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    Ah... we're probably kinda stupid for that but I can't be anonymous out of fear. My name, address and phone number are out there and it's not because I'm brave as much as I can't be afraid... once I'm afraid you've won. I own what I say and how I feel, and if anyone has an issue with that then you have my name and address, but beware- I have six Ninja stars in my man bun, and I know how to use them.

    But- what, being afraid of Dryer Bint? or Failing Clown? Most of you here are my friends and if you want to come on down let me know and I'll dry rub a couple of steaks and get a good bottle of Zinfandel and we'll LOL at the stupid shit we post and have a great dinner and you can crash on my couch.

    I'm here for the yucks man, or to discuss an issue that's important to me. I'm here to make friends, not enemies, but if you're a friend or an enemy you got my number- either way, I just can't hide behind the anonymity of the Internet. That's just- weak.

    Air don't they have smoke detectors on boats - like those home ones ?

    I'm sure they do, and they have automatic fire suppression systems in engine rooms- but back in the olden days we didn't have smoke detectors... we carried around a small cage with a canary in it and if it dropped dead we'd sound the alarm, but that was a long time ago... I'm sure that technology has passed me by and who knows? Maybe some day we'll make ships out of steel instead of wood.

    OK, going out on a limb here- I'm betting they had a smoke alarm but there was nobody awake or in the space to hear it sound. As a former small boat sailor I find this so inexcusable of the Captain and the crew it's so egregious... I've been on boats that have had fires, for whatever reason, usually a cigarette tossed in a waste can, or a grease fire in a galley, or an electrical panel that shorts out... this shit can happen on a 75 foot boat, and often does. To me it's so inexcusable there was no watch awake because there's so much shit that can go wrong. Fuck man- a hose fitting can get loose and flood your main engine room. A bilge pump can quit. There's so much shit that can fuck up it's unfathomable to me that entire crew was asleep. You got six people, and not one of them was awake.

    Had you been that derelict back in my day I would have beat you to death if you were sleeping on watch- seriously. People can die on the water.

    Yeah... no idea what a roving watch really is or the requirements but a fire from an explosion of something can build pretty fast depending on materials around. I asked my dad who was a fireman a long time ago and he said he seen whole families die from smoke inhalation while one family member was trying to put out a kitchen fire that got away really really fast.

    I have an extinguisher by the stove... everyone should.


    A roving fire watch goes from compartment to compartment to monitor the vessel for potential danger to the crew and passengers. Some have a lock clock and various keys at various places and depending on the vessel the requirement is a key in, say, the engine room has to be used on the lock clock every 15 minutes... the lock clock is carried by the fire watch, and passed to the next watch and then checked by the Officer In Charge the next day.

    On a more informal "civilian" boat they're required to check engine room spaces, berthing spaces, the deck and the galley area... on most small boats the watch is usually in the mess deck area, which is where this fire started (if it was a lithium battery fire). But the main thing is they're required to stay awake and alert- there's a million things that can go wrong on a boat, from fire to flooding, which is why you ALWAYS have somebody on watch.

    Because this crew didn't have anyone on watch the fire probably started small and got progressively larger... had there been somebody on watch an alarm could have been sounded and the passengers could have used the escape scuttle. The main issue is the length of time between the start of the fire and the discovery of the fire by the crew... if the entire main deck was engulfed when the crew woke up it'd obviously been burning far longer than it would have been if they'd had a crew member on watch.

    Sad all around- and it'll be expensive in civil court and punitive in criminal court.

    The one crew member who died was below deck with the others.

    You know that when you're asleep, you cannot smell. That's why a lot of people die from smoke inhalation. That's why we have fire alarms. You will not wake up to the smell of fire until you're choking on it. Then it's too late.

    That's also why the Coast Guard requires you to have a 24/7 watch on commercial vessels carrying passengers- and these guys blew it off and hit their racks. Let's assume it was a lithium battery that ignited- had there been a roving watch as required by law it should have been discovered within minutes with minimal damage to the vessel and no loss of life.

    As I've said all along this is a tragedy that never should have happened but for the negligence of the crew- it had to take some time for the fire to spread, and had someone been on watch it would have been prevented. Instead they were all asleep, the fire started, and by the time the crew woke up the vessel was fully engulfed- it wasn't the fault of a lithium battery, it was the fault of a Captain and crew who were derelict in their duty. The reason you have a fire watch on duty 24/7 is to prevent tragedies like this, and they didn't. There will be manslaughter charges over this, you wait and see- and there should be.

    Yeah.. I got that but my point was that no one woke up or checked on the deck below the crew and above the passengers until it was heavily engulfed in flames and smoke. No one heard the smoke alarms and apparently the escape hatch was not working.

    I don't think that a crew member being awake would have mattered at all unless he was on duty on the middle deck where they fire started.


    It's supposed to be a roving watch- and they would, in all probability, be on the mess deck. It wasn't that big of a boat, and it had to take some time for it to become fully engulfed. Had the crew done what they were supposed to do 34 people would still be alive today- they screwed the pooch, and heads will roll.

    Basically what Biden said is African Americans are incapable of surviving without their white overlords. My best friend just retired- it was a great party BTW, about 300 people attended a luau theme- and he's African American. He owns two homes, drives a nice car, has money- he's done really well- his wife escaped to here from Cambodia in 1974 with her family when she was a little girl. We've been friends for 35 years and we've watched each others' kids grow up... we've camped, gone on road trips in his RV, and back in The Day we were playground heroes at basketball...

    I could never, ever think he was less capable than me because he's African American. I could never, ever think I'd be more of an authority on raising his children than he is. I could never, ever believe I'm superior to him because I'm not... Of course he comes from a family that has a work ethic, and were taught the same values I was, rather than a family that was told they're better off on the Government Plantation because they're too feral to survive without Joe Biden and the Democrats.. It's not the Republicans that oppress minorities, it's the Democrats.

    His remarks exposed the racist philosophy of the Democratic Party- and then one debater offered a thousand dollars to any poor Government Plantation Residents who would vote for him? WTF???

    They'd have already initiated impeachment proceedings.

    I don't get political- and I think Donald Trump is a silver spoon carnival barker- but he is the most criticized, scrutinized, and vilified political figure we've had since Nixon. And if he'd made the same remarks Joe Biden made at the Debacle Debate his head would already be on a pike.

    Read this- https://www.washingtonexaminer…over-record-player-remark

    Biden believes black parents are incapable of raising their children. They need white social workers to show them the way. Of course this is in lockstep with the general liberal attitude of smug superiority, where the belief is black people can't even properly provide for themselves, hold down a job, or be trusted with firearms- they need the rich white power elite liberals to "lead" them to the promised land of reparations.

    Oh, not to mention- the libs are so convinced black people are incapable of even raising their children that other white people who disagree with them are- racist. Of course- that's it. Only racists believe black people are, indeed, capable of child rearing without an army of white social workers entering their homes and teaching them how to parent. This is the typical old white man plantation mentality, but of course Biden will get a pass because he's a Dem- but if Donald Trump made those same comments there wouldn't be enough Preparation H on the planet to ease the liberal butthurt.

    Lazs, the point is Coast Guard regulations require one crew member to be on watch at all times when there's passengers on board. This crew failed to do so, and now the Captain will face criminal charges, as he should.

    I checked out a 95 F150 yesterday- it has a straight 6, so I don't know how it could pull my boat but it only has 43,000 miles on it- and looks to be in great shape. It's not the SLT and doesn't have a slider window but the guy will take 3500 for it. It's got a camper shell, and if it can pull a 19 ft boat without a lot of stress for the five mile trip to the lake so it might work out... for as little as I need to drive it this might work. If any of you have thoughts let me know- the straight 6 turns me off, but low miles- that is cool for a 20 plus year old truck.

    Before we got our panhandling ordinance passed we were overrun with beggers. One time there were 5 of them at one intersection... 2 of them (the littlest ones) were sharing the same corner.

    I suggested we build more intersections to accommodate all the panhandlers... of course the leftists failed to appreciate my humor and they savaged me.

    I'd rather not know.

    I had a guy tell me he was going to kill me and I'd never see it coming... I was like "Cool, that's better than being tortured. Make it quick."

    Anyway I had my annual at the VA today and a doctor consultation, and there's issues, some pretty serious ones. A couple of weeks ago they looked in my head and found some shit that's wrong, which may be causing my hearing loss. Also my PSA count indicates cancer, but we aren't sure. I have to undergo more tests.

    But mortality? Nobody wants to die but all of us will- nobody is going to get out of here alive. I'm going to keep on keeping on but when my final day gets here I hope to meet it with dignity... I hope it's not painful, and doesn't stretch on for too long, but afraid? Not really- sure I'll die with regrets but we all will. I hope people focus on how I lived, not how I'll die.

    I can deal with whatever they say... I've had a great life and as much as I'd miss my wife and daughter I won't lose any sleep over this. When I'm gone I'll be gone, and that's how it'll be for all of us.

    Don't fear death, live life. That's the true gift.

    Ok.. I am cursed with a really good imagination? razer in yoga pants? yeah.. I am sure you all get it.


    He's from Yuba City- they all wear yoga pants. Anyway if Gina wants to do yoga that's the best... but I don't really care about my weight all that much but I'm at my ideal weight of 178 pounds right now, a waist of 33 inches with a 42 in chest and not to mention I am a beautiful man- I may have mentioned this before- but it bears repeating. I am a beautiful man. I did a sex tape and it was me kissing myself in the mirror and I posted it on Facebook and I got 2.8 million followers in less that twelve hours.

    I'd post a link to my website but mine is a PPV website, and I won't give away something for free if I can sell it. Txmom, Mollyblue Gina and Escapegoat have all signed on for the 59.99 a month fee... I comped a membership to Sluggo but he's a lurker.

    If anyone else wants a membership let me know- it's mostly videos of me in my underwear, talking on my phone, scratching my nuts- it's 59.99 a month but if you type in the code Flamewarriors is Whacked Out it's only 69.99 a month.

    Before you buy that, and hey- it's cool and it will appreciate in value- but it won't hold any weight. So as long as you're picking up a couple bags of SuperSoil it'll be OK, but if you're talking about doing any real work with it then remember, it's a Falcon.

    I don't know man- I'd get it just for the collector value. 289, 4 speed? Great combo- but it wouldn't pull my boat, so I'd pass.