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    That DS9 looks good. I might have been thinking Voyager? Or maybe DS9 got A LOT better. I'm pretty sure it was DS9 that I couldn't take though.

    Voyager is turbo-lame, and like I said, seasons 1/2 are pretty goofy and slow with DS9 as well, although there are 2 or 3 stand out episodes in the first 2 seasons. After that though, it's pretty impressive, very dark at times, hilarious in others. If you can slug out the first 2 seasons for context, it's well worth it for the rest of them.

    I'll have to check out The 100 too, I remember watching the first couple eps, something about being aboard old disintegrating space stations where they send their kids back to a quarantined/fucked up earth or something. I checked out pretty fast, I'll go back and watch it soon now though.

    Hah, GG you'll have to report on what happens next week when you see that bitchy woman again. You should find a way to blame her still somehow for the store/date mixup, and see how she reacts, haha.

    MF, Q is in DS9. I was very proud to report that, until I realized about 4 seconds later than Q is also in Voyager, and Voyager is probably the lamest SciFi series ever made, even with 7/9 tits and ass in cat suits.

    Farscape is fantastic as well, it wasn't streaming anywhere for the longest time, but is on Prime USA again now, good times. The Peacekeeper Wars TV movie that wraps it up is really, really, really good too.

    MM, I'd forgotten about Lexx, that was good times about 20 years ago too, same with Andromeda, that's on Prime now too.

    Another great TV movie series is the 2000 or so "Dune" 2 part series that SciFi channel did (IIRC it was SciFi). It was the network's highest rated show they had ever done, I remember that much, and they did another 3 part series "The Children of Dune", which wasn't as good, partially because that cunt Susan Sarandon was in it. There is a new Dune film in production/filming right now as well, looks really interesting IMO, some good actors in it at least anyway. Great books obviously as well, haven't re read them in ages though.

    If you haven't watched it yet GG, Marco Polo is a really good series IMO. I wish they hadn't cancelled it, season 3 had a pretty good story arc set up. Anyhow, good way to kill 20 hours.

    I rewatched FireFly (I do that yearly) last week, and started going through Babylon 5 again, as it's up on the US Amazon Prime (must use a VPN that Amazon hasn't caught yet). The Delta Force/Special mission unit show "The Unit" is one I never watched, and it's up on Prime now too, so I might start that next. I watched "The Boys" based on someone who posted here, THAT was a great show, and the season 2 production is under way with a dump truck worth of $ based on the success and popularity of season 1. The first teaser/preview came out today and it was great.

    Speaking of Star Trek GG, Jean Luc Picard is back with a new Trek series, a Youtube channel I watch, "TrekYards", have seen a fair bit behind the scenes of it already and say it's going to be incredible, a lot better than the last social justice Trek that was "Star Wars Discovery" last year. Have you watched Deep Space 9? It streams on Netflix too and is by FAR the best Trek series, after the first 2 seasons at least - they are a bit of a slog, but once the war starts, the next 5 seasons are easily one of the best sci fi series ever. Top 3 for me at least anyway.

    I'm glad you're kicking ass at your new job GG, I knew that would be what would occur in short order, you'd become the "go to" person.

    IMO fixed barrel and single action triggers are what make a revolver more accurate than a semi auto, at least for me. There are lots of other factors I'm sure, but those 2 are pretty important, especially the first one, as double action can be just as accurate with an experienced shooter.

    That's some pretty fair twisting and dodging.

    But you know damn well that many of these shooters would be using full auto if it was available.

    Could this be a case where gun control has... worked?? :buffalo

    No. If you knew anything about small arms, and had any experience at all employing them, you would understand that fully automatic rifles are much less effective than semi auto aimed fire. F/A machine guns are weapons used to suppress in both defense and offense, which allows for maneuver warfare to happen at an infantry level. Full auto with a rifle = wasting ammunition, and you end up using more rounds per target in terms of lethality ratios. The only time F/A with a rifle/shoulder supported weapon is typically used is for final protective fire, to suppress an enemy in order to withdraw, or in an absolute emergency at very, VERY close range.

    If I was unarmed and in a crowd, I'd prefer if a threat attacked me/us with a full auto rifle, it would mean we would have a higher chance of survival, as he would not only be missing more, he would be reloading more.

    This was one of the 6 "wonder weapons" Putin announced last year, the 9M730 nuclear powered (and nuclear armed) cruise missile. It was to have an isotope power cell, sort of like what we use in some long range space craft and rovers type deal, which would give it unlimited range and loiter time.

    Russia has had a bad string of luck with a lot of these new projects. And some old ones (like their carrier sinking while in that dry dock, hah).

    That's fantastic John, that distance @50. I'll be 46 this fall, so closer to 50 than 40 now, and am no longer in my prime muscle building years, so powerlifting/building is out, plus my joints in my hands have deteriorated enough due to health issues that I can't get that great of a grip on the bars anymore, even with gloves/straps. But cardio I can still do, tons of distance walks, running, and now swimming. The swimming is going to mostly take over from the running, as my joints again in my knees/ankles aren't liking the running so much anymore, while as said above^^, swimming is much, much easier so far as impacting goes, while still getting a good workout.

    It's too cold most of the year here for an outdoor pool of our own, we have a really good 8 man hottub from Hydropool/Serenity that we still use almost every night for 1/2 to an hour. Same company makes a much larger model you can even do kayak training in, plus the whole "swim against the current" deal where you swim but stay in the same position in the tub. Might get into something like that eventually, but for the next few months this pool is so close to our Saskatchewan home and my father's as well that I'll just do that for now.

    This "swim spa" is from the same company we got our tub from, it'll hold 16 people if you want to just sit around, or you can swim/kayak at varying speeds in it too. Very bad ass, 20 feet long on the inside, the shop we got our tub at a couple years ago has one set up inside. 30$k, but worth it IMO, and it'll be the way I go instead of a pool, again mostly due to the temps up here in the winter.


    I've been doing a fair bit of cardio lately, figured wth, why not try the pool which is only 2 blocks from my father's place. Indoor Olympic size poolx2, another heated to 85 or so 1/2 size pool, a 3 foot pool, large hot tub (like 30 people probably large), and a large sauna.

    I haven't swam (exercise swim at least) in years, maybe decades. Start off with some easy treading water exs, hands in and hands out alternating for 2 mins at a time for 5 sets each, about 10 mins to warm up or so. Then start doing back stroke, front stroke, and side stroke lanes/laps (50m). Heh, after 5 lengths (250m)...whose lungs are these? After 5 more (1/2 km or so, 500m)...holy effballs, heart rate must be pushing 180. 5 more, about 750m...isn't there some 2nd wind shit or something supposed to be kicking in about now? 5 more, 1km, 1000m....the 19 year old hot lifeguard is starting to exchange looks with her partner, the "I hope we don't have to go in and pull this old bald muscle head out". Figured I'd give them a break and throw in the towel at 1000m. Mother of god, I'd forgotten what a crazy workout swimming is. Probably tried to set too fast of a pace; used to swim in high school a lot, but that was a long time ago.

    I'm going to keep doing it and add it into my routine, probably swim 4 or 5 days/week now. Great workout, I really felt the endorphin buzz kicking in about an hour ago when I got back home. Cheap membership too, $250 CAD for the year and that comes with their indoor walking 400m walking track/soccer facility too, which will be nice when we're here in winter months. It's open 7 days a week, and there are 3 adult one hour swim sessions each day, so no screaming kids using the diving boards, ropes, and (!!!) waterslide. Yes, an Olympic indoor pool with a waterslide. I laughed out loud.

    Anyone else swim at all, or used to?

    The History Guy is great. If you haven't already, check out Mark Felton Productions... another great history related channel.

    I watch Felton too. Covert Cabal, Matsimus, all those guys seem to be in the same sewing circle on YT. Some great channels there for sure.

    But going back to my original point is that you can get .357 Sig performance out of 9 mm +P or +P+ at reasonable pressure levels and with insignificant additional wear to your gun, unless you only shoot over pressure rounds. Conversely if you can afford to practice with Speer Gold Dot +P+ you can also afford to buy a new gun after a few thousand rounds...

    Agreed. Regarding the afford part, this is something I frequently used to seize upon in online discussions. SO many tards out there will claim they have 100,000 rounds of this through that, yet they always drive a piece of shit, whine about tipping 5$ when you're out for dinner after training/shooting, etc etc. When you do the math on what the costs are for the round counts they claim, and also the time involved to actually SHOOT that much ammo, it always ends with BS.

    Ruag and piles of other companies make FACTORY ammo that is >45k or higher pressure. Even mid 40s, those handguns will have catastrophic failures at 3 to 4x greater than the service life. Again, I point to Glock's own data on their .40cal line of handguns which use the 9mm sized frames/system. Few if any reach their 20k service life, and 40cal ammo's pressure certainly isn't as high as the NATO tested to 45,700.

    I guess to define +p+ being "okay" to use depends on how many rounds you consider to be a realistic service life. Based on the numbers, not just from +p+, but also as I've said 40cal in 9mm sized Glock handguns (and others), you certainly aren't able to train much with your carry ammunition in your carry weapon if you're using +p+, without greatly increasing the possibility of a failure and an inopportune time in the field.

    Incidentally, the Glock .357 Sig caliber pistols only had a 15k service life from the factory. Not sure if that's still the case, but they were also pretty much just their 9mm design with a 357sig barrel.

    +p+9mm as stated has no upper limit, it's just anything beyond +p. To say that you can just change out the recoil spring assembly and be good to go with +p+ is ridiculous. .357Sig is in no way remotely close to the pressures that GlockBreaker RUAG ammo is - again we're talking about 75 gr ammo that would be well into the high 40k range and likely into the 50s for pressure, pushing the round at anywhere to 1800 and even 2000fps and beyond.

    If you want to hear it from the horses mouth, call up Glock Canada, ask for Gino (he runs Glock Canada). He'll tell you about the dozens of Glocks my company sent in over the years with catastrophic failures, and certainly about the ones we tested the RUAG ammunition in (RUAG's North American Rep Marcus was based with our company and used our 50m indoor pistol range for this testing, circa 2002 to 2004 or so).

    I'm not saying and didn't say that ALL +p+ ammunition will cause rapid wear and greatly reduce the service life to 2k or less, only that due to there being no upper limit that handguns certified in most Western militaries aren't rated for it for that specific reason. Frangible 75gr +p+ Ruag and other manufacturers pushing out warp speed +p+ ammo will all have the same results we did - abbreviated the service life by 4x or more, and causing catastrophic failures, typically a slide separation or other polymer/insert type of failure.

    To say you won't have any problems using +P+ in a Glock is way oversimplified. If I was to send you 3000 rounds of RUAG 75 +p+, I can with 100% certainty say that your Glock handgun WILL die before you complete those rounds. However if I was to send you 5000 rounds of say Gold Dot +p+, odds are with a new Glock 17/19 it'll survive that. It greatly depends on just how much pressure the +p+ round is making, and again, due to there being no ++p+ category/upper end of +p+, it's incorrect to say "you'll be fine running +p+" in a Glock handgun. With SOME +p+, yes, others, no, it depends on the pressure and round count as a ratio. You could also call RUAG up and ask them about their Glock Breaker ammunition, and why it was coined with that name.

    Most people just don't put enough ammunition through their handguns to have any idea what service life actually is and what it means. Glock .40 can G22 models for example, have a service life of 20k rounds according to the factory. Due to having 40 cal pressures in what was a 9mm sized design, good luck finding many, if any, that actually make it to that number. Ask any armorer from any department in the world with G22s, and you'll get the same story, few, very few, will ever reach much less exceed that service life number. Now imagine putting another 15 or 20k of pressure into that system. 20k service life becomes 5, or 2k in our testing with the GB Ruag 9mm.

    If you're betting your life on a polymer framed handgun, running any +p+ IMO long term is a bad idea, I can only pull data from our rental/lending line which all used White Box winclean ammo, and those results are bad enough in terms of the number of rounds between failures in most types. We didn't track anything with +p+ other than the specific tests RUAG did with Glock Canada using our ranges, but I do know what I've seen over the years and the millions of rounds I've seen go through handguns, and what +p+ of any pressure eventually does.

    Most 9mm Glocks only have a 20k, some a 40k service life expectancy too, so for the Glock rep on that US forum to claim that just changing out the recoil spring assembly makes it "all good" to run +p+, again, is ridiculously oversimplified. Any +p+ will absolutely reduce that service life number, it simply has to, its basic physics. Yes, they'll run for a while, but to define that while is impossible, and will vary greatly as the pressures change and in particular increase.

    Anyone else watch Yellowstone? It can be hit and miss, but the horses and cinematography of Montana is really great. Second season is about 2/3 of the way through right now.

    That's, correct IMO, +p yes, but not +p+, which is what I first was referring to. Most everything NATO/Military spec is rated for +p pretty much when you consider how close the pressures are on paper, but not +p+ pressures, which is what I thought I wrote (quote below). 9 P is around 35000, +p is typically 38 to 39ish thousand PSI, and +p+ god only knows what, anything higher than +p generally. The new M17/P320 is rated for +p, in fact the specific ammo that the US Army is using so far as HP rounds go is +p IIRC. +p+ enters a no mans land IMO, as there isn't really a top end rating for that, and again in my experience most polymer framed handguns don't last long with anything past +p.

    IMO it's a subject that can be a bit confusing, all NATO spec handguns have to run NATO ammunition, hence the NATO 9mm being over pressurized compared to 9P, to help ensure functionality. Sometimes that ends up being close to, over, or even a bit behind typical 9mm +P pressures, as the same ammo can have much different results in differing handguns and barrel lengths. Overall though, what I first posted (below) is correct IMO, +p is one thing, but +p+ ammo for 9mm will generally greatly abbreviate the service life of most handguns, especially non-metal framed ones.

    Perhaps you thought I meant I wouldn't run +p in my 17L due to pressure worries, no, it'll handle that just fine based on specs, but since it's a target pistol I don't see much point, which is the reason why I don't. I won't run +p+ or any wizz bang high velocity 9mm rounds in any of my polymer framed under any circumstances though, which is my original point. I've seen WAY to many insert/slide rail seperations and other catostrophic failures due to short/mid term use of such ammo in various handguns. Even metal framed ones, the 92F in particular, will fail rapidly as I said (light slide doesn't help here).

    edit -


    Edit - that video in the above post from Gscholz makes a very valid point at the end. A LOT of 9mm pistols are NOT rated to run +p+ 9mm ammo. In fact nearly all aren't. RUAG made some of the first +p+ 9 ammo, and they called it "Glock Breaker" for a good reason. They didn't have a single G17 in testing go past 2000 rounds, and the G19s due to their smaller size blew up even faster.

    This is newer RUAG ammo, but the stuff I'm familiar with and used the most was their earlier 75gr and some 85gr like this, the 75 doing warp speed, pushing 1800fps or even faster. That ammo brutalized pretty much every polymer framed handgun they ran it through in short order. Very lethal ammo, huge muzzle flash which made it not optimal for low light conditions, as well as the obvious heavier recoil impulse, as well as causing the catastrophic failures it was nicknamed for.…-lead-free-frangible.html

    I've got one of the first Gen 17Ls from the 1990s, great factory trigger, looks quite a bit different from the later gens obviously, but I've kept it a long time. I had one of the G34s too, but got rid of it as I bought it to shoot a specific class but decided I was in enough different IDPA/etc classes already when I was shooting that.

    My gen 1 17L will shoot pretty comparatively with my Sig P210 off of sandbags, not better, but it'll run right up there close to it in terms of groups and consistency at 25m and out to 50m. Pretty good considering I paid $500 CAD for it in the 1990s sometime. Heh, won't shoot +p out of it though, it likes White Box 115gr just fine, and some 124 and 147 handloads have been pretty decent with it too, oddly enough.

    With the bullet tech that's out now, 9mm rounds like Gscholz said are very close to .357 Sig performance now anyway. That wasn't the case when 357Sig first came out though however, and IMO for the first 5 years or so it was out, it was probably the best semi auto cartridge to run in terms of capacity/firepower/etc ratios.

    The Air Marshalls ran our 229 in 357Sig right out of the gate, and the first 5 shootings they had were all fatalities. That says a lot in and of itself IMO. 5/5 isn't a real common occurrence with any handgun caliber, and training/accuracy certainly played a part too, but only a part.

    I will say that in my experience the bottle neck 357 rounds can be responsible for feeding/failures, especially if you get a lot of mud/water into your handgun - debris tends to collect more in that area than in 9mm rounds, and can cause issue with going up the feed ramp a bit more frequently. Not worth it IMO compared to 9mm rounds available now, and optimally you should be putting multiple high round strings into your threat(s), depending on their distance/numbers/cover/etc. More rounds = less importance on ft/lbs, expansion, and other lethality factors. The more rounds you can put into the vertical track surrounding the cone of vulnerability in the human body, the better with a handgun. IE 5 or 6 9mm++ rounds isn't going to make more than a 1 or 2 % difference compared to 5 or 6 10mm/357Sig/etc, as there is too much trauma spread across too much of an area for the CNS to handle, particularly is you hit near or on the spine.

    357Sig wasn't a horrible idea for its time, but that time is over now. 357 Magum still will always hit harder, out of a 4 to 6" barrel, for sure, and although it's capacity limited compared to an auto, it's probably the best overall defense caliber for all round defense (ie bears and boars, as well as humans) pound for pound. A fair bit less recoil than a .44 Magnum, which is probably the only reason I'd say 357 over 44 overall, as the average shooter will have much better follow up shots with it than a 44 Mag just due to training and experience limitations.

    Edit - that video in the above post from Gscholz makes a very valid point at the end. A LOT of 9mm pistols are NOT rated to run +p+ 9mm ammo. In fact nearly all aren't. RUAG made some of the first +p+ 9 ammo, and they called it "Glock Breaker" for a good reason. They didn't have a single G17 in testing go past 2000 rounds, and the G19s due to their smaller size blew up even faster. 92Fs I've seen fail, with the locking lugs typically shearing off, in about the same with some 75 gr +p++ I ran through a couple of our range units, well under 1000 rounds before a catostrophic failure. That's where there is still "some" advantage in the 357Sig, the metal framed Sig line of pistols are all rated to run that round, and I've seen range pistols run some pretty hot Win White box 357 Sig for 10s of thousands of rounds without failures. So it's something to absolutely consider when running 9mm ammo that will run with the "big dogs" like the various +p and +p+ and higher ammunition.

    The new telescoping tech rounds coming to the new US military rifles will eventually filter down to handgun calibers as well, and IMO that'll be the next big jump in lethality, but it'll be years or decades before we get there I think.

    Regarding DCS - as stated, a dynamic campaign is coming, as are larger server capacities. DCS just recently (this year) released a better/simpler dedicated server as well. Bruv119 and a bunch of "The Few" are flying DCS right now, in the Burning Skies WW2 server - Bruv is consistently in the top if not top of the score list right now. He told me he can never go back to AH3 now. Spotting is more difficult in DCS, a bit of a PITA, but the rest of the game is IMO better and more challenging than AH right now.

    I'll believe Wild Bill's game when I see it. Who knows, maybe it'll be a pleasant surprise, but I doubt it.

    One of my 10.5" DPMS upper AR rifles, circa 2003, when my company first got its full auto/destructive device license, I put an AR full auto parts kit into the lower. It already had the full auto type bolt carrier. No drop in auto sear, no nothing, other than the FA parts kit and carrier. If I used Winchester 45gr .223 rounds, which had very light primers, it would shoot full auto very reliably, just working off of hammer follow pretty much.

    yep, literally anyone and by a better margin - nobody in their right mind wanted her

    Think about that for a second MNN - she got 2 million more votes in terms of the popular votes. In fact the majority of the population DID want her, sad as that is to say. The election was VERY close, despite it not looking so from an electoral college perspective, but it was. A million or 2 more votes, just a percent or two, and she would have swept it the other way. If you think literally "anyone" would have had people out in droves like Trump did...well, I disagree, a lot. Look at Trump still, he pulls crowds that literally NO other politician does right now, it's not even close.