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    I'm still practicing with the F-15 and the F-5.

    I've been flying the No Fly Zone mission in the F-15, refining my tactics and honing my skills at operating the radar and weapons.

    I'm still doing training missions in the F-5. I'm currently doing the one on navigation and radio operation. I don't much listen to the instructions on how to get to where I need to go, or on how to land. All I really care about is finding my way around the map and it doesn't much matter to me "how" it happens as long as I'm not getting lost or missing waypoints in missions.

    I went ahead and got the Viggen and MiG-21. I took them for test rides and made sure to break the sound barrier in both of them.


    I was thinking maybe a couple planes at these fire sale prices, the AJS Viggen and the MiG-21. Less than $60 for the pair.

    Should've waited on the F-5E, it's $30 right now.


    You'd love it Elfie. A sportsman's paradise...

    That's what I want. I requested the assignment to Alaska and was surprised I got it. It was a pretty highly sought assignment and I got it 2-3 months after I put in for it.

    I don't mind hunting when its so cold your eyebrows freeze. We hunted snowshoe rabbits and other upland game in that kind of cold quite a few times.

    I've never ice fished but I want to before my last day.

    We only put the AIM-9's on the adapter to move them somewhere else.

    We put them back on the trailer or carried them. We moved a CAP-9 7 or 8 parking spots by hand one night, we were only supposed to do that if we were moving it to the parking spot next door. The guy driving the step van kept an eye out for QA for us.

    I never even came close to dropping a munition, live or inert.

    We didn't even have the AIM-120 yet when I got out but we did have a Raytheon adapter for the AIM-7's that worked a lot like the one you described except it wasn't adjustable. We loaded AIM-9's by hand and AIM-7's with the MJ-1.

    I spent time as a 3 man, 2 man and crew chief on load crews. I got to drive the MJ-1 and the MJ-4, hell, I got to drive MJ-1's with manual transmissions. Get a good one and you could spin the tires if you revved the engine and dropped the clutch just right. I loved driving the jammers. Loading 24 MK 82s during a combat turn kept me running.

    During my initial certifications at Seymour I backed an MJ-1 into a 370 gallon wing tank. As a 46230 I bore none of the responsibility of having an F-4E in the load barn with fuel tanks installed, or for the "command decision" to have us load the plane regardless of its current loadout. Those guys got in trouble and I skated.

    Interesting to note that I never saw a live munition during my time at Seymour, during exercises or not. At Elmendorf the only inert stuff I saw was TP 20mm, CAP-9s and loads in the load barn always used inert stuff. Out on the flight line? Always live munitions during every combat turn and exercise.

    I spent 18 months at Seymour Johnson AFB working F-4E's and almost 4 years at Elmendorf AFB working F-15A/Bs, 3 of that on the flight line and about a year in the release shop.

    Oh, I was a 46270 at one point. ;)

    You were a 462X0 right Elfie? Did you hear the story about the guys loading a centerline gun pod on an F-4 and neglected to follow the checklist and shot the nose gear off the plane and killed the guy in the van parked in front of the plane? I saw the pics but you never know for sure.

    Yes, and I heard that story. Pretty sure I saw the pics too. When I was going through training the trainers seemed to enjoy showing us stuff like that.

    Went to Kunsan in '76 for the first Team Spirit. Buddy I went with told me the base was overrun during the Korean war and the MPs who were left to defend the base were mutilated and then strung up in the hanger by safety wire. The wire was still there. Folk tale? I dunno but I saw the safety wire.

    Whichever fighter wing is stationed at Kunsan is not allowed to return to American soil because they left their ground crews behind to get slaughtered by the North Koreans.

    At least that's how I heard the story about the safety wire in the hangers.