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    Yeah gina flossy all.... i get it... I am old enough tho that most women do not feel old when I say 'maaaaam' often they will just say "please... call me.... " whatever their first name is. And that is fine... I tell them to call me Doran. I don't get upset when a young person calls me sir. it is a sign of respect in my opinion.

    In fact.... I think sluggo should call me sir from now on.


    Point is... everything they do should be abhorrent to the left but for some reason they get a pass... while a christian saying "bless you" when you sneeze is like a crime against all of humanity.


    Sorros has moveon dot org and southern poverty send off memos by email on what word/phrase is to be used that night by the left wing media... they all use the exact same term within an hour of each other.

    It's kinda creepy how much we used to be controlled by this shit.... Thank god for Trump.


    Actually I don't give a shit. I listen for the music... not for their opinion on music... ELO sounded great... the beatles sucked.... sooo... to me it makes no difference who influenced which group.

    I like how ELO crossed the classical and rock thing well.... The Band did a little of that too... another of my favorite groups. Even with all their resources... they beatles just fucked up everything they am concerned.


    I kinda get it after a dozen or so women have explained it to me over the years. Women dress to attract men.... but get offended if the WRONG man/men are looking at all the effort they put in to look nice or stutty..

    Men are in a bad position on this.... we are hard wired to think about sex all the time. now... some woman wears a tight low cut dress that is almost tooooooo short. and there is no way a man will not look.

    A 'creep' is the guy who looks that she is not attracted to. But there is no road map for us to follow.

    So we just play it by ear. I actually try not to be too obvious... but that can work out badly too.... I have been accused of 'ignoring' some women.... it is like "what do I have to do to get you to notice me?" shit.... believe me.... I noticed.


    I honestly have no idea what the left is so thrilled about muslims for.... I mean... they treat their women worse than any religion on the planet including ritual stoning and mutilation of genitals and normal beatings.... they should make PETA faint over the way they treat those poor goats.

    They routinely kill gays of any kind and think it is fine... They hate to party... They refuse to accept anyone not of their religion..... They actually slaughter people just because of that.

    I can't think of a single thing that is tolerant or likable about em...


    Like I said... from the start. Trump had to go ... He was not a politician. NO ONE knew anything about how our government worked till he got in. Now we know how the swamp works. Only putting the demoncrats in power can protect our corrupt government. They had put him down and get back to normal.

    The problem for them........... was that if you investigate anyone for corruption.... and you are a demoncrat politician.... everything you are blaming the other side for? You have done and are doing ten times worse ... not just now... but for your entire career....

    Soooo.... you throw a hail marry.... you get all indignant.... you suddenly become almost evangelical in your new morality....

    If you hard enough and take out the opposition.... you get to control shit again and no one looks into your crimes.

    If you fuck it up.... and they have at this point..... all the shit you were trying to make stick.... if you don't take over all the agencies again? your ass is grass.

    I mean... you spent all this time trying to make people outraged over Trump paying off a porn star? Ooops... what are you gonna do when someone points out your child porn ring?