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    Freeman better be super careful.

    Cosby was making conservative common sense statements for most of a decade, was positioning himself to purchase a TV station, then 40 women showed up from 1966...

    *This statement doesn't advocate rufis or rape. The door is not a jar.

    Objects may be closer than they appear.

    But is the jar adoor?

    So, my high school band has invited alumni to play at a football game this season. We didn't get a marching band until my senior year. Before then we played with two guitars, drums, bass, and vocals. The director wants us to play free bird.

    Yes, we were fucking awesome.

    No way. Really?

    The average person doesn't find it obvious. Most people just trust their favorite fake news and assume that if the media covers something then it's a serious problem. People don't stop to think about how few shits they actually give about satues or vagina hats.

    We call a spade a spade around here and when he's acting like a dumb fuck, then I treat him like one doesn't mean I'm "worked up" though.

    I can't blame you. I wouldn't get worked up over it either. I get the feeling he's always like this. It's not worth it to worry about it.

    You guys are simply being obtuse. It's amusing but Elfie didn't say a fraction of what he's being accused of.

    I'm not accusing him of saying anything wrong. I understood his stance about Steve. I get it, Elfie thinks Steve was in the wrong.

    I'm not saying you said Steve wasn't in the wrong. I get what you where saying about Steve. I just meant that if you think it's possible that girl wasn't truthful about Steve then surely it's possble that the kid in the wheel chair was just having a bad day, possibly do to his situation. That's all I meant by benefit of the doubt.

    I totally get that lazs is being a dumb fuck over the Steve thing. Though, I think he is just doing it to get you worked up.

    I wasn't saying you we're wrong. Just giving you a different point of view.

    Maybe it was new to him.

    I didn't do it for a thank you, I did it because he needed to get somewhere and his mom couldn't lift him. This kid was an angry person the entire ride.

    He very well may have been a jackass. Or he could of been having a shit day. You'll give Steve the benefit of doubt, so maybe the kid should get it too.

    I get a lot of that also.

    One ride I helped a disabled kid into/out of my car. Packed his wheelchair in the back of my SUV. His mom was real nice and tipped me $5 but that kid...never even said thanks for the help. I told him to have a good day and he looked the other way.

    It's not my job to help someone into my car. Lyft has a platform specific to that need but it can be hard to get because not many drivers qualify for that. Mom appreciated the help even if that angry bastard she calls a son didn't.

    Maybe it's new to him and he's embarrassed about it or depressed. Honestly, if you help someone out expecting something out of it, then you really did it for yourself. I'm not trying to give you a hard time about it. I've had the Same attitude about stuff like that, but I try to remind myself that I don't know what kind of shit people are going through.