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    LOL! Now you're just lying. It is easy to see the water line is WELL below the point where the person took the picture. This is where science comes in... if you say you're at water level you need to prove it. That picture is not even close to what you are claiming it to be.


    You can argue perspective and what elevation the picture was taken at all you want. THERE IS ZERO SCENARIOS WHERE THE BUILDINGS WOULD BE ONLY PARTIALLY VISIBLE WITH A FLAT EARTH. Your picture argues against you.

    Yeah... that was painful to watch and full of pure speculation. Any good points being made were buried under pure shit spewing.

    You continue to post evidence that refutes your fundamental argument. It cracks me up every time. The buildings are only partially visible. This is because the picture was taken some distance above the level of the lake. If the earth was flat, you'd be able to see all of the buildings from the shore line. Once again... it's easy to prove. You can't. That says everything anyone needs to know about your mad science skilz.

    Cold Brook. Simple, quiet, slow and solid. The two main characters remind me of a co-worker and me. My wife calls him my "work wife". When people see us at work together they always go, "Awwwwww". At restaurants, the waitresses think we're a gay couple and bring other waitresses over to look at us and go "Awwwww".

    Latest Reuter's news has Ukrainians defeating Russian forces with paintball guns. Seriously.

    If you claim to care about climate and reducing carbon emissions and against nuclear power then you are not pro climate. You are someone else's fool or tool.

    I completely agree... if kept safe which history has shown most know how to do. The waste is no more/less than what was removed from the soil already. The energy generated is clean. It is probably the greenest energy we generate (including solar and wind).

    Just don't tell that to "green" politicians who are really just a carryover from the hippies of the 70s who know nukes are bad.

    Chernobyl was obviously the wake-up call. I read the same site. They don't really talk green politics very much, but do mention the party prior to Fukushima. It is more a case of a political party actually starting to believe he shit they've spewed for a decade.

    It is a far cry from a country rashly deciding to shut down their nuclear program out of tsunami concerns.

    I can't get my wife to make bacon for me. I tried to buy some jalapeno stuffed bacon at a local butcher with instructions for baking it that I could handle. It didn't come out right. It really seems like something that needs to be fried. Once I move to frying pans (with bacon), my wife starts to object.

    I remember going to a field hocky game in PDX back in the early 2000's when people still had money to burn. They'd fly the players (from both teams) in from Canada for the games. My friend was an immigration attorney who handled their visas. It was OK, but not something I was really interested in.

    I think of the USFL and WFL as something similar. They are cropping up in an attempt to grab some of the money leaving the NFL with more affordable alternatives but it is lesser. In baseball, the minor leagues are a way for small communities to connect with MLB. In football, they use colleges for that.

    I just don't get the leagues. I don't see a solid fanbase for them. I don't see the rest of the world getting on board with a sport they didn't grow up with. I don't see the US looking for more places to spend football fan money.

    You do realize that what you posted supports what you SEEM to be arguing against. 2002 is a decade earlier than 2012. Germany had already decided to cap/shutdown/curtail nuclear reactors in the wake of Chernobyl. Fukushima simply gave the green party fuel to attack any non-green energy with a bit more ferocity. Merkel was looking for any excuse to get rid of Nuclear energy before Fukushima. The green party had sworn to go to green energy before Fukushima. The green party did not let a disaster go to waste.

    I saw this video the other day.

    I have a question. If everything she said was true and it may be, why do homeschooled children turn out so well?

    The problem in schools has never been with the children of the types of folks who would prefer homeschooling. It has always been with everyone else.