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    IT'S NOT FAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




    So what was the real endgame here ?

    Well, IMHO, the Fake Russia conspiracy was an attempt to enrage the populace (both Democrats and Republican) into waging a massive protest to remove Trump. What they were hoping for was shock and outrage, and a million lemming march, every day for weeks straight in DC, until Trump resigned (preferred) or Congress had no real choice but to impeach.

    It was ill conceived and bound to fail.

    There will be no more talk of collusion. If they were smart they'd let it go and go back to working on issues, but they aren't smart... They'll likely just start drumming up obstruction bullshit and that too will ultimate fail. Better still, the Democrat Party is in a deep civil war now - you have the oldschool Democrats fighting for control of the party vs The Justice Democrats.

    Meanwhile Trump will keep winning and changing things for the better.

    BTW did anyone notice ISIS was utterly destroyed this month. The Islamic State lost it's last piece of territory, and no longer exists. Yes there's still ragheads running around doing shit (that will never change), but the actual ISLAMIC STATE is officially wiped out. Complete and total victory.

    All you libs can curse Obama for not being able to do it (hint: he never wanted to), but meanwhile, you can thank the New York Bastard, the great Donald J. Trump (aka El Mata Moro).


    ....then they'll Fucking Lie about Fucking Lying... and try to convince you that you're crazy because they Fucking Lied and the Fucking Lies aren't adding up.

    It's like , you know, disagreeing with an International Socialist (on anything), and they'll turn around and accuse you of being National Socialist as some kind of retort.

    I mean it doesn't even make sense, but the Fucking Lies never do.

    The Obama team spied on the Trump team. They used information in a fake dossier paid for by the Clintons to obtain a FISA warrant to wiretap them and then used the 2 hop rule to listen in on everyone else. The Woods procedure was NOT used to vet the information and the people that signed off on the FISA apps knew this and should be charged. Start there.

    Ergo, the Fucking Liars, Fucking Lied. That's what Fucking Liars do... They Fucking Lie.

    The globalist left wants to topple all western governments and institute International Socialism.

    They've figure out long ago that they can't do this on the up and up, so the trick is to allow mass third world immigration, so that they can pitch free-shit to the shit-bags and get just enough votes.

    This approach will work in the short term, but it's shortsighted. Those same muslims will vote with the lefties (giving the Globalists what they want for a short time), then as they get 50% +1, they'll vote in Sharia + Genocide against non-believers and you'll have basically a repeat of the Yugoslav wars on a global scale.

    Anyways, few of us here will live to see it, but our children and our children's children will see it.

    BTW the real reason for this panic censorship...

    It's about hiding the guy's core message : Islam is destroying western culture via mass immigration and birth rates.

    That is what they want to suppress, that core message, which is in his manifesto.

    The idea catching on is what terrifies them.

    That's not what Huffpo says.

    Which is great, because the guy wrote a very extensive manifesto outlining his exact motivations. Of course, Huffpoo and the like will describe his manifesto as crazy, irrational etc. to dismiss and discourage people from actually reading it.