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    Autopilot is not to he used hands free, Tesla will tell you that. And have you seen some of the crashes that people have walked away from in Teslas? Probably not because you just can't stand to look at the good in them.

    Probably shouldn't call it an autopilot then, because the customers are not listening.

    That overweight, battery tray skateboard design that makes them safe-ish is also the culprit behind the famous Tesla Whompy Wheel.

    $250,000 appreciating asset right there. Just 1 OTA update away.

    Most the auto industry is moving towards EV's. Ford just showed off an escape hybred that has over 400,000 miles on it and it's still going strong.

    I still say in 20 years a gas station will be as easy to find as a phone booth is today.

    Don't worry. Buc'ees will add some chargers and you can spend your half hour shopping for camo thongs for your wife and eating bbq.

    If it were not for him the rest of the auto industry wouldn't even be entertaining the idea of EVs again. Let alone building them.

    That's because they suck. Sales are down from last year. Everywhere the incentives run out the sales dwindle. Drive a hybrid if you're out to save the planet. You won't have to plan your life around charging stations.

    When I bought my Canuck F150 a few weeks back they had a new Escalade in the showroom. $105,000 for that thing and $80,000 for an Expedition. New car prices are out of control. I don't care what Indy says, I'd take a S model over either of those for the price.

    As somebody who went with blaming the "shorts", you should buy 2.

    It's the best deal of your life. It's a $250,000 appreciating asset. Musk says so. THE MAN IS GIVING AWAY FREE MONEY.

    Well Indy has or had ties to a car dealership. So he's butthurt because Tesla won't let them make money off of them.

    Much (not all) the negative press money trail goes back to those who stand to lose money if Tesla succeeds.

    Tesla's failure to operate a supply train correctly is actually making me money.

    If they had dealerships, I would not be able to, because they would have vastly more capital and facilities designed specifically to support car fleets. You can't do that with boutiques.

    Tesla just lost a $5 million deal with a rental company in Germany, this morning, because of terrible service and quality.

    LOL. Elektrek, an actual mouth piece of Tesla.

    The maintenance isn't actually less. Tesla recommends servicing your brakes annually. The parts are very expensive. One guy is $8000 into new calipers, rotors, pads on an S. You replace them less, it just costs you way more.

    Buying a $50,000+ car to save on gas is the dumbest talking point imaginable. If savings matter, you'd buy a car half that price.

    and you link an article where they poll.. mostly Tesla employees using very early low volume vehicles before the massive quality issues from The Ramp. Nice.

    "Tesla has been delivering the Model 3 for two years now — though the volume for the first 6 months or so was low and mostly to Tesla employees."

    *IF* ownership of semi-auto guns with high capacity magazines was restricted similarly to how full auto weapons are restricted, *then* would that not similarly reduce their use in mass shootings and other crimes?

    No. 3D printing has made this arms control attempt impossible. If you plan ahead enough to wear ear plugs to your mass murder, you can print a high cap. You can print lowers too, and they're getting a lot better over time.

    4/20 Funding Secured! Increasingly seen as stock manipulation the SEC let him get away with.

    We know from leaked transcripts of Tesla board meetings that the Solar City acquisition is actually a strategic wind down. Tesla Solar roofs are $85,000+. The first product debuted was just a piece of plastic, no wiring connectors. They pulled the Lowes deal immediately and have steadily wound it down. Which is why they're screwed in New Jersey and had to shift supercharger assembly there. It was a strategic bailout of a company that was already mostly owned by Musk, using other investor's money, so it wouldn't damage the Green Movement's reputation. Ouch.

    Catch 22. If you sell cheap Model 3s, you lose ALOT of money. All the money is in selling the accessories and OTA upgrades, which is why their GAAP has plummeted with Model 3 taking demand from the S/X. That led to Model Y but no capex to support that roll out. FSD pivot, then another fundraising round. Now all bets are on FSD.…leaf-beats-tesla-model-s/

    The modifications to beat last year's champion S. "Footwear, tires and brake pads have been changed."

    So very, very little. When you deep dive it beyond the article, the motor overheated. S/X use AC Induction. Model 3, Leaf, others, use iirc sychronous. Better design, much less heat. Though the Tesla battery is somewhat far behind what is available now using cylindrical cells and no photonic connections.

    I don't even dislike Tesla contrary to how I'm sure it appears. They had a wonderful future as a boutique, luxury automaker. Customers were willing to overlook the lack of features and hand-made nature of them. Few cars, great service. Now it's many cars, shit service, shit quality on product supposed to be mass marketed. What a waste. Unless you're a short bet. Huge money in that.

    On depreciation. It's the same old stupidity. People link elektrek saying how much less it depreciates than gas cars. This is wildly flawed methodology to start, but even now is wildly out of date. Tesla had a glut of used vehicles and attempted to move them on auction. Current auction prices are 50-55% depreciation over 3 years. That's the same as pretty much every luxury car.

    On Autopilot, lets look at Tesla's own statement:

    Safer, when paying attention. Like this guy:

    The paint issues explained in english:…oft-thin-under-spec-paint

    Tesla's paint shop is way out of compliance with California regs and right now has 19 pending actions against it. That shop is supposed to do 500k cars a year. As Tesla and VW learned, you get 250k. If you push past that, you end up with shit. They pushed past that on purpose AS PART OF THE RAMP UP! Well, now shit doesn't pass inspection.