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    the us is crippling iran with sanctions because of polotics. about time to let 1979 go. the saudis are cunts and not worth their oil. israel is a nuke power and can look after itself...and remember the uss liberty

    We placed the sanctions in Iran because they held Americans hostage for 444 days and are an unrepentant supporter and sponsor of various terrorist groups.

    I looked it up. The earthquake I mentioned occurred about 4 years after the '89 SF quake. It was a 7.7 and killed over 200 people and billions in damage.

    Godzilla does more damage yearly.

    The university I went to had a section of the San Andreas Fault run through the the university grounds.

    There was a school that was actually built on the fault line in the early 1900s. It was interesting to see the east section of the foundation about 50ft or so south of the west section of the foundation.

    When I first saw the fault line, it didn't meet my expectations. I expected to see this wide chasm but it was only about 4 feet across and looked like 6ft deep. Kind of underwhelming actually.

    we didn't blow anything up of Iran's. All we did was escort

    Think we sunk most of their ships and destroyed a few of their oil terminals. Fuckers never knew what hit them.

    If we can confirm it was an Iranian proxy in the first attacks and the Iranians in the 2nd attacks, we'd be just as successful in destroying their naval forces in the Gulf. Our navy trains to fight the Russians and Chinese, the Iranian navy isn't even close in comparison.

    there is no evidence that he was a Muslim or had children.

    Just another case of some dip shit trying to attribute a political motive to a mass shooting before any motive has been discovered. Probably written by someone with their head shoved up their ass.

    Not even in his resignation letter was there any hint of a motive and by all reports was an employee in good standing.

    But that doesn't stop dumbshits from peddling conspiracy theories.

    I tried to give people avatars, like ack-ack, but they deleted them. I think some people are mad about something and refuse to get them because they know I wish they had them.

    Not mad, just didn't feel like looking for an avatar. You know the typical lazy Mexican shit.

    Then you are no different than the annoying bible thumpers that knock on my door every weekend and disturb my sleep.

    As an atheist myself, I've always lived by the rule that religion is a personal thing. To me, it's hypocritical to try and "evangelize" to those that believe in God, when we criticize those religious groups that do the same.

    1986 tax deal ruined commercial real estate industry. which he was heavy in

    Junk bonds killed commercial real estate/construction in the late '80's in Southern California. My father and uncle owned a commercial real estate development and construction company in San Diego.

    A lot of saving and loans institutions invested in high yield bonds (junk bonds) and invested heavily in commercial real estate and development. In San Diego, one of these S&L's, La Jolla Savings and Loans, was a major investor. They provided financial backing for my father and uncle's projects in San Diego. When the junk bonds turned out worthless, it hit the S&L's hard, causing most of them to go bankrupt. Once the S&L that back my father's and uncle's projects went bankrupt, which was almost literally over night, it caused my father's and uncle's company to go bankrupt. They had three major projects at the time, two large commercial construction projects in Scripps Ranch and residential construction project in Escondido. They couldn't find any backers to help complete the projects and went bankrupt in '90.