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    that thing with the death threat letter mailed to the tv show is prison time


    But remember, justice is mostly for sale in this country (not saying that's unique to the U.S. by a long shot).

    So he may serve time, but that's far from a sure thing. It's a roll of the dice... and they're weighted heavily in his favor.

    Yeah well, there was a c.p.d. mouthpiece a little earlier "reaffirming" their commitment to a thorough investigation...

    As if the fucking c.p.d. are capable of anyfuckingthing beyond shitting the bed.

    Fag niggers.....heh.

    I think they're trying to coax a public confession out of him so nobody can claim the cops went after this Perfect Victim.

    Not sure it's going to work though. Apparently this guy was a child actor of some sort. Which means there's a very good chance that he's bat-shit crazy. By now he probably believes his own tale.

    I wouldn't have guessed that such a poorly executed plan was premeditated.

    Looks to me like the police have been stringing him along, releasing a little info at a time in hopes that they'll shame him into a public confession. If they arrest him with no public confession, that'll risk riots and damage political careers.

    Something far worse... like electing the president via popular vote?

    The Electoral College was *designed* to prevent Trump. And it failed.

    You fuck-sticks just want your votes to count extra.

    I'm finding it hard to even root for the Dems lately as the only viable alternative to Trumptardery. They're eating their own in an attempt to baptize themselves holy in the church of diversity. Self-flagellating with apologies to every conceivable and electorally inconsequential minority they can come up with... as they prepare for battle with Bennedic Donald.


    No abortion 3rd trimester absent medical need (which would include birth defects) This thing they did the other day mentioned 'mental well-being' or is THAT

    So we agree except for small details.

    How's the weather?

    What hideous problems with a fetus aren't found by the 4th or 5th month? My daughter expecting first baby in May) She went for the Down's test on the first of Jan

    What are your specific policy proposals?

    Otherwise we really don't have much to discuss here.

    Chump was provided with a canned list of pre-selected judges. He's nothing more than a warm body with the authority to sign papers. Frankly that's been true of most of the policy he's implemented.

    And really I don't see the cuntservative-stacked court as a bad thing for a few reasons. Though I do hope they keep RBG's life support going til 2021.

    A cuntservative court will of course provide a check on the Dems' worst impulses. And with the SJW's being ascendant, I suspect I'll be happy to have that check in place.

    But just as importantly, the Dems NEED legislative discipline. They've relied on liberal courts far to long for their gains. With cuntservative courts, they'll have no choice but tondo a better job of crafting legislation that can pass muster. And even working for fundamental change like constitutional amendments.

    Decades of relying on the court system has made them lazy and arrogant.