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    Some more info on the upcoming F16 module. Looks like it's an "in house/ED" module like the Hornet, using a lot of the same programmers. This is probably next to the F14 the one I've been waiting for the most. I came up on the very first Falcons on the 286 and earlier PCs, and got to interview Pete Bonnani twice for back when Falcon 4.0 was the next big thing in PC flight sims. As great as BMS is, IMO DCS is "the" show now, and having a Falcon module by the end of this year in early access would be superb.

    Won't drag too o/t, but don't count on various center fire rifles to penetrate all vests. Many swat and even regular L/E units are using lvl 4/etc ceramic or steel armor, which will defeat most major rifle calibers and even certain AP rounds. Soft armor, yes, hard armor, it greatly depends on what the huthuts are wearing.

    Wasn't there a member here whose father in law got raided not once but twice due to the cops getting the address wrong? It's on the old board, I know that was posted, might have been Sportsdad...

    Such BS that this happens still with all the intel/computer/electronic surveillance/etc tools the 5-0 have. Unreal.

    Here and there MF - I wish VR was implemented the way it is in DCS. BMS is such a great sim, I hope the F16 module with DCS is as good. I just re installed it on my newest system build about a week ago, the update method had changed a bit since the last time I downloaded it all, without very good instructions, so it was a PITA to figure out the "new" method to apply all the updates. Turns out it's been vastly simplified, which was the issue, I was doing it the older more complicated way.

    Good YT channel to follow, plus these guys let others fall in and fly with them as well -


    actually has the butt of the gun facing the wrong way if it's in your back. "Ok, I'll just trade it for a leftie"....

    I'd try and get her to stick with the above direction.

    If you're right handed, and wanted that holster in the small of your back, it's facing the correct way for a proper safe draw. Under stress it's much easier to grab the pistol right handed with your knuckles facing out than in, but most importantly it greatly reduces the odds of you sweeping/flagging yourself with the muzzle if you aren't having to turn the pistol's muzzle through the axis of your body to get it on target.

    Correct/safest/most efficient direction of grip.


    Much less safe and efficient direction for right handed draw:


    Tank rushes and Tanya. Red Alert eff tee doubleyou.

    Lots of Mig19 vids, F14 ones too on the usual suspects YT channels in the last couple of days. Both are looking great.

    The F15E and F16 are a strong possibility for early access in 2019 too according to the forums at ED's site. Lots of Vietnam/Cold War planes too, F4 Phantom and A6 Intruder among them, A7 Corsair too, giving a great CV planeset to do battle on a future SE Asia theater map.

    Mig19 looks really good, no date yet, but yes, it sounds like it'll be soon.

    The dynamic campaign will be great for single player, multi too, but what I'm more looking forward too is the dedicated server tool being finished this year at some point. We wanted to set up a FW/DCS server for multi, but it's a giant PITA to co locate, which you need to do right now, no real way around it. Dedicated server will fix that, and let anyone lease space with typical gaming server companies which means no colocated server/box needed, no GPU needed, etc. Having that combined with a dynamic campaign will allow for some pretty good multiplayer servers.

    I've been messing around with the Odyssey+ and the Pimax 5k the past week, a lot of potential with the Pimax IMO but I'm still using the Odyssey plus as my main DCS vr unit.

    As if anyone in the US military wants to see Democrats coming to "thank them for their service", when historically the Dems have always hated the military and done everything they could to hamstring them, be it through cutting funding or badmouthing them in the past (Vietnam, etc).

    When I read this story yesterday I literally laughed out loud, and in vintage Trump fashion it's gotten better and better, what with the luggage picture as well. His "letter" to Pelosi was hilarious as well.

    I know you like the Explorers from past posts. Quick look at the new 2020 Ford Explorer. I like it. Be interested to see the ST performance model for sure if it gets 400+hp. Drove the little Fiesta ST once, great little car for the $ IMO, I bet the ST team would make a very good Explorer. GM has their new performance Yukons/Tahoes now, the RST line, so the competition is going strong now from Ford with their ST line moving into the SUVs too.

    Do they have to be a womans? If not...winnar! There is a bunch of homo Chinese dudes with their shirts off having a picnic, I just need to refind it, hah, they were someplace across the river by the yachts I think.

    Anyone remember those wide staring array blimp surveillance drones they wanted to stick up over every major US city a while back? Imagine what US surveillance tech must look like if this is what Chinese commercial rinky dink companies are putting out online.

    Yes Jeros, that's Shanghai. I was there briefly in 1996 when I lived in Hong Kong for most of that year when I visited the mainland, Beijing, Shanghai, and a couple other of the touristy places. China has changed massively, it isn't the giant garbage dump it used to be, now it's a giant garbage dump with more concrete used since I was there than the USA has used since the year 1900.

    As unlikely as it may be, there is potential here. All it would take is one Nato ship or aircraft to come to the defense of a Ukrainian unit under fire by Russia, and it'd be on from that instant. With the 10,000 people killed in the Donbass region fights already, and 6 Ukraine sailors wounded and 30 more kidnapped pretty much by Russia, a naval blockade cutting off Ukraine towns and bases in the Azov sea area, I think it qualifies as more than a "hissy fit" right now. Hissy fits don't usually include things like national military mobilizations, or martial law declarations.

    If NATO should send ships and aircraft into the region, it'll be a far more dangerous situation than the South China Sea is right now, as dangerous as that is already, but Taiwan and China aren't trading shots in a war, Ukraine and Russia are, which is a major difference between the two areas. IF Nato and/or the USA gets dragged in by stationing units in the Azov sea area, IMO it'll be 10x more dangerous in terms of starting a major war between peer states than the South China Sea or anywhere else.

    MNN is right, the USA is bound by treaty to come to the defense of the Ukraine and other countries that signed away their nuclear weapons deterrents with the promise that America and Nato would stand in their defense if threatened at all. That promise has already been quasi-broken with the Crimea annexation and Dunbass regions etc. Budapest Memorandum on Security Issues, the US and Nato have both conveniently ignored it, which is probably better than a military conflict with Russia, but it just goes to show what treaties are worth.

    Luckily some in Nato have sense, and have said they don't want to send any ships into the Azov sea, and that there is enough NATO presense in the Black Sea already. That plus with the G20 coming up, hopefully they will convince Russia to back down. I don't think Ukraine will if Russia doesn't though, and that's how wars widen (it's already started, albeit limited war, but it's still war between the Ukraine and Russia).

    Surprised nobody has posted about this, what with the potential for WW3 to kick off here.

    Sea of Azov, google it, the little sea is bordered mostly by Ukraine and Russia, and there has been an agreement since 2003 that they share the straight entering it. Recent times Russia built a low bridge over the straight's narrowest point, and started stopping and searching Ukraine's and other nations ships entering the Azov sea. Then they got notice from Ukraine that a tug and 2 unarmed/unfitted gun boats/arty ships were going to transit the straight and enter the sea, and go to one of Ukraine's naval bases on their coast. Russia blocked the straight with tankers under the bridge (what the bridge was really designed to do), then shot up the transiting Ukraine Navy boats with 30mm from an SU30 or possibly the 2 SU25s it sortied, and cannons from their own ships, wounding 6 Ukraine Navy sailors. Russia then boarded and seized the ships and sailors, and has put them on trail, and transferred some to Moscow, all without legal representation/etc, typical Russian BS. Nato is saying they will defend Ukraine, and are spooling up to send ships to the area, etc. Ukraine is mobilizing their entire military, and Russia has moved a lot of troops and aircraft/etc there too, with about 30k troops in the area and a lot of a/c being moved in.

    Lots to read -…-chances-for-war-escalate…-ships-seized-in-skirmish…makers-call-for-sanctions…ed-sailors-sent-to-moscow

    The South Korean and other foreign plant were slated to be shut down since February and aren't a part of this new announcement of plants closing, but you're right MiniD, I'd heard a bunch of people on a radio show talking about this, that's where I heard the union guy whining first, and someone on the show said all the plants were in N.A. being closed. What I've read was that the five plants being closed are 2 in the US, the one in Oshawa, and then 2 propulsion/engine plants in the US as well. There are more than 5 being closed I think is were the miscomm came in, as the South Korean and one other unnamed plant were already announced back in February, and aren't "new" news.

    I've had 3 Duramax 2500 trucks myself, and have a 2018 ZR2 truck right now as well, very similar to your truck but I didn't get the diesel this time as I don't really need this truck for towing, and diesel is always 20% more expensive than regular gas up here.

    You should here the union flipping out up here in Ontario about the Oshawa plant being closed (makes all the GM trucks and a Cadillac Escalades/etc). They've said they will "fight to the death, and won't allow the plant to close". It's been great for some out loud laughs.

    GM is discontinuing 6 cars, the Volt, Cruize, Impala, Cadilac CT6 and XTS, and the Buick Lacrosse. Pretty much the majority of it's small car and sedan lineup. Like Mini said, they are a bit late on following the trend, if you look at the sales numbers for these cars, Ford sold more Escapes alone than all of the above combined. GM better have some xovers and other small SUV like vehicles cooking, and ready for deployment for the 2020 model year, or there going to take an even larger beating.

    One thing about the 5 plants closing that does bug me - not a single plant was closed in Mexico or China or elsewhere. Only domestic plants and the one big one here in Canada. Sort of the opposite thing that should be happening IMO, they're clearly exporting work to the cheaper labor forces of the shit countries. Especially since the government, and really the people and their tax $, bailed them out from the own stupidity in 2008/9, and saved the company. Now they're paying those same people back by exporting their jobs and plants to cheaper places.

    Ragnar was a fairly popular name. Lodbrock translates roughly to "shaggy pants" IIRC, something like that, which was the Ragnar Lodbrock from the Vikings TV series. Ragnarock is an important apocalyptic event in Norse mythology, which is where "Ragnar" comes from. There are various meanings for the name "Ragnar", I've read that it meant "judgemental warrior" or "counselor of the army". It was also used as a patronymic (patriarchy!!) last name as "Ragnarsson", son of Ragnar, sort of deal.

    After the deeds and stories of Ragnar Lodbrock in the 9th century, the following 9th and 10th century probably had an explosion of "Ragnars" as a given name. Probably like Spanish/Mexicans and their "Jesus", haha.

    A criminal record is given to you by the state - the Chinese are letting every citizen vote on every other citizen's behavior, all based on opinion. Those votes have a direct impact on life, again, drop below a certain score and you can't use certain bike sharing services right now, eat at the "nice" restaurants, get a loan, use the nice bathrooms, whatever. It's hilarious in a way, if it wasn't a sign of the future the leftists want for us here.