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    Only way oak would be to kill the dog and then sand... you will have to sand the whole thing to make it look even but... just reshape by sanding...will have to be an over chamfered edge but if it even it wont be noticed

    oh yeah.... don't kill the dog...that was a joke hahahaha

    Your excuse ??? don't need an excuse

    You should just be straight up.... and say... I think I may have been hacked... need to clean my system...don't want to harm potential customers computers...

    Nah man can definitely sort that without going to that extreme.... This does depend on how and if you can get past the fact that if you conceal it that you can be happy with knowing..... If it is going to bug the shit out of you every time you look at it... then rip it out and start over.... if you can patch and hide and be happy take that option....

    What is the finish going to be around the windows ?

    Oh reading that post above my could extend the wood trims to cover that joint and if that is the case then all you need to do is put some expanding foam in that join... you just want to ensure water tightness... and then trim it off and cover it with timber siding... just a thought

    but I also see the hinge side timber is inset and the catch side is uneven with it being flush till the bottom section of the door frame.... will need to come up with some creative concealment techniques

    Best bet for that would be a bit of fiber cement board and a render...mortar or the like...I expect you will be painting...even so there will be a difference in surface texture but it can get close

    The only problem I see ...and probably in a short time is that join is going to crack.. especially on the closing side...and it doesn't matter what you use... the difference in the substrates causing an uneven mechanical joint which has an uneven strength..the timber is going to move.... You could alleviate it ( Cracking ) with a control joint of sealant ...which wouldn't look too bad as you will have it equal distance on both sides of the door...

    You are probably looking at that for the fast setting properties.... trust me... that sets too fast for you to get a good job done on such a fiddly piece of ... may not look fiddly...but for concrete...on a vertical surface...that is fiddly

    The Volvo I just got rid of didn't even have a spare tyre....had a nice round piece of Styrofoam where one should be and in that there was an aerosol can of that tyre repair and a mini air compressor....

    Only things I see a proper spare on these days are the vans I have for the boys...

    This just in... Medical Examiner .... death may be due to little known AuxillioMortem ...

    Medical practitioners diagnosis of the above mentioned is very difficult as it affects as little as 1 in 7.34 billion people and is very hard to determine exact causes . Although thorough testing is carried out in these cases most results are inconclusive and therefore regarded as accidental.

    how did you watch it??? there is a subscribe button on the vids you tube page

    oh actually... never thought of that...can you not subscribe if you don't have one...bastids.... always out to screw the wary hahaha

    Good on you for venturing into this... thoughts on future vids

    Editting is your friend.... although you are wanting to show the process and people would be interested... you could cut out some of the time where you degassed...heated don't want people to know the full process (even if you did make more work for yourself through your mixing method..)

    Good that you didn't show true measures other than when you added the glitter... just add the glitter...letting people know what type you used...(oh yeah.... and don't make it obvious you are looking at a recipe...let them see you are a master of your trade...Also you don't want people to know how they can do it easily.... you want them to buy from you...not get tips from you

    As mentioned in a post above..a couple of tripods for different angles would be good... and a bit of lighting to even things out. A single fluro/LED tube above and drop the garage door will stop it auto focusing for light changes..

    Talking about your molds great...but think of how you started out...asking here about them.... let people work for them...(Unless of course a mold company pays you or gives you a mold... making more vids and getting numbers will be may never have to buy a mold again.

    One other thing I noticed.... you get your gel to temp and then pour it into a cold steel tube.... perhaps you could try warm the tube up prior to putting in the hot gel...this could eliminate get enough of that from the mold itself...or do you make another type of bait from the rod piece all the lures hang off..

    Sorry for a long winded blurb.... just some thoughts whilst watching

    basics of it....don't give away so much of your process.... you want customers not copy cats

    oh yeah...subbed