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    Democrats knew what the results of the investigation would be months ago. It is why we saw Trump's ex-attorney paraded before congress. They need to drum up more emotion to hide the facts. Mueller investigated him already. Congress did not go anywhere in depth on him... they just played for sound bites.

    I find it hard to knock the looks of anyone from Hollywood. It is where the beautiful people go. Of course Jennifer Tilly is beautiful. So is Liv and Alicia. Hell... the list goes on and on. It is one of the things I have a hard time with in movies (and have since high school). The "beautiful on the inside" women are all beautiful on the outside... except they throw glasses on them... or make them smart. Hell... how many of us were put in a house with 50 people of the opposite sex so we could pick our bride? Amy Schumer is sold as ugly but fun.

    This is the main reason I truly hate Hollywood's foray into politics. Their underlying belief is that we should only listen to beautiful people.

    This is my favorite actress. Milla

    I went to see 5th Element with the wife. The theater was pretty crowded. When Milla went out onto the ledge wearing only the thermal bandages, there was a gasp from all the men... then silence... then my wife saying (quite loudly), "SHE ONLY HAS A BODY LIKE THAT BECAUSE SHE'S YOUNG!" Best movie experience ever.

    Is this Air Force? EOD in the air force is more related to disposal than anything. The risk is about the same as the bomb loaders experience. The main problem with the career field is that it's a relatively non-transferable skill when you leave. There are so many good jobs in the USAF that can get your foot in the door of so many private sector businesses... EOD is not high on that list.

    I did 3 1/2 years of weapons systems and 3 1/2 years in Ground Radio. Both offered me experience that is directly transferable to my current job in a manner that those who did not do maintenance in the military can't achieve. Out of 50 people, there's 1 that can compete from the civilian side.

    I didn't mind the RB6 stuff, but it was VERY canned. It is a bit hard (impossible?) to do that type of FPS without contained missions.

    Aspects are nice, but the game play comes off too linear. I prefer more open world like Borderlands and Skyrim. I do, though, enjoy slaughtering NPCs.

    The truly bizarre rationalization behind chopper's posts are starting to become evident. If you break history down to moments and remove context, you can make it say whatever you want. All you have to do is ignore everything else that is said. He's shown this with his ability to move on to the next bullet every time his last is refuted. The belief that convincing people that any one of those bullets proves you're right even if all the others are wrong is what fuels him.

    As a result, we get a collection of people that believe that the current state of the ME is the result of the UN saying it was OK for Israel to exist. The notion migrates to thinking all of the unrest in the middle east is a result of this decision. You'd think it was Israel that all of the Muslim refugees were fleeing. You'd think it was Judaism or Christianity that they were fleeing. You'd think it was the west that was destroying their lives and their homes. It is not. It is their own people and their own countries struggling for a slice of power in an ungoverned area. It is their own people having zero regard for any of their own. It is the tribal philosophy running unchecked. It almost makes you wonder why the exact same thing is happening in Africa.

    FFS... people have to flee to Judeo-Christian cultures for protection.

    The 'greeness' of solar is a lie too...

    The materials, energy requirwd and waste generated from their production is far from green, and much of the materials left over after they're expired is hazardous.

    Also, it's a huge driving factor in the increase in power prices, because as more houses get solar arrays, especially where overly generous feed in tarrifs are available, the more the power companies need to increase their prices to remain viable

    This is true on many levels. Most solar is SiO2 based. that means it's made in a similar fashion to silicon chips. Normally, these chips take up a small amount of a component, so a little bit goes a long way. With a panel, they have to take up most of the surface. This is what drives cost and production waste so high. The truly funny thing is just how much solar you'd need to make this equipment. For our campus, it would be 1/10th of the state. If our campus was making solar for 200 million US homes, we'd need 10000 times more campuses simply because of the size of the product we had to make.

    As for what it does to the power companies, it's even worse than simply losing money off of their own power. Solar and wind only work now because there are so many people using so much electricity that it can be buirried in the noise. If everyone had their own solar panels capable of generating enough power to feed their house during the day, we would not have the power to feed them during the night. If everyone had enough wind power during the day, there wouldn't be enough power to feed them when the wind dropped in the region. There'd need to be world-wide power grids that bridged time zones enough that you'd always be linked to sunlight. The infrastructure would be extreme.

    It's just bizarre how few people have really considered the real logistics of these moves. We pretend everything is as simply as going to the store and buying it. It's how consumers are trained to think.

    CNN had a main header on their web site that said, "how the dark corners of the internet are mobilizing white men". Yes, it is only white men who use the internet for nefarious plotting. To date, no other race or gender has done so. This is an issue with white men, not society in general.

    you could say the exact same things about child porn. Of course you need to see it to decide for yourself. Of course it is horrible and you've verified that.

    Quit trying to justify the unjustifiable. It is a sick video. You do not need to watch it to know that. It is not a right to see it. It is not a right to distribute it. FFS people... use you're fucking head.

    Nuke... you really better be thinking about this. If this video or links to it appear on the forums you run, it could be VERY bad for you. No amount of pious justification from those stupid enough to participate in the viewing or distribution of that video will help you.

    Hell... I bet you could find most of these arguments on any child porn site... right up until the feds move in.

    Soooo.. the vid of a real life event should only be showed to government agencies as a training film?

    And do...........with child porn. unless u are a sick fuck.


    Bullshit. It is the exact same. You're failure to recognize that does not make it any less so. Someone made this video for excitement. They did it to stimulate people watching it. You're responding exactly like one of those fucking lemmings. This is men, women and children getting murdered. How you don't see that as worse than rape is beyond me. Get your head out of your ass.


    This video is no different than child porn. Hell... it's fucking worse. Filming it, distributing it and watching it should be a fucking crime. It's painful to watch people stroke off as they analyze what he did wrong, what the victims did wrong and how differently things could have been as if it is a fucking football game. They are right to "censor" it. You are wrong to celebrate its existence.