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    LOL, Michigan peeps are cool- Steph could do better in the cold than me. Actually once Michigan figures out the pot trade I could move there... Sooner or later they'll have to realize it's taxable as income for the State. You guys ain't as greedy as us yet- in Cali it's turning into a joke. They made all these laws and didn't allocate any money for enforcement- they rely upon the good graces of former criminals to suddenly start being law abiding citizens.

    BTW MF, seeds are a crap shoot.

    Compared to where he's at... Austin will seem like a trumptardian wet dream.

    It's a matter of affordability- unless we want to live in our car we can't afford California. We'll be able to pay cash for a home in lots of places, but not here- Texas is affordable, plus I'll have the biggest white penis in the entire State.

    Fishing without a license? No. And understandable. Firewood? I've cut firewood so it's not an issue. Hunting? Up here it's not an issue, you get a license and tags and go hunting.

    But you know what's really cool? We get Bruno Mars. For free.

    God Bless America.

    Maybe I'm off base here but I thought the issue was rather the Government can restrict "freedoms" and that ship sailed, long ago. The Government can restrict what are guaranteed freedoms, and they do. It's called "redeemable value" to society, and in the event it is determined there is no redeemable value to content they can, and will, ban it.

    Rather they should or not is another issue, but precedent gives Government the power to do so.

    Damn Lazs... this is our first fight. I'm going to show up at your place and tearfully lock myself in your bathroom and refuse to come out until you have sufficiently smoothed my ruffled feathers.

    It works fine for me- I say "mirror mirror, on the wall, who is the most liked of all" and it says Airhead so it seems to be working just fine.

    So what do you think Goat? I know what you've been programmed to think- she's a sell out. But what if she brings an alternative viewpoint to the table? Is that OK?

    I think my ultimate dream girl the one that's in the office I'm in right now. Not even kidding. She's gorgeous and sweet.

    Hmmm... I always thought you'd be into more of a Butch like female. You know... flannel shirt... Pete Rose haircut... makes you go on weekend backpacking trips. I just never thought of you as being the boss is all. Sorry.

    Mike... that was very well said.... words like laws and justice can be twisted to mean about anything. Morality is basically a cross between good Samaritanism and libertarianism.


    Exactly, Doran. Morality is what prompts you to hold the door open for someone. Morality is what makes you pleasant to others. Morality is when you let someone in the check out line get in front of you because they have fewer items.

    Legality is when you serve the owner of that store with a demand for half a million bucks because they don't have a wheelchair ramp or enough handicapped parking places. Legality is when you go from pot is evil to pot is good as long as we can make money off of it and shake down the players. Otherwise it's still evil.

    Morality is what prevents you from harming others. Legality is what allows you to do so. Anyways legal or not hasn't always mattered to me all that much, nor you, so... We'll keep on keeping on, enjoying the sunshine and the Beach Boys. And staying on the right side of the dirt.