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    What would you use to do a virus check on a phone... the lady has been hacked...we think through a pet store that was hacked and personal info taken...anyway her LinkedIn Facebook etc etc has been taken over...and she found out today that her email has also been hacked...and the provider actually shut the account as they noticed it had been accessed from around the world four different countries in the few days.... anyway she had changes the password just a few days ago... I'm now thinking she may have a key logger in her phone...

    Talk about painful... closing bank accounts etc etc

    Anyway we have used malware bites and eset online.... both come back clear but I'm not sure

    well... he is a great marketer ... every single day people get up and they go straight to the news/social media to see what went down...ever since he said.... i'm going to be president....

    every single day people add their two cents ... And he.. is smart.... because he takes the two cents you squandered and invests it..mother fucker is making a fool of us.... he is robbing us blind two cents at a time.....

    many times over the years... someone has come in with their two cents...and because he has a collection.... he goes I see your two cents and raise you another two,,,and if you look closely... that is your two cents I took earlier

    he has solidified his name in history.... everyone will know " Trump" the word is now a brand.... and I bet that fucker has even trademarked it.... and he will use it against evil till the end of time hahahahahaha

    You really should fact check shit before posting here.

    Where's the fun in that .... nobody needs facts..... you have been lead down the gingerbread trail if you think you needs facts....and that's a fact

    oooooOOOooooo.... I have to go away for a bit now.... you just opened up a whole nother can of worms for me now.....And just when I thought I had it all worked out some fucker like you comes and does this to me....Fuck !!!!.....

    well come on now.... so I guess Epstein did kill himself

    You know what.... If you have money and or power...and I'm talking ridiculous money not just oh I'm a millionaire i'm talking the $25000 a minute money...and you all know the power I am talking about...the average joe can't influence a government agency

    you can do anything you want and the only thing us low life blue collars can do is sit on a forum and speculate .... we just have sit and watch and hope they don't come looking for us..... and with all the key words that get thrown around in here ....... :wrag

    They weren't really a construction team...they just dressed like them

    Anyone can get go for a pilots license

    They didn't happen at the same time.... they needed to wait a would have looked really suspicious if it fell straight away.... duh

    Ask the Clintons

    we have all watched animated movies... those characters can talk

    there are plenty of movies that make this shit.... I watch them on netflix all the time