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    I remember the Ultimate Flop from them. MS Train Simulator. I mean....really?

    Still a viable simulator niche with community support, custom controllers, commercial add-ins, etc.

    The Serbs estimate they lost 13 tanks, 6 APCs, and 6 artillery pieces.

    After 78 days of bombing and 38,000 sorties.

    They did excellent work with camo. If you advance against that kind of air power you die, but hiding works okay if you have a lot of forest/jungle to work with.

    There's a new twist to modern warfare though. Qaddafi tried to hide his forces. They hid a lot of armor under overpasses where no optical, infrared, or radar sensor could see them. They were seen by resistance fighters, who DM'd NATO via Twitter pictures with location info. Qaddafi's armor was wiped out quickly.

    The Air Force has always had the ability to rapidly repair cratered runways.

    They make delayed fuse munitions to blow up the dozer operators.

    Seems like wild weaseling would be a good job for drones.

    The X-45 series demonstrated this. It's been refined into the Phantom Ray. You shoot at them, one or more of its flight spit HARMs back at you based on whoever has the highest kill probability.

    but the threat is obvious, and presenting an ever increasing problem for the US/Nato in the South China Sea. Big time.

    The Navy is rolling out 4 XLUUV Orca's at $10 million a piece. Modular payload, unmanned, 6500 miles of range, diesel electric with a fuel cell. While China is beefing up big boats, the USN is moving to cheaper swarming tech. This is just a baby step, once they master the floor crawling robots everything that's not one of those becomes a zeppelin waiting to be popped.

    I grappled at light featherweight. I could cut to 141 and inflate back to 150 a day later. I'm at around 190 now. Beer calories are a mofo.

    A spin bike (stationary bike with a heavy flywheel) 45 minutes, 4 times a week works for me. Peloton app user, too cheap to buy their actual bike. If I get off schedule my hips start swelling up and I walk around like quasimodo.

    There's no substitute for EPO. You can train every single day like you are fresh. The learning rate becomes drastically accelerated.

    Weirdly though, the steroid era in baseball is famous for its home runs.. but it should not be. When steroids were cracked down on home runs went up. Steroids benefit the pitcher far, far more than the batter.

    :laughtears felled by the Drake Curse

    "The Drake curse is a sports curse attributed to rapper Drake. Endorsement from Drake, including wearing a team's or player's jersey, publicly declaring support for a team or attending a game has resulted in a loss or negative outcome for players and teams. Teams and athletes supposedly affected by the curse include Alabama football, Conor McGregor, the Toronto Raptors, Kentucky basketball, Juventus F.C., Serena Williams and Anthony Joshua. In 2019, after the Toronto Raptors defeated the Philadelphia 76ers with a buzzer-beater from Kawhi Leonard, it was revealed Drake was wearing 76ers shorts in order to use the curse to his advantage."

    Yeah kat but like everything in racing it costs more and more until you can only compete with a few cars that all look the same and have like 400 adds glued all over em.

    24 Hours of Lemons. It's the perfect race.

    And on the above posts, one of the major effects is aero pushed. As you suck up into the draft, you lose the air over your front wing. As you lose downforce you get a significant understeer condition that shoots you out towards the wall. Up to 2018 it was very bad in indycar ovals, but the tiny rear wings have done wonders to mitigate it. They go back to big wings on road courses iirc.

    If you want ridiculous looking aero, look small. The Formula SAE cars are hyped up karts with giant wings since you need that much deflection at low speeds.