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    I picked up the one upgrade I didn't have, Kuban - the one before Bodenplatte, their newest one in early access. I might buy Bodenplatte tonight too just to get the 262. I spend more time in the DCS WW2 planes, but the IL2 game is really good as well IMO. Anyhow, Kuban was only $16 CAD which was about 75% off, great deal. I think I've purchased all but one of the IL2 units on similar sales.

    F16 is pretty cool so far - the VR view from the cockpit is easily the best in the game IMO. The cockpit feels small compared to the Hornet in VR so far too, not in a bad way though. They did a good job so far. Doing some 1v1s vs F5s, F14s, Mirages, etc now vs AI and will try some PvP doing the same guns only later tonight hopefully.

    I've got a USB adapter for my Cougar F16 throttle, and have had to jury rig a mount for it for my Monster Tech desk mounts. I'm using the Virpil T50CM2 base and a Warthog stick, might try my Cougar stick in the Warbrd base later too. Pretty great Hotas setup for the Falcon so far.

    I do really hope we get the JF17 and some more Red Air stuff soon, so many great Allied/Western fighters now, I still haven't gotten anywhere near fully figuring out the F14 and F18 yet, and now with the F16...

    edit - Elfie, I'll fly RIO for you in the F14b sometime if you want, I've pretty knowed up on the systems/controls for it.

    It's more than "freaky" or "local" weather in this region. Last winter was the coldest in living memory, certainly within 80 years according to the leftist CBC, throughout Western Canada, in fact the average - average - temperature in February alone was -23.3C, and there wasn't a single second above freezing that month. That in and of itself is very odd for a large region that is supposed to be experiencing "warming" trends - now you have winter conditions here 1.5 to 2 months earlier than normal.

    Googling how global warming creates cooling is just a bunch of theories on the last ice age, fresh water melting, and several other "theories" like Rube Goldberg, that in almost every case have the words "can" and "may" involved in their title. My personal favorite is how "global warming can cause widespread regional cooling". Bahah. Widespread regional cooling is "completely plausible" according to climate scientists at Oregon State. Widespread regional cooling is completely plausible. Just bust that one out in your next climate change argument.

    Widespread/Regional - Completely Plausible.

    The same leftists who are wailing about Conservatives attacking the poor 16 year old girl over her well reasoned and delivered opinions on climate change, are the same group of idiots who got mini- AOC girl banned off of Youtube, and cancelled her entire platform on social media. As usual, leftists are the biggest hypocrites.


    Mini AOC!! -

    That little girl sends 5 letters to certain countries, but ignores the worst polluter and creator of carbon/whatever emissions in the world - China. China accounts for more than every other country put together. Combine China and India and both of them are many times every other country combined. Then factor in that 93% of the world's plastic garbage/etc is created by these 2 countries (that huge island of plastic in the Pacific is almost 100% China and India as just one example).

    Climate change whiners should come to the realization that China (and India somewhat too) don't give a single fuck about all of this, and will NEVER change their policies and practices in terms of emissions/plastics/etc. This makes ruining Western economies with pie in the sky ideas to stop "climate change" completely pointless, regardless if climate change is real, or not.

    The best option to stop "climate change" would honestly be to eliminate all of China and India. That'd do more then every suggested hippy climate-happy idea that's ever even been suggested by a factor of many thousands.

    Best way to lose weight is to exercise and eat a diet similar to what body builders do to cut weight. 6 small meals a day, 3 of them very low carb protein shakes, the other 3 something like whipped low fat tuna and mayo, egg whites, and a chicken breast with broccoli for the other 3 meals. Add in a ton of water a day, enough that you have to P every hour or two, and fat will fly off you at insane rates. Easy diet to stick to since it's so simple as well. It's always worked for me.

    More JF17 update vids - some anti ship missile stuff, really cool man in the loop variant too. ED is working on some man in the loop weapons for the Hornet right now, I hope they can get that code figured out platform wide, as it'll make future weapons development better and faster (hopefully). There is a new F16 video out in Matt Wagner's series of pre release training vids as well.


    Just pointing out the shitty planning of ED.


    It even goes to the russian inability to admit fault

    Hah, glad to see others (Gscholz too) feel the same way. Don't dare breath a word of that on their forums though, they make Skuzzy look like Sally. ED banned people from their forum over comments they made on Reddit ffs. There are many positives to ED/DCS, but the lack of a well thought out flow chart of development, the way they constantly refuse to finish modules while pumping out new "early access" units, and as pointed out their beyond-HTC levels of being unable to accept any criticism at all (and that's saying something), are things that get pretty annoying sometimes. IMO it shows the strength of their products, that they are successful in spite of all of this...

    I ran 3screen for a couple years myself, when the 144hz gaming monitors first started coming out around 2010/2011, the Asus 24" 144hz gaming monitor was kind of the cat's PJs for gaming, and I ran 3 for AH myself. Once I got TrackIR and the newer 27" 144hz IPS/Gsync monitor, I want back to a single, but there are times I still miss triple screen. I might set up a driving station as one of the kidlets we look after is getting into the racing stuff, and I may do triple screen for him for that - some decent 4k TV gaming panels (LG 2019 tvs have sent download updates to their TVs giving them Gsync capability, so I might use those cheaper 55" and do it with those).

    Now with VR being more prevalent with my flying, I can't see me doing a triple screen again for myself, as I'm using both the Asus PG27UQs and the Alienware 120hz 35" 1440p IPS monitors. I might get the new Asus/Acer 35" 144hz 4k HDR, but only if the 4k looks better enough than the 1440p to make the $4k CAD per monitor worth it. I just find having a 35" widescreen and VR combined to be enough for me - but again I do miss triple screen sometimes, for sure, and it's a great solution still IMO.

    Regarding JFK, one of the more compelling things I've seen and read on it was a thing this ballistics expert from L/E did regarding the final headshot. He thinks it came from a negligent discharge from an early AR15 556 rifle that the Secret Service had very recently got, and were very unfamiliar with operating. Even aside from all the evidence and analysis the guy presented, it has a pretty believable vibe in terms of the secrecy. I mean just imagine the shame and uproar if the best body guards in the history of the planet killed their prime subject they were supposed to defend with an ND.

    This happening doesn't completely remove the possibility of the whole thing being a conspiracy or having more than 1 shooter, but it certainly does give more credence to the chance that Oswald was the only shooter, as one of the shots would have been fired by the Secret Service, and that completely changes the equation in terms of the rate of fire and hits that Oswald would have fired, if you subtract the final headshot. Even that shot looks a lot like a 556 exit wound when they program I saw compared 556 rounds exiting and the spray pattern/etc. Anyhow, just one of the thousands of possibilities that so many have kicked around since JFK was killed.

    So far as the OP topic, ammo use - when I was shooting the most, and not instructing as much myself but mainly training, working, competing, whatever, I'd fire tens of thousands per year. Much of it was paid for, which is a big contributor to round counts in my case then. Shoot a couple thousand 9mm/handgun in a course on a weekend for example, maybe another 500/1000 if there is a rifle/sgun component in that particular course/whatever that weekend. Then during the week I'd usually plink/shoot after work, every 2nd day, say 3 days during the week, maybe 250 or so each day/night or more. Then that month if we went out varmint/gopher shooting one weekend, that's a good 1000 rounds of .22, .17hmr, and 22 250 over a couple of least. Then say another weekend that month there was a service rifle competition along with a 3 gun and sniper portion of the meet, that'd be another 500 rounds or even much more of 556/handgun/308/300 depending on what was scheduled and happening. During the week at "work", be teaching/training all week and shooting during the day a bit as well, then doing the same thing every 2nd night shooting a good 5 or 6 50 round trays of handgun ammo and maybe some short range carbine/shotgun as well. So in a really busy month I could probably have cracked off well over 5k rounds of various stuff, but that wasn't consistent, the average was probably 1/2 that or even less, but there would be at least a couple months a year where that was the case, even higher.

    Probably one of the best fan films of any film, tv show - anything - that I've seen so far. These guys really know their shit. Too bad Disney Star Wars SJW bitch Kathleen Kennedy doesn't hire them, because they are making better stuff in their basement than Disney/Lucasfilm/KathleenCunt is right now (The Last Jedi for prime example).

    It's 4k so if you have a 4k tv/monitor let the good times roll.

    I still use the hat in AH3 - at least when I still played - as well MF. Old habits are very hard to break, and nearly 20 years of hitting the back then up combined to check 6/high 6 constantly is just automatic for me. HT really did a fantastic job of integrating Tir and VR with the hat view system still being perfectly functional. I wish DCS used his system in fact, so you you could be in VR yet still use a hat/button to view your direct 6, eliminating the need to swivel in your chair 180 degrees in order to do so.

    I bought Tir when they had the infamous "frozen transport" issue with their track clip Pros. Their rep told me that their entire first shipment was exposed to high alt freezing in a shipping mistake, and it made the plastic super brittle. I literally tapped mine against the side of a plastic CH stick, and it broke in 2 places. I was astonished at how flimsy and breakable it was. Taped it up and used it, then it broke again with a slight touch. They sent me a replacement, but I'd already ordered the Delan clip, which is expensive but worth it for track ir/substitutes IMO. Delan actually sells the PS3 camera as part of their solution, so the PS3 camera setup must work well. Looks like the light clip in that Amazon link would be a good substitute for TrackIR/NP's crappy track clip Pro too, for the $.

    Make all politicians, elected officials, and appointees/etc - essentially anyone in any form of government or its agencies - all be subject to the same kind of PRP/reliability/etc programs that those in federal intel agencies like the CIA/DHS/DIA/NSA/ETC are. That means anyone up to but not including the President be subject to polygraph and other more advanced instrumentation systems - type reliability interviews at least 2x per year and as needed, by a battery/board of examiners each time. The questions to be created by taxpayers/voters/public, with the answers and results to be made publicly available to any taxpayer and/or voter.

    If Intel agency employees are held to this standard, and keep/lose their jobs accordingly (yes, this is happening today, and has been for years now), then the politicians in control of things certainly should be as well. I only exclude the President because of certain constitutional rules I believe wouldn't make it possible. Everyone else though, should be subject to this checks and balances system of integrity and honesty which is and has been used in the Intel services for years for this very purpose.

    I do at least 1/2 the time BJ, I have the Rift S and Reverb right now, and have had every HMD out there except the HTAL which is 6000$. When I'm playing competitively online I still use trackIR and a monitor, because you just can't see behind yourself in VR without swiveling your chair around a large way which is very slow and cumbersome. VR doesn't model peripheral vision yet, so to see 6 oclock you actually need your head/eyes to be pointed at around at least 5 oclock or even more. So, in order to not get owned in visual range fights online, IMO a monitor/trackIR is still required. There are guys that will swear they are "as good" with VR, but every time I've seen that put to the actual test they get killed by TiR/monitor players of similar skill/experience.

    Offline play is all VR for me - it's great for immersion for sure, and the Reverb is approaching 1080p monitor clarity now for $600 USD. The Rift S for under $400 USD is really good for the money too IMO.

    When you get more into online multiplayer, you'll be grateful for a Chinese/Paki hybrid = the Red air planes are all simple mode Su27/Mig29, while we have much more advanced models of the F14, F18, Mirage 2000, Harrier, A10, F16 soon, etc. DCS needs more Red air aircraft than anything else right now, and since due to Russian restrictions on info/etc we'll never get a more modern modeled Su/Mig plane in DCS, the only thing that's left is stuff like the J17 and a couple others for a modern red air aircraft. J10 and some others being worked on for example.

    It's not about "patriotism" or some other idea, if you don't have anything to shoot at in the Western planes, it gets either boring, or unrealistic (flying PvP with US/Western planes on both sides being common). DCS will be getting an F15 with the more advanced model, as right now our F15 is the FC3 plane which is greatly simplified same as the Su and the Mig. Again, this gets boring fast especially online in PvP servers. With the new F16/F15 coming, that puts the Western planes available at a ratio of around 3 to 1 or higher, so every single red air plane we can get is very important to game play right now.

    The Paki fleet of JF17s has over 20,000 hours in the last 8 years with a decent operational record considering it is using Chinese built engines. The new mk3 variant with the AESA radar for the money will be a decent little fighter, and so far as DCS goes, a good threat a/c, even without the AESA and other updates in the mk.3.

    The new JF17 module is moving along quickly now too, they are saying sometime this autumn for early access. I am looking forward to this more than any other module right now, even the Falcon, mainly because we need some decent red air full fidelity modules (all we have now are the Flaming Cliff easy mode Flanker/Fulcrums and the Mig21 (arguably).

    New vid came out yesterday from their team. Volume is fucked up, they said they'll fix that.

    That does look good, but cover art is one thing, in game is another. I'll allow myself to be pleasantly surprised if Microprose comes out with something great, but they have a huge uphill battle in order to supplant or even match IL2/DCS, maybe even the gamy-WT type stuff out there as well.