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    "Even worse, the lawsuit alleged that 'credit was given to students who attended the protest in lieu of classes, and administrators bought them food to support them.' ”

    That is called culpability. By giving credits the University sanctioned this- it then becomes part of their curriculum.

    Mike... yeah. You might be able to get a lot there but what do you want to bet that there are gonna be a zillion bucks in fees to clean up... you will be required to get a dozen permits before you can even drive up to the lot.

    One thing California did when it was run by republicans and the taxpayer association had power was to get in prop 13... that means that as long as you live in a place the taxes can't go up. They killed it sometime after the demoncrats got in but mine is on that prop 13. my taxes run around $1500 a year. most guys I know pay that a month or more.


    I don't think they can sell them with toxics on the lot- I think FEMA is in charge of the clean up. My cousin is a contractor cleaning it up- I'll ask him.There's a bunch of lots there, and it is a beautiful area- or will be once the forest grows back in 100 years.

    Me, I found a place in Tennessee I like- it's on a lake and has a dock, and if I don't get this one there's others. The idea of fishing off a dock, catching little perch and kissing and releasing them, seems like a good way to spend my twilight years. My hands are too arthritic for knitting and my heart is too weak for meth and sex, so... sucking perch anus it is.

    I'd be surprised if that dude was still alive

    I'd be surprised if that dude was still alive

    If he were still alive I wouldn't talk about him. I moved up there in 79 or so to grow weed- my Bay Area life crashed and burned when Peg died. I became cynical, and back then you had two types of growers- the hippie dippie grower or the outlaw grower. I wasn't hippie dippie. But I also wasn't a criminal, and after four years of being an outlaw and having nothing to show for it I went mainstream, got a job, met Steph and 35 years later it's still great.

    Dean was an enigma- he didn't drink, didn't use drugs other than pot, didn't womanize- he worked out with weights and smoked Pall Malls and drank coffee thick and black and you had to really fuck with him to make him want to hurt you, but hurt you he would. Anyway RIP- back in the olden days in a small town like that everyone knew everyone else's business so we all knew who was growing, but there were maybe five people you would not want to get caught being in their patch and Dean was one of them.

    LOL, lazs is right about the times- it was different. There's lots of crazy today but back then there was a code to crazy. Me, I always made better money being legit but sometimes you look back and chuckle... Dean and I were cutting firewood to sale one summer waiting for our crop to come in and we were broke. His wife shoplifted a package of hotdog buns and a jar of peanut butter so we could eat- venison was our protein staple unless the salmon were running... then we'd use a pitchfork and flashlight and gig them at night.

    Anyway I wasn't cut out to be an outlaw. Meth and cocaine came in and pot was going for 7500 a pound and there were some bad things going on, so I left. I can't shoot someone over weed- I just can't. Dean called me a pussy but he understood- he grew weed up until his demise, got busted a couple of times, and I hope he did well... in hindsight the guy was a product of his environment, but he had heart.

    Have you ever been to a Native funeral? I have a girl cousin who's married to a Native from Covelo. He's a great guy- they moved to Reno, and one of their daughters died in an auto accident about 20 years ago. It's heart wrenching- the coffin was placed, and then the men of the family shoveled the dirt back in on top of it. I participated, and every shovelful of dirt was the finality of her life. I've never been through anything sadder.

    OK, Dean was crazy. He was my best friend in 1980 and we were a criminal enterprise- he'd done seven and a half years in San Quentin for a series of bank robberies, but in 1981 we were neighbors and we were both larcenous by nature so we started growing together, poaching deer, trespassing and cutting firewood on GP and LP land, stealing fencing and gravel from the Cal Trans yard- every day was a hustle. But no felonies. Other than cultivation. We only stole a little bit.

    Times were tough back then- we had no money, and pretty much lived on venison and peanut butter Wonder bread sandwiches, and we hustled for work... we'd clear brush, gravel pot holes in drive ways, whatever- and I was doing OK, and Dean got a job working with a logging crew.

    His job was limbing the logs the skidder brought in, stacking up branches, that kinda stuff- it was a five man crew, counting him.

    He'd been there about two weeks and one evening I'm sitting at home and I'm baked- my dick is in the dirt. I am fried. I am contemplating my toes, molded into my couch, and Dean shows up. I know something's up cause he doesn't even knock- he just walks in. I had a German shepherd and two other big dogs and they looked at him and knew something was up- they didn't even hardly bark.

    "Mike, let's go." When Dean says let's go, you go. So we walked next door to his place, got in his car, 68 Nova 327 FTW, and he filled me in on the details- He'd been at work, gotten into an argument with the cat operator, and beat him up. Not bad, he didn't brutalize him, but the guy did have to have stitches over his eye. Another guy there jumped in so Dean punched him too- and he told them he was going to meet the four of them at Boomers Bar (the other two guys were felling trees too far away for Dean to walk to them) after they got off work and he was going to kick all their asses.

    I'm stoned man- I was dreaming butterfly dreams, we had rented a VHS movie, and I was in for the night and now I'm on my way to Boomer's to back up Dean when he fights four fucking loggers? uh.... OK. I'd rather fight four loggers than betray Dean, especially since he lived next door to me and was insane, but still man-

    We go into Boomers and I order a coffee, black. I have never ordered a coffee in a bar in my life and Dean ordered a coffee- he didn't drink once he got busted for the bank robberies- and we waited. After about fifteen minutes and a couple more cups of coffee I was relieved they wouldn't show up and I say "Fuck Dean, lets go home." And that's when the loggers came in.

    These guys were big, too- and they were strong. And they focused right on Dean and I, and my entire life started flashing right before my eyes. We were going to a hospital this evening- or the morgue. My thought was throw hot coffee on the biggest one and kick him in the balls, then curl up in a fetal position while he pummels me- LOL, being really stoned and knowing you're about to get beat up sucks.

    They walked over, and the boss of the group pulled an envelope out of his shirt with two checks in it- one for Dean's salary and a second check of two weeks' severance pay. The fucker only worked there two weeks- WTF>? He apologized, and the guy with the stitches apologized and I was relieved man- they were all no hard feelings, here's money, and let's move on- and I was like great, I might not die after all.

    Then Dean goes "That's not good enough." WAT? Dean, they're sorry- they're paying you an extra two weeks- WTF? Let's take the money and go. And Dean is "Fuck that, let's go out in the parking lot." These guys were twice our size- and it was 4 on 2. And their boss goes "You sure?" And Dean goes "Yeah I'm sure- outside motherfuckers" and I go "Wait! Let's think this through. Dean, if you fight him he'll cancel the checks he gave you. You worked for that money, you need it."

    I have made two proposals in my life that I was genuinely sincere about- one was when I proposed marriage to my wife and the other was the one to Dean we'd be better served by taking the money, shaking hands and walking away. I was more relieved when Dean said yes than Steph.

    LOL, Dean was fearless. And insane. He was like living next door to Mike Tyson.

    I had an old 65-67 or so Pontiac among half a dozen wrecks in my back yard and it had a posi traction rear end so Dean wanted it- No prob- you can have it. Then Horace, this country bumpkin, wanted the car so we talked to Dean and Dean said all he wanted was the rear end, and if Horace were willing to drop the rear end out of it and give it to him no problem. That was cool with Horace- he wanted the motor, seats, that stuff.

    Horace never came through. And Dean was getting twitchy. He mentioned it daily- Horace was supposed to have dropped off that posi and he hadn't. WTF????

    Sure enough Dean shows up about two o'clock in the afternoon and he's saying "Mike, let's go." We get in his car and he's pissed and he tells me he's going to beat the hell out of Horace and he wanted me to watch his back. Uh... why don't we use some diplomacy and ask him to do, post haste, what he'd agreed to do?

    We get to Horace's place and it's like the front porch of Deliverance, only nobody had a banjo. Horace had a bunch of his buddies there so he wanted to show off so when Dean said "Hey fucker, when are you going to drop that posi off at my place?" And Horace goes "Well, maybe I will and maybe I won't." Wrong answer. Horace is smirking at his friends like he's funny or something, and Dean went ballistic. He told him to wipe the smirk off his face- he did- and he gave him one hour to drop that rear end, load it up and deliver it to his driveway or he'd beat Horace up every time he saw him out and about.

    45 minutes later Horace and his buddies dropped the rear end off. And they waved contritely. Fuckin Dean was crazy.

    Normandy beaches my ass.

    This very urchin was killing nazis a couple of years before brave Americans understood who's winning and finally interfered to steal something from him.

    Why are you so unbelievably fucking dumb? All of you?

    Oh please- we saved you guys. We gave you guys the means to fight the war and you never paid us back- you ripped us off. If not for the USA you'd be speaking German- which might not be a bad thing. If Germany had taken Moscow your cars wouldn't be such pieces of shit.

    BTW Boroda, it's good to see you man, you Commie bastard. :)

    When I go to Michigan I'm carrying a gun.

    Hell #1... I only know California. a lot itself sells for around 100-200k almost none of that is the actual dirt... it is the fees the city and state put on it. I worked for the city. The water district wants money for the lines they put in as does the wastsewater district.... then there is inspection fees.... then there is lighting district fees. Then there are mandatory parks per number of units and fees on to that. Engineering hits em up for fees designing streets curb gutter and sidewalk and evaluating fees for water/wastewater and lighting.,

    Everyone in the city and state wets their beak before one stick is nailed to another.


    Doran, right now lots in Paradise are going for under 30k, and there's a bunch of burned out lots to choose from. Look on Zwillow- we're thinking of getting one.

    Razer, there's an opportunity to set up a great place within 10 minutes of Lake Oroville.

    I believe Mike is correct. It's all a big fix. We're all slaves; we just don't know it. Every once in a while I have a moment of clarity, where the veil is lifted from my eyes... I quickly push it back into place. It's better to be ignorant of this reality.

    You have to make your mortgage man- as long as we have something to lose we can't do too much about it. Don't worry, in a few years they'll fleece you to the point you have nothing- so for now you have a little bit, just enough to keep you on the plantation. Me, I play the game and I cheat so- it's good, but once it gets to the point none of us have nothing left to lose we'll bring out the guillotines, right?

    I have no belief in America's leaders- and no faith. Like I said, if I was 50 years younger I'd be lighting the torches and handing out the pitchforks.

    It's all whack bud. The whole world. I keep saying The Game but nobody understands- The Game is everybody gets bled out, especially the kids coming up. I'm not kidding- everything is a fix, everything is The Game.

    I wish I was 50 years younger to see how this all shakes out.

    When I was in college I used to go to Bay Meadows Fields to bet the horses. There was an area where the jockeys came out before the race, and you could check them out- they were the next race jockeys. Once one of the jockeys nodded at someone watching them come out to mount, and I followed that guy to the betting window and eavesdropped on his bet, and I bet the same horse and it won.

    Everything is a fix. Keep us all divided and fleece us all man- it's all a fix.

    I almost hate doing this anymore- some stuff is so stupid it is redundant. But it is what we are-…atroopers-fort-bragg.html
    Great idea, great program and the soldier in the pic is launching a six inch long drone- And the article points out a six inch long drone is unmanned. Really? You mean we don't have any two inch tall pilots? WTF??? I'd have never known that by the picture. I could have sworn the military had trained squirrels to fly these drones.…-in-Prison-511229511.html
    OK- three hots and a cot, and weed. Give me Internet access and I'm a criminal- it's everything I like. Cable TV, medical and dental, and now weed- fuck it man, I'm killing someone. I want to go to prison and enjoy the good life.…ed-killing-201159107.html

    Hey, he was a great guy up until he killed the kids and he used to take them for ice creams and to the park and he was a great Dad. Ask Mom. Jesus Fucking Christ, you kill one of mine you're dead too. Oh well- it got him off the hook for child support.…-19-years-fathered-9-kids

    I have a theory on this one- he had nine kids, a nagging wife, a shitty job- I'll bet he turned himself in to get away from a nagging wife and nine screaming kids. I know I would, especially if the prison allows you to have weed.…ol-teacher-014228262.html

    This bitch is fat and ugly and disgusting. I clicked on the link hoping it was a hottie teacher with Daddy issues, but instead it's a fat disgusting predator. If I were on the jury she'd be convicted just for being fat and disgusting- if she were a cute blonde I'd vote to acquit. Just saying.