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    Hah, are you being serious? That's fantastic.

    You've got a good set of pipes for sure. Lots of pipers in BC, my pipe major retired out there and one of his sons is still playing with SFU's grade 1 band there. He's also written some authoritative books on the first world war. https://www.jameslmcwilliams.c…page/books/wwi-histories/

    I have nothing but time now.

    Cello is fantastic too, the place I'm taking Violin lessons from has a pile of great cellists, hearing their string orchestra play together is very motivating to improve.

    Piano isn't as hard as you think, in fact you could pick up a really good used electronic piano for very little online, and just take some of the lessons that are on YT, and teach/learn yourself. I'm lucky that I have lots of relatives with their ARCT level in piano, I think my father's family only really has 3 professions in fact, farming, L/E/Military, or piano teacher, out of the 28 cousins I have on that side (father had 9 bros/sisters). You already play guitar right, I don't think you'd have a hard to learning piano/keyboard. Piano/Keyboard is such a critical instrument for music like you do with your vocals too.

    I started singing in my father's choir this last Sept too, just to keep him happy and shut him up about it. I sang 2nd tenor in high school, but his choir is pretty good/pro, Regina symphonic/philharmonic choir, and it's only 1 night a week for 1.5 hours. Probably been the most fun of all the music stuff I've started doing again, and next to the violin, the one I'm worst at. They put me on the wing of the tenors next to the sopranos, where I can do the least damage, but it's amazing hearing pro level sopranos let loose in some of the pieces we're doing.

    Very nice. My chanter I've used with my Henderson set is a Naill solo Blackwood - again, same one that SFU, Field Marshall Montgomery, 78th, etc all used back the. I bought a Ross suede canister zipper medium sized bag, but haven't installed it yet, there's some sort of synthetic bag on these pipes now that have been on them since 1997 or so. I might buy a new set of pipes, as these are a PITA to travel with due to the ivory, plus their value, being Hendersons of their age and condition, fetch quite a lot now, 5x or a lot more than the $1500 I paid back in the 90s for sure. Plus the new tech in construction/accuracy of the internal bores of the drones/etc, the materials (new Blackwood wood/etc), make pipes that sound fantastic now. I'd rather have a set like that to play for most occasions, than put my Henderson's which aren't priceless, but certainly are very difficult to find now, and cost a lot if you can. McCallum AB4 or AB6 are at the top of the list of what I'm looking at myself...

    How long have you been playing Holden? My first band was a drill band first, competition band 2nd, but I competed in grade 2 back then, and we were Canada's band representing the "Queen" at Expo 86, 88, and 92, doing demonstrations at the Canadian and UK Pavilions at all of those fairs. Went to Australia, NZ, Fiji, Hawaii (led the July 4th parade there in 1988, 5 miles all over the effing place), South Africa, Kenya, UK/Europe, and some other places I'm not remembering, all when I was 12-16 years old. I later played with the 78th Fraser Highlanders (Grade 1 band) and then Alberta Caledonia after that. Like I said, I haven't played much at all since the early/mid 2000s, and haven't competed or played in a band since 1998.

    Started playing the piano again too, same with the violin ( at which I'm terrible, but it's a bucket list item). Once I get these pipes set back up again, I'll play some stuff on my YT channel.

    I'm for anything that will improve the lives of MWD, or any dog used in combat zones. The PMC I worked for the longest (and last), which is a Canadian company, got into the working dog business about 10 years ago as well. Every dog that is retired that I've ever heard of finds a home, including our dog which was retired after 5 years service, which is fairly typical.

    I would question however what benefit a dbase of MWD wounds would have in the field. I realize that such a database could have some benefit in a classroom environment regarding training veterinarians deployed in the same areas that the MWDs are, in terms of emergency treatment/etc. It sounds like there needs to more of a database regarding veterinarian shortfalls than anything to do specifically with the dogs themselves, based on what the OP article is saying at least. I just don't see how the dbase of wounds would be "crucial" in the field, especially if the vets assigned to treat the dogs don't have their deficiencies corrected LONG before ever being deployed. And even then, treating wounds at the emergency care level isn't really rocket science, and any properly trained vet who will be performing surgery after initial emergency treatment isn't likely going to be consulting a dbase on his/her laptop to decide what course of treatment is best IMO.

    The cost, as others have stated, is also ridiculous.

    Again, I'm all for anything that will have an actual effect to the positive in MWDs lives, but I don't think a 100$k dbase that has information on how dogs were killed is going to accomplish that.

    I've got the Technopipes too, also the Deger. What I really like about this new one is that the sensors are placed beneath actual holes, very similar feel to a real chanter, more so than the other 2.

    Murderface - once I get my pipes back together I will, I have a set of 1920s Henderson's with real ivory and silver mounts, but I haven't played them much in the last 15 years or so. I've got new reeds coming for the drones, carbon fiber ones, and some new chanter reeds too. A former bandmate gave me the chanter I have with these pipes that our former band and his band (Simon Fraser University) uses, and it can be finicky with reeds, so it'll take some time with trial/error.

    I've ordered this Blair electronic practice chanter. I've got a couple older models, but this one is the bees knees compared to them.

    It'll simulate real sounding pipes with their drones going as well as a regular practice chanter, and a pile of other instruments. Pretty impressive, I wish this thing had been around when I started learning to play when I was a kid, the new kids coming up now will have such an advantage in learning.

    Start around 4:22 if you don't care about the tech BS, he plays guitar/background with a couple of tunes on this chanter. It's sound is incredible.

    With those 77gr you'd benefit from a 1:7.

    Right, if you're going to go 1:7" twist rate, you can shoot 62gr out of it if you have to, I've shot a lot of SS109 out of my 18" MK12 clone, but 77gr will stabilize much, much better, and you can get decent hits out to 6 or even 700+M with it. It's an 18" barrel, which I also like as a primary fighting rifle so long as you don't plan on moving in/out of vehicles a lot, it's a good compromise between accuracy/velocity/maneuverability. If you mainly plan on bench rest/plinking/whatever, and not really doing any fighting training or whatever with it, build a 20" barrel rifle IMO. Or longer, depending on what loads you plan on launching. There are so many makers out there now it's really hard to recommend a good one for bang/$, as it changes so fast now.

    Just remember it's as much about bullet weight as it is about bullet length and general shape. Tons of info online about which works best in what.

    Ultralights are even lighter and/ might be cheaper.

    Quicker to learn to fly (very low hours) but can be a handful if it gets windy.

    Here in Southern Alberta there are very few of them because of the wind. But somewhere like in BC that is sheltered from the wind they can be a blast.

    Bait, when we had our home in Bearspaw, if we went west out to Cochrane on BowValley trail, there is that cliff face right before you get into town there, and that's the only place I've seen ultras, paragliders, and hangliders flying in the Province, I've been ALL

    over it for work.

    Lots of YT Vids of this -

    Do you still have to requal the PPL every 5 years like it was back in the 90s IIRC?

    I can't get a medical any longer either, but I can get the Rec Pilot Permit I think with that "I declare" medical - I think. I've thought about picking up a cheaper 150/152, I flew in a friends Citabria a few years back (posted vid here IIRC too) and it was a blast. There were 4 of us in 2 Cits about an hour outside of Calgary (East side), got some great vid of us in formation and doing some break turns. I'd consider a Kit Fox type of kitplane as well. It's on the bucket list near the top, either to that or get a cheaper helo like a used R22/R44, have a couple friends that fly helos in Southern AB, and one that owns several in Kelowna/Vancouver, a 500MD and some other helos (Hunter Helicopters, his Instagay page is funny - )

    Murderface, I agree, you should start training/flying whenever you can, and pick up a plane once you get your ticket. I have the same plan this spring, so long as I can get by the lower med requirements of our Recreational PL up here.

    I haven't paid much attention to any of this, and haven't read 99% of the threads involving the "new" people and the fights/etc.


    this was an unmoderated forum, then you showed up.

    This is something the new people should consider. This place has had people leave, get driven off, quit, ask to have their accounts removed, etc. Nobody has ever been banned, until now - in 10 years+.

    HBO GO crashed (again), lots of P/O fans out there who sub'd to it, demanding refunds etc. Hilarious watching them freak out live online when it went down only a few mins into the episode.

    A person I've known online from gaming and his site since 2008 ( co-wrote a book on Westeros history with George RR Martin. I'm hopefully going to get my short story based on the missing Honjo Masamune sword that went missing at the end of WW2 published in the 2nd "The Book of Swords" anthology in 2020/2021.

    It'll be interesting to see how they end GoT/TV series. Hopefully The Winds of Winter will be published in 2019 sometime as well.

    A priest from ND just said the art & relics were all saved.

    All of the bronze statues were removed last week for the renovation, I hope they got all the art/relics/etc.

    What a mess - those stones will make that like an oven, putting it out = no easy task.

    And that took a production cut of 350,000b/day, which is like robbing Peter to pay Paul. It' was sitting at about 2/3 the price of WTI, WCS was around 32, WTI was around 55 back in March, in 3 months there was that much change from the Jan article you quoted. Then go back and look from say 2006 to 2018. In Sept of 2018 it was a $35 to $50 gap on the charts alone. It's very volatile, but WCS has always been massively discounted every year.

    Now it's $55 and WTI is 64$ which isn't bad, but $55 isn't the price the USA pays - they don't and never have paid the rate the WSC is on the oil price charts. When it was $14, the USA paid $11 as an example. The landed cost for WCS to the USA isn't the same as the WSC price on the world oil charts. Free on board at the port of sale, and the landed costs, are the more relevant figures.

    I realize there are many complex reasons for price variations and the gap between WCS and WTI, and what the USA ends up paying for WCS, and that the Keystone or other pipelines from Canada to the USA would alleviate full pipelines during the seasons the US refineries are in full swing, and that would have a positive impact on narrowing the price gap. I just brought this up with the whole movement from "free" to "fair" trade, and WCS's price difference -outside of the above mentioned complex reasons - not being a part of the new "fair" way of doing things.

    or... Thanks for the cheap oil and you can thank us for Canada not needing a military to speak of.

    We love you Canada, we really do... but don't think for a second that we wouldn't make it without you.

    On the other hand... how would Canada fare without Uncle Sugar?

    And you can thank us for the jobs

    Heh, there is that..

    Still, we've never needed a US military presence like the Euro/Asian countries due to our location, and we split the cost of NORAD already. Saying that the USA would protect Canada in the event of an invasion is pretty hypothetical - trade isn't.

    Yes I realize all this, but even after the cost of refining the WCS oil to a grade that can be easily made into gasoline and other consumer products, it's still a massive, massive discount that's been going on for YEARS. Just this year at one point when the World's oil price was in the 50s, WCS oil was selling to the USA for $11 a barrel. That's almost gifting it away. Due to the fact that our stupid gov won't allow a pipeline to Vancouver to be built, so Canada can sell their oil internationally, Canada is stuck with just one customer - America, and America knows this. I don't blame the USA for taking advantage of this, at least to some extent, but paying 1/4 the price for oil, and 1/2 to 2/3 over decades, we're talking 2.5 mil barrels/day, is insane. WCS is 43% of all imported US oil, and then to hear WE aren't being "fair" in other industries, and have this issue completely ignored...

    I realize it isn't the USA's problem we don't have a pipeline to the ocean, and aren't selling our oil on the open market, but you can be assured that IF we ever do (Separation or Conservative gov this fall), that price to the USA will be climbing then, just to the nature of having a wider market. But it won't be thanks to fairness in trade deals, that's for sure.

    Hah, overused a bit yes, but I'm just echoing Trump, who will hopefully what was formerly Western Canada's new President when we separate after Trudeau wins again in October. He said that often when discussing Canada/US trade, as well as stupid NAFTA - and I agree with him 100%. It's just you can't make the tiddly winks industries fair, and ignore the largest trade item and the ridiculous rate that continues to be paid for it.

    I agree that the USA got fucked by NAFTA, and that the actions Trump has taken are completely reasonable.

    However if we're going to be "fair" across the board, the price the USA pays for our Western Canadian Select Oil is and always has been a MASSIVE discount, for absolutely NO "fair" reason. The energy sector imports for the USA from Canada massively outweigh all the other industries being discussed here, probably by several times.

    So, if we're going to have "fair" trade across the board - again I agree with the Trump tariffs regarding lumber/milk/etc - why is the USA not paying the fair market rate for the billions and billions of $ in oil Canada has sold, and will continue to supply (the USA strategic plans consider Canada's oil sands to be over 1/3, closer to 1/2 of the strategic reserves)? When Western Canadian Select oil is bought for the price of Western Texas Intermediate, then we can talk about trade being "fair". The USA has raped Canadian oil for well over a decade, if not longer, and gotten a discount of nearly 1/2 price, sometimes even more than that. Again, if we're going to be "fair" across the board, US imports of Canadian oil should be at the top of that list.

    Older Canadians are targeted big time by hackers, I can't tell you how many times they've attempted to phish my father, he's under strict orders to bring any email asking for anything related to...anything to me before he starts messing about. For good reason too. You can have password managers (he does), use passphrases made up of phrases/rhymes/etc (rumored to be harder to brute force than long strings of characters/etc like PW managers use), and so forth, phishng attacks are always a threat.

    I believe it when Iron says you won't believe what's been tried and done. I'd hate to be in IT, especially security, right now too. The hackers and phishers will always have the initiative.

    I've got 3/4/5 in my Steam inventory, but only played 3 through to the end. It was excellent. Need to make some time to finish 4, and start 5.