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    What they got for decades- and what they wanted to continue- was free access to publik facilities at state and Federal parks, community centers, shit like that.

    In time what they got was an attitude adjustment :laugh

    The BSA wanted special treatment and access to government facilities. There's a price for that.

    And I gotta say it amuses the hell outta me that said child-fascist organization has now been tainted for you fascist cunts.

    And lest you think my use of the word 'fascist' is hyperbole in the case of the Boy Scouts:





    I never put my dick where God didn't intend it to go. I don't even care for fellatio. I love vaginal sex.

    It's not that I'm really 'against' that sort of thing. But when there's a vagina handy why would you stick it somewhere else?

    No, I'm gonna congratulate ya'll for agreeing with me.

    Democrats really should use words like "conservation" more. And tie their socialist expansions to existing programs that are already popular with fake-populist fucktards.

    Medicare for ALL :rock

    It's not out of the question. I'm in a line of work these days where I could make it happen. The wife's work is a little more Merica-centric, but could transfer in some manner to other Anglo countries.

    Thing is that I'm kinda lazy these days. And I like it pretty well here in spite of you fascists. I don't have any particular need for socialism... doing well enough, thanks.

    What I advocate is really for your own good. Not mine :dunno


    It it wasn't for language and immigration hassles I'd already be living over there.

    But we're going in the right direction. Give it time :thumbsup

    Nice to see us in agreement Lazhole.

    Yes, it's a good thing when the government enforces reasonable environmental regulations and a socialist safety net :thumbsup

    But let's call it "conservation" because angry old white people like that word better :lol

    Eleven pages of this shit....unbelievable.

    Fueled largely by a poster who professes to hate self-righteousness while it oozes out of his ears.

    I'm a little tired of being preached to by people who don't have an iron-clad moral compass of any kind....screw societal conventionalisms, anything goes....

    Maybe I'll go away if you keep crying about it :sadboy

    You have to have a good reason to fear for your safety, with specific incidents listed. I have never been threatened. You have to submit to a pychological exam and you have to be deemed worthy, through at least two totally subjective processes that they get to call. They rarely allow for a permit. Super rarely... and then only if your job warrants it.

    And why would I be in need of special rights? I've never been harrassed and people in public don't know that I'm transsexual. What about genetic women? Why shouldn't they be allowed to carry? They're raped and beat up enough, aren't they? But no, California knows what's best for us. As a result, of course only the murdering thugs have the guns. That's what liberals do. They ruin everything and the pick and choose who is granted special rights.

    So you're ok with cuntservatives who are trying to effectively ban you from public spaces under threat of government force. But liberals who might give you special treatment out of their inherent need for virtue-signaling... BLASPHEMY!!!

    Cuntservatism really is a slave/peasant mentality. I mean, except for the elites who see ya'll as useful idiots.

    Oh, so they might grant me my "special" rights because they *might* deem me worthy? Fuck everything to do with Liberals. They are beyond fucked.

    Yes, they *might*. And you have a fucking responsibility to protect yourself.

    I mean... if the Libruls who have made your current lifestyle possible will allow it. And unlike Cuntservatives, they're kinda partial to your kind. So they might allow you that right. :thumbsup