you know exactly what's going on

    I have actually seen AK 47 copies set the handguard on fire.. does that mean that i think the manifesto is real? no.


    I wouldn't doubt that they can/………..but my point is....who the hell's gonna talk about that shit in their manifesto?

    did you read any of it? just the fact he talks about the barrel overheating, and the type of rounds...…...

    Oh.... the manifesto... if real it claims that illegal immigration is the cause. The more illegals we allow the more incidents on both sides we are going to see.

    The guy did say that he was frustrated that there was no action on the legal front to stop illegals.... this means he was pushed by democrats who tell him he is a racist and that there is no crisis at the border. Not saying he is right by his cowardly acts.... far from it. but the frustration with government doing nothing does not come from Trump.


    that manifesto is faker than beets outrage.