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    Exactly.... I had to pay for a roof and heaters and AC units all at once.. that can put you into the 20k debt area easy... Still... nothing compared to guys I know who buy a 60k truck.. that they need like a hole in the head.


    Twat does get honest here... he tells us that the end justifies the means and that he knows more about who should or should not be elected instead of the voters. He says that fairness is not something that matters except in speeches against who he sees as the enemy.

    Yes.. the repubs for all their faults........are far more honest and fair than the demoncrats and I believe.. more in tune with the American people.

    Not all repubs are rhinos... I am impressed with the likes of Jordan and Nunes who.. is actually from California!


    Five guys is one of the best there is.... I am now thinking Habit burger is close. At the 5 guys here they usually give you the fries in a brown paper sack... must be over a pound of em.

    Gina... sluggo is right. takeoffs are usually cheap.. guys buy fancy wheels and their wheels and tires were still real good with half or more of their life left. No mounting and balancing or any of that shit.. already done.

    But...LOL.... the reason they are cheap is cause 4 wheels and tires takes up a lot of room... guys just want em out of their garage or shed or yard.

    When I buy new tires it is generally one or two. for whatever reason I need one tire. No point in buying a complete set of wheels and tires When my son had a tire store his biggest sellers were used tires.... takeoffs.


    I never worry too much about what I owe since it will ALLWAYS fluctuate. Don't believe me? have a new roof put on your house. Sometimes a couple of water heaters will go out at the same time that one of the fridges goes out.... you charge that shit in order to get it done that day.

    Family emergencies... whatever. Most people simply can't pay cash for several big ticket items at once. My total debt minus real estate is a lot I thought but really... . less than most owe on one of their cars...


    I am not (or rarely) am frightened when in a bad situation.... I am never frightened in a bad situation when I am armed.

    Unlike you I am not naive. I am no pushover but not near the man I was. Even at my best tho in my boxing days I could not take on 3 or 4 big guys with clubs or whatever... But..................I am REAL good with a handgun. I got real good out of love of the sport and the challenge not fear. A byproduct of being real good is confidence.

    I teach a lot of people how to shoot. You can see the lights go on over womens heads when I teach em... they are empowered.....Why do you hate women reidstein? that was a joke tho... we all know why you do.

    You are old and feeble... any male past toddler stage could whip your ass and take your shit. maybe you like ass whippings? no idea.


    I agree that her story is already so full of holes and drunkenness that we really don't need to make it even worse. Not one of her 'witnesses' agrees with her story. My guess is that the hearing will be the first time she and he have ever met.


    Oh... and the 'trillion dollar handout' ? LOL.... we had the highest corporate tax rate on the planet.... you act like he stole money from the government.................... revenues at at an all time high and set to be the highest growth in history for next year.


    Twat... are you better off now than you were two years ago? one bad thing Trump has done.

    It should be easy.. .the man is a dynamo... He is the energizer bunny and he only took a few weeks to completely destroy the monkey boys legacy of shame..... he is making shit happen every single day... just got another trade deal that is in our best interests and china and iran are on the ropes.... Canada is starting to get a little wet too.

    Hardly a day goes by that he doesn't accomplish something.... surely there must be at least one thing?


    Twat is not wrong I don't think. I don't even believe that the demoncrats want any more of these crazy ladies from high school showing up... it waters down their case and is an embarrassment.

    I believe the left is still gonna try to figure out a way to delay .... Ford got a flat tire on her prenus... .whatever... The repubs need to sack up and just say on thursday no matter what her reason that there is no more time and that they will have the FBI look into every case after the vote.

    The FBI of course will go..."WTF are we gonna do with this bullshit thing?" and the investigation will go on and the demoncrats will slowly distance themselves from all those poor whack job women they used so shabbily.

    If she does show up.... they will work overtime to get the vote and confirmation in.


    Twat.... you did know that The government tax revenue is the highest it has ever been and set to make even more records for growth this year right?

    Demoncrats being filthy and traitorous is not anything new... but even I have to wonder at this point... there is so much of it... .so much being exposed............Is it because they are all in and desperate or have they always been as bad as they are now and just never got caught no matter how bad it was?

    I am thinking it is a combination of the two.


    Just like they failed at the economy and at a bloodless coup... they are failing at using the Trump rally model.

    There is nothing they can do that is half as good as how he does it.


    There actually is something to when he says "are you getting tired of winning yet?" I hope the voters don't take all this winning for granted....

    The demoncrats have their fists around the emergency brake. They can gridlock and kill the economy if they get enough power.


    No witnesses. No police report.... almost 4 decades ago. woman can't remember details.

    The demoncrats are going all in on this. It stinks of abject terror on their part. I honestly don't think they thought it would do this. They wanted a delay so he would not get on the Oct. session. They would have loved if somehow some credible witness who was not a whack job came out and actually had something on kavenaugh.l

    Now they are looking like the party of whack jobs.

    It is a phric victory tho. He will get confirmed and ginsburg is not looking good... He will be on in plenty of time for the whole attempted coup stuff to come out.

    Any important case pending will just wait three months.