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    Kdf.. why would you be so mean to me? I had nothing to do with you going bald or your choice of motorcycles.

    shit.. pick on sluggo.


    Sooo.. that pic? it proves that 20mm was superior to the 50 and that we just threw it away? We did not have 250 kill aces... we had women flying the planes thousands of miles to deliver em to raw recruits.

    What are you not understanding here? how am I not being clear? The 51 was a fragile one trick pony by American standards.. please look up the kill rates of the Hellcat and Corsair to see a glimmer of what I am talking about .....

    The Bearcat? LOL.. It could have any armament it wanted.. but it chose 50's fit the mission.

    The germans got their ass handed to em and could not even ride away on the MILLION horses they had at the time. I like horses.. and SAA handguns and bolt action rifles but.. not gonna fight in 1945 with em.


    Ok.. quisling.. I know this must be hard for you. I submit... you drive a jag and have a square head and fought for the UN.. Not saying that means you are always wrong cause in truth? you are often more right than my countrymen. but..

    Now you are saying WW2 20mm are the same as modern 20mm? and that ground attack is the same as against aircraft.. I honestly don't know what you are saying at this point so lets stick to WW2 and aircraft roles.

    So how did the loadout on german planes do against ground targets? not very fucking spectacular.. granted.. the fleeing Your-0-Peeean armies having their shit pulled buy HORSES was an easy target but no axis airpower was really a factor against ground troops.

    In some respects we will never know since the choices in armament and planes the germans made and.. to some extent the brits.. were so bad that by the time we got there is was shooting fish in a barrel with 10 hour pilots.


    I really don't need those fucks to lecture me on morality. They have created a child molester/ladyboy/prostitute culture.

    I am not surprised.. having hosted many of em who have nothing but scorn for our gun rights but eagerly shoot my guns.


    Read "the American Way of War" this really explains it.. we don't give a shit about cost or machines.. we care about our soldiers. We will spend everything on a giant artillery barrage or planes that weigh twice as much but are survivable..

    This is amazing given that we were an ocean away from the fight. Out tanks were light compared to most but we sent 10 times as many. If a tiger could take out 5 shermans? we made sure the tiger faced 8

    I can not find anything wrong with the book or.. our philosophy of war which.. today includes armed drones and cruise missiles... none of which are cheap by any means. every new American system has the troops at the heart.

    Tell me I am wrong.


    Oh,.. for vids.. which really are just for fun.. look at the quad fifties. Look... planes came home from multiple 20mm hits. but not many came home from twice as many 50 caliber hits.

    GRANTED sissy eurofighters and jap planes were fragile and the countries that made em did not give a fuck about the pilots but... you know.


    Again.. you are avoiding the question. NO the 20mm is no hand grenade. this is proven over and over. planes did not get shot down from a 'hand grenade' and no one can toss a hand grenade like some big league pitcher.. NO.. sorry.. 6 20's are not the same as 8 fifties (since we are talking P47) the rate of fire is different as is the number of guns. We are talking hundreds of rounds per second more... will a 20mm kill a man on the ground? sure.... will a fifty cal do that? LOL it will blow em in half. Neither acts like a hand grenade. BUT.. lots... lots more rounds to play with.

    Several 47 pilots doing ground attack stuff said that with so many rounds per sec (from 8 guns) they basically just worked the rudder pedals to spray ammo into the entire field of fleeing.... yes.. fleeing germans.

    You keep avoiding the point.. the 50s worked perfectly against other planes.. ground attack and shipping.

    Fast forward to Korea. now planes are 100 or more MPH faster. Yet.. the M2 still worked.. it ran up impressive kill rates against the best the soviets had to offer.

    I honestly believe that this was the last of the M2 effectiveness so far as aircraft.. and was probly an iffy thing at that.. worked.....

    It still worked.. and no army does not have a 50 cal version mounted on vehicles or as rifles.. no army I am aware of prefers the hispano on their vehicles or as a sniper rifle.


    But quisling... honestly.. do you think raw pilots would be better served with 6 or 8 M2's with giant loadouts of ammo or 4 cannon with smaller loadouts and less coverage of the target? is a 20mm miss more potent than a 50 cal miss? is a hit in the wing or tail from a 20mm that does no structural damage any more important than a 50 that does no structural damage? Will a hit from a 50 disable an engine just like a 20mm? will a 50 penetrate the seat armor just like a 20mm?

    Now... multiply the rate of fire... and ammo load.. and how many rounds and.... tracers.. are heading toward the target in one sec?


    Again... you look at one American plane that was built for one reason only... and... with the M2 did... a spectacular job.. I am not a 51 fan.

    But what your list shows is that the 50 caliber was used by everyone at the end. the M2 is the only one still around (the soviet one is sorta the same as it was)

    I do notice that you mix up 2 and 4 a lot... and even add... one 20mm in the mix. One 20mm at 12 rounds per second is not exactly a 'pattern' compared to 6 or eight M2's at 13 rounds per second with twice the loadout of the P51 escort plane... with it's fragile Merlin (or the improved packard)

    P51's ran out of ammo... a lot. they had a small loadout. why is this hard to see?

    Firing time for one or two guns is nothing compared to 6 or 8 guns.

    The closest we came to late model german loadouts was the P38... it had four M2's in the nose and one 20mm.. of course.. they all fired straight out front with no convergence issues but I am not aware of any problems with the M2 or the 20mm in the 38

    The expression 'the whole 9 yards' has to do with the belt for the M2 on many U.S. planes.

    Ok... fun facts.. the P47 held 3400 rounds.. that meant that it's EIGHT guns had a full 30 seconds of continious fire... The P51 held 1800 rounds. for SIX guns...

    Now.. imagine anything but a 51... with half the ammo and less firing time than any other American fighter....

    But.... more importantly.. imagine 6 or 8 guns all firing 13 rounds per second with 30 seconds of firing time compared to the other non U.S. planes with one or two 50's firing about the same with half the loadout.

    the picture starts to become clear.


    Come on by my friend. I am a better talker than listener but I will do my best.... I think you truly got fucked over on the business and I seen the handwriting on the wall for my business over 20 years ago... the regulations were so insane that even normal people were having problems.... for a draft dodger like me it was impossible. Seems nothing I did was legal and if I didn't lie my ass off I didn't get work.

    In my case? I went small. I already had more equipment than I needed so I just did custom work. I don't know if there is a solution in there somewhere cause what I know about printing would fit in a thimble and still have room for what I know about women but.... maybe look into some custom stuff?


    To be honest? that whore scares me more than any of the others... she is completely without any moral compass and she is smart. And from California.

    I can only hope that the rest of the countries hate for California does her in... . but I think most of you underestimate what it is to be a California demoncrat.

    They are the most vile and duplicitous creatures on the planet... and also some of the smartest and most savvy.

    Don't say I didn't warn ya.


    That is one of those simplistic things that rings true razer. Well.. both of those last things...


    You are correct on the angle thing in the little P51 wing. Not all American planes were P51's tho... a plane that did not do well in ground attack/support.

    You are still missing the point about ammo loadout and pilots. If you had 20mm guns you had to get close ironically... simply because you didn't have enough ammo to waste any. luckily... you were most likely flying over or close to over your own land.... and didn't really have any fuel range to speak of anyway.

    No... the way to do it was the way the Americans did it. make a huge sturdy survivable plane.... take anyone who got more than a few kills and send him home to train the new guys who had unlimited planes.... use 50 cals with yards of ammo.

    The Browning guns were big.... both the 30 and the 50 and extremely reliable when mounted properly which... other then the first 51's they all were.

    I could go on about how a radial is supposed.... supposed to be tough... not some fuel injected surrounded by hot oil deathtrap.


    I was told that I should watch CNN because FOX was so biased and lied and made too many mistakes.

    Even if they were not constantly wrong? I couldn't put up with their bi polar shit... they act like every day is the end of the world until someone in high school says they have the goods on Trump that will end it all then they are giddly little gigglers. it is a fucking freak show.