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    See how what pans out, twat? See if Mueller's claims turn out to be true or not? Or... see once again that as long as it says what people want to hear, it doesn't need to be true.

    CNN runs an article on Mueller's team saying this isn't true, but runs the article citing sources within his team.

    How many times has Mueller made any statements regarding news articles?

    Yeppers... wait and see. That's the best approach here. God forbid we don't echo the lie for another 24 hrs first.

    Deer shot in the wild are not organic. In order to be organic, they have to be raised in containment with strict control of their diet. They can't even have grazed in a field. That is how perverted that word has become.

    I've been to St Louis, MO. I'm pretty sure they didn't make me point to it on a map before takeoff.

    I forgot it was above Arkansas. DOH!

    She's a liberal. I don't know many that wouldn't have said something as stupid... regardless of race.

    I've also found that people tend to steer arguments towards their rehearsed talking points. This usually happens when they have no real argument to a statement. It's simply an attempt to discredit the well presented argument at all costs.

    Would those be the same unionized federal workers who make 15% more than us, for doing the same task, AND who get better benefits than us.....AND, unlike US, will receive back pay after the shutdown?

    My wife does not get better benefits than me. Not even close. She opted out of her medical coverage to go under mine because it was so bad. Her retirement is purely self-contribution based.

    State, county and city workers all make more than federal counterparts and get much better benefits.


    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., is formally asking President Trump to delay his State of the Union address scheduled for Jan. 29, or to submit his thoughts in writing instead.

    In a letter sent Wednesday morning to the White House, Pelosi cited potential security concerns given that federal agencies are stretched thin, given their furloughed or unpaid workforce.

    Such odd reasoning. Perhaps no member of the legislative nor executive branch should leave their homes for this very reason?

    This makes for an interesting read on the events leading up to charges being filed:

    What I find particularly interesting is how stridently the report attempts to distance Paul Pelosi Jr from any wrong-doing.

    Reading between the lines, it almost looks as if he were in the company as a token gesture intended to siphon money off to him. He stopped working for several months as he got a different job, but still maintained the title. He only got in contact with them again when he was informed he'd be voted off the board and have is stocks taken back.

    There's just an awful lot of "Paul Pelosi Jr didn't seem to have any involvement... any knowledge off..." type comments in that report. I'm sure there was no guidance to do that.


    Rep. Jim Ward (D) Wichita, sponsoring the bill, says he hopes the Kansas legislature will vote on it within the next 30 days.

    That's the only relevant part. A dem from the "big city" wants to change things for the entire state.

    Good thing this one doesn't, then.

    yes, it does. Are you commenting that South Carolina wasn't included? I've never been there. The other 4, I have.

    Dimiuntive Dave says the west coast is all the Rave.

    I said no such thing. The West Coast is the one area they got right. You really need to scale back your stalking. It makes you look even sillier.

    LOL when was the last time that Congress PASSED a budget ? Wasn't it like George W. Bush ?

    On time? 1997.

    They usually pass one every 4 or 5 years. So... 2009, 2014 were probably the last two budget resolutions passed.

    Arrested Development. I think they might have a movie coming out. It's one of my all-time favorite series. It ran for 3 years on Fox and won all sorts of awards, so Fox pulled it. Netflix did 2 more seasons, but never really captured the essence of the original 3. That show could stretch a gag for 3 seasons.

    That article is clear as mud. It seems it was suggested, by a jury, that they be stripped of trademark rights to their logo. You don't need trademark rights to wear something or manufacture it. You simply have the right to decide who else can sell it.