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    The delusions of class hierarchy uphold the theory that the rich elite are better/smarter/nobler than the rest of us, and make therefore better decisions.

    Just look at the Chump.

    How about all of the simply wrong aspects of that article? You didn't notice any of those? Wouldn't someone who said so many simply incorrect things in an article be a little less credible even when saying something you agree with?

    That guy is the very definition of white privilege and arrogance combined perfectly with ignorance... thus the very definition of a democrat.

    Is this what yours looked like MiniD? I might try grinding the back of the catch to let it go in further first, as you suggested. The catch is pretty cheap and I have another on the way.

    Yep... that's the problem spot. Glad I could help.

    I don't know if this was planned, but I can't help but feel there had to be a deliberateness to it. Hillary suggested Tulsi Gabbard is a Russian agent/plant/whatever you'd call it. Her addiction to the Russian narrative is so bizarre that it will be her undoing. Until this, I was expecting Hillary to announce a late entry into the primaries (once everyone had destroyed a majority of the field). Now, she's handed the bullhorn over to Tulsi to show just how fucked up the Hillary/Pelosi and all democrats sound/behave.…-tulsi-gabbard/index.html

    Hillary even seems to have CNN turning on her. Don't they understand there's supposed to be better coordination on her statements? Welcome to a complete lack of political clout, Hillary.

    BTW... that was after trying several different uppers. Going with a special "better" BCG release and pretty much exhausting every other method. Inversely, you could also shave a bit off of the back of that bottom portion of the release.

    So the cheap AR-15 kit I bought from Palmetto is okay except for the bolt release catch. Doesn't always catch and when it does can be jarred to release inadvertently. I swapped uppers with the Saint so I'm sure it's the catch. Anyone suggest a good replacement?

    The main problem with that has to do with the lower receiver not having the bolt release machined deep enough for the bottom portion of the release lever/button. It is bizarre how casual everyone is about this particular issue. I had to use my dremmel to ground out the bottom a bit. I'm amazed I didn't do a slip down the side of it.

    I did get to spend quite a bit of time driving jammers and tugs. Never with bombs, though... only BRUs and SUUs. Damn... I can't even remember the numbers anymore.

    I left active duty and did 3 1/2 years in the ANG working on ground radios. I can't remember that MOS number at all. Both weapons and ground radio perfectly prepared my for my current job in high tech. I don't regret any of that experience.

    I spent 18 months at Seymour Johnson AFB working F-4E's and almost 4 years at Elmendorf AFB working F-15A/Bs, 3 of that on the flight line and about a year in the release shop.

    Oh, I was a 46270 at one point. ;)

    3 years at Mt Home AFB on F-111s in the release shop. I never had to load a bomb.

    You were a 462X0 right Elfie? Did you hear the story about the guys loading a centerline gun pod on an F-4 and neglected to follow the checklist and shot the nose gear off the plane and killed the guy in the van parked in front of the plane? I saw the pics but you never know for sure.

    I was a 462X0... just not quite that long ago. We did have some vietnam vets while I was in. Most of the horror stories came from working on the OV-10s around props doing quick-turns.

    It's about perception dipshit.

    You forgot the comma.

    You also need to learn the difference between perception and expectation. Maybe even consider the word "presentation". Perception of him can't be that he's everything he's been accused of if none of it is true. The things you perceive to be true are consistently wrong. Some would learn from that, but the less intelligent simply move on to the next in hopes their incorrect perception will be right. You, once again, have perceived more things to be true that were wrong than anyone I've seen. You're insistence that you are still technically correct is what I find most amusing.

    Your perception is wrong. You've proven it yourself. Yet... here you are.

    Odd how you turn that switch off and on... especially when using "facts". You have posted the most factually incorrect information in regards to the Russian Collusion accusations, eminent charges against Trump and the next breaking "this is going to get Trump" propaganda on the forums... all while screaming "google it" in this thread. I honestly think you're too stupid to understand that however you're googling is the wrong way.