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    Well, you could be in snowbear country.

    Hey, I'll trade State Regulatory procedures with you guys. I won't even go into it, other than it's a fucking yo yo of hope one minute and despair the next. It would take too long to explain it all here, but when I next visit Dixon and drink beers with Doran I'll explain it all to him. Steph will be there- right now I'm more emotional then Gina on an estrogen high and a bad manicure.

    I will say that any past thoughts of conducting myself according to State rules of conduct are now, henceforth and forever, over. I will trust my own moral code over those officials being paid to try to rule me- my code is more just and compassionate.

    Applying amonia on the sting works immediately however the toxin is already spreading by the time you get to the amonia. Alternatively you can apply urine. I applied amonia within minutes.

    LOL, you fell for the pissing on the sting trick? We used to do that. I'll bet you fell for that prostrate is in your butt gag too- it's not. Your prostrate is in your neck.

    BTW, I'm still too pissed to talk about the State of California. Maybe later.

    hEY, i WAS TALKING ABOUT sLUGGO. Fuckin caps lock mother fucker. Who came up with putting a Caps Lock key on a keyboard? I'm pissed at this kinda shit. I don't want to talk in all caps and I don't wish to speak to you in Cantonese. If I wanted to speaK IN ALL cALS, I'd use my dick to press the key down. If I want to speak in Cantonese I'll learn to sdpeak slope.

    Anyway life is crazy right now, because thje Government is the devil and once you make a deal with the devil you are fucked. Rspecially in California. You are double fucked.

    Right now because of legalization of a previously banned substance I am a criminal. Back in Hiogh School in the 1960s we had to watch Refer Madness- they told me if we smoked dope we'd turn homosexcual and gerow tits/. I have been doing rrugs for over fifty years and 'm still chill.

    BTW, the State of California has decided I am a criminal, but uh... yeah, you're just not figfuring out we're all criminals? Doh?

    OK- farewerll FW, I no longer have the time. Real lif is rweal.

    I tried real estate for a while. It's not for me.

    Yeah you did- and I told you it was a BAD professional choice. I also told you of a better career opportunity for you, given your knowledge of Radio Shack sales of electrical components- when they went down you shoulda stole their database of customers and gone online via E-Bay and Amazon.

    I told you man- instead you followed your Rock and Roll dreams.

    BTW- why is this italicized?

    Sure google is your friend, If you're a leftist jiniguano, a cuntbecilic tarugo.

    OK- what is a Tarugo? Never mind, I'll look it up myself. I hope you aren't being a dick and insulting people, but if you are, well- they probably de4served it.

    Yeah, what TWAT says. I prefer my red meat to be beef, infused with growth hormones and lots of fat. And corn fed at the last month of their life.

    Well, I'd feel better about being so universally adored here if it paid something. As it is everyone says they like me, but they don't send me money. Sometimes I feel like a cheap slut.

    Airhead is a nice enough fellow but you have to admit he took full advantage of the profile reset loophole.

    Don't hate the player, hate the game.

    WAT??? Dude, Gina stole 1,311 Like points from me when she OD'd on Estrogen, and that is 1,311 Like points I'll never get back. If I had those Like points I'd be the most liked man on the planet, but I got fucked out of them by Gina the Bitch. Now you're going to piss on my leg and tell me it's raining? Like the Reset had anything to do with it? Fuck the reset- I am Gumby, damn you. Not to be a Diva here, but I am the Gumby of FW and you are an asshole nobody likes.

    Fuck you Sluggo- I am Gumby. Damn you.

    he can be likable under the right circumstances... no idea what those might be tho....


    Well, if I were planning a Rainbow Festival featuring men crying out Carpenters tunes and riding around all humping over the seat Honduahs I would hire Sluggo as my event coordinator.

    But since I'd never attend such an event, let alone sponsor one, I will pass.