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    And explains it slowly........................................ lots of dots...............for some of the genius's here.............Starting with FDR. He compares what the left has done with russia compared to Trump shaking hands with another world leader.......


    Right now.... Trump has the judicial a bit scared... and rightly so. No other POTUS has used this awesome power as fast as he has. There was just a ruling by the 9th.........yep......9th (look em up) that struck down Californias 10 round magazine ban.

    Trump will flood the courts with constitutional judges.... that will be my take of course... the left will say he will flood the court with unconstitutional judges.

    Your sub panel.. maybe it should be filled by appointments made by constitutional scholars? hey.. wasn't the monkey boy a constitutional scholar? and.........don't you claim to be?

    The two of you would differ wildly and..........for the most would both be wrong. I am glad neither of you is a judge..........Talk about activist huh?


    geeze... you can't even read much less correct me. No such amendment could ever happen just like making negros 2/3 of a person can't happen.

    Of course it gives more power to the executive branch... who appoints judges? are you really as myopic as you seem or just delusional? You are advocating for a whole new panel of judges appointed by whatever party is in power............... to scare the crap out of any judges that would go against the party in power.

    Why are you unable to see that? It is the duty of judges to rule based on the constitution.. they are generally very cautious even when they have an outlandish decision.

    You live in some infantile black and white world apparently and have never read a decision? They call the decision constitutional or not..............based on one part or even a part of a part of the law.

    The quisling gets it... he is not a political child like you... he knows that the more watchers you get the bigger the government and the easier to just tie everything up.

    Your myopic and childish plan is to get rid of activist judges. Using your plan.. there would be only two types of judges.............activist............and cowardly indecisive worthless ones...........and it would depend on what party was in power which way they would rule.


    LOL... so an amendment to say that negros were 2/3 of a person would be constitutional?

    What I am saying is that the very idea of your amendment is unconstitutional... it could not even be voted on. It gives more powers to the executive branch and takes powers away from the judicial.

    It is indeed a good thing that the founders seen the danger of things like laser and the elfin one someday coming up with shit like this.

    Sooo.. on the 160 IQ thing.. are you just mistaken or a liar? I could actually see myself joking about something like that but seriously doubt I ever did.

    you guys still don't see it think you are making things better cause it is what you want but are so myopic that you can't even imagine your enemies using this power against you in the near future.

    These are the reasons the far right scares me as much as the far left does.


    If you live long enough you will see the left and the demoncrats do a 180 on every single thing they believe in....

    First it was civil rights and they somehow are not George Wallace and the republicans are the racists... now........They are the supporters of the CIA and the FBI?

    'the CIA lied... people died" "no blood for oil" whatever.


    Ok... Zombies in WW2 yeah... that seems ok to me I mean pretty believable but a negro fighting in WW2

    Come on... that just kills it for me.. . I just can't suspend the belief long enough. Sheesh.. bad enough we had to have like 10 movies about the red tails. can't they just leave the infantry stuff alone?


    I only like countries where they drive on the right side of the road and speak my language like.. American or spanish.... so Oz is out.


    Gonna have to dig up all the pics of the kids and grand kids on the Harleys. My son went to catholic school.. complete with nuns. First grade... back then a Harley was not something people seen much especially a flamed chopper....

    I pulled up to his school with him sitting on the tank. every single boy there stopped whatever they were doing.


    Please say they can pull it off again in 2018....

    Oh... I sure hope this was russian meddling but several gun rights groups including the NRA just won a landmark case in California and struck down the lefts gruesome newsomes 10 round magazine law that would have made possession of any normal capacity magazine over 10 rounds a felony.

    This was the 9th circuit that struck em down.... I sure hope the russians have managed to infiltrate the 9th.


    Oh... me me twat!!! I know! A russian joined the NRA and supported it.... and A bunch of russians made funny memes on facebook that caused the hildabeast to lose the election!!!!

    Ok.. I am not a commie lover but...........damn... they do some good work... Not only did they help get Trump elected (according to mule ears) but.................................they are fighting the good fight for my second amendment rights!

    Seems to me...............that they are doing a lot more good for America than the left is.


    Yep... they are pretty hot and a nice accent too. Loved listening to Melonia reading to the kids on easter.

    Trump.... too crude? Nope..........just crude enough... in fact... perfect. The average man and woman identify with him... he makes us feel like we can speak freely. Simple as that.


    Looking at the walkaway movement and the actual numbers... I am thinking they don't have anyone convinced of anything.

    The internet changed everything. They seen that writing on the wall along with talk radio. They tried to shut down talk radio and censor the internet. Didn't work. TV is almost dead... newspapers are almost dead.... magazines are a walking corpse.


    The trend for other countries to say that America had little to do with winning WW2 is fairly new. No one was saying that when America was running the show at the end and no one was saying that when they were not doing a fucking thing to help rebuild and stabilize those war torn countries.

    Like 'Monty' they would wait till America cleared the field then run for the goalposts at the end.

    Not saying that the other countries did not pour their guts into the thing or even that America did not emerge far better off than any other country. Just saying that without Americas might there would have been some sort of treaty that would be just as bad as the first world war one and lead to WW3 20 years later.

    The same attitude toward us the eurobarbarians are showing now? they would have shown to a defeated germany. They would have to have made peace with Japan and japan would be one of the most powerful countries on the planet right now... They can't help themselves