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    why don't you drive the route yourself several times and look at your data points to see how accurate they are? Or have someone drive you.

    Data points are not consistent from day to day even on the same route. I'm not sure how these things are generated yet. That said...

    From February 10 2017 through October 29th there are 174 possible work days after accounting for vacation days and Saturdays worked. On 78 of those days there are data points across the highway from her work, 21 of those days the data points are here and 25 days there are data points here. At least once, and I'd have to look but I'm pretty sure twice she was here as well.

    I'm reasonably sure she didn't visit those places for tea and crumpets.

    Prior to this time frame there is the occasional data point on the other side of the highway but they are mostly around Flatirons Mall (just NW of the Omni Hotel) and none are near the two apartment complexes. After this time frame, there are two data points across the highway on December 10th (AMLI) and January 24th (Camden), after that, until the present, there are TWO days with data points across the highway and none of them are near the apartments.

    What do I suspect? I suspect she had at least one and maybe two or even three different affairs during that time. During April and May she was visiting family law websites for an attorney and checking to see when our daughter could determine who she wanted to live with.

    Funny thing is, if the bitch hadn't lied about something else, I never would have found this.

    Random parking lot hookup?


    Starting in February of 2017 data points start appearing on the other side of the highway from the screen shot you see. Those data points stop appearing after January 24 2018. In this SS you can see a data point across the highway, this particular data point happens repeatedly throughout 2017 and if I'm not mistaken is the lone data point in January of 2018.

    In April of 2017 you can watch the drive to 3 Duette Way and a continuation of the drive across the highway and back.

    In 2015 there are several near the Flat Irons mall (a bit further NW from the SS) and what's interesting about those is they are at a wedding planning business. Two of her friends were looking at wedding stuff and they were leaving work while on the clock to do so.

    I would love to know how to determine the accuracy of these data points and how they are generated but I'm having difficulty finding the information.

    Money was taken from you in the past. Therefore you reckon that it's ok to receive money that you *know* was forcibly taken from others.

    I was forced to pay insurance premiums under penalty of law. Now I am collecting on that insurance and make no mistake, that's exactly what SSDI is, Social Security Disability Insurance. This insurance coverage ends 5 years after you stop paying premiums and that is something most don't realize.

    Well the government will still take their taxes from the $1189/month they give me, so I'm still paying other peoples dues I guess.

    So since you were stolen from... that makes it ok for you to receive property stolen from others by the same entity.

    Is that how it works?

    The government stole the coin from the SS fund and now they have to make SS payments in other ways. That is the fault of the government and not the people who were forced to pay into the system.

    You could refuse benefits that you *know* are taken directly from other people.

    But you won't. Because socialism is ok so long as you're the beneficiary.

    I suppose you think I'm a socialist also because I got approved for disability on my initial application.

    I paid non-voluntary insurance premiums for decades and it's because I paid those premiums that I am allowed onto disability. I paid my dues.

    In your Timeline history of Google Maps you can see the raw data that is used to generate the routes it shows you took. Does anyone here know how those data points are generated? Do you have to be a certain distance from them in order to trigger the data point? etc etc etc

    Inquiring minds want to know!

    And as I said, the S-300/400 has a 150kg warhead. That damaged drone picture would have looked like confetti...

    Only if the missile scored a direct hit. American missiles don't have to score direct hits in order to kill, I would suspect other peoples missiles to do the same.