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    Gina will you reset my password please? I don't want to do it via the email route....for plenty of reasons.


    It's not real solid but reasonably so for the price. One of these days I'm gonna spring for the Warthog pair. My old ch pedals still work fine. If they ever do the F-111 or Tornado for DCS I'm in for some lone nap of the earth posterior puckering.

    I'd buy the F-111.

    Nothing like going Mach 12 with your hair on fire. :trumped

    Yeah don't get me wrong, plastic is nasty shit. It should not be used anywhere near food products at all. But the libs always go after shit for the wrong reasons. Instead of stating the health risks which are very real, they go after it for the environmental issues. Which again don't get me wrong, those issues are real as well but IMO the health risks are a bigger problem.

    Glass pop bottles are making a bit of a comeback, now I see Coke and Pepsi in our local grocery store all the time in glass bottles. Used to be very rarely would you see them around here.

    If we stopped using plastic to hold food, what would happen to Tupperware and all the fine ladies who go to other peoples home to sell it?

    I have never met a woman who thought she could kick my ass.. have you?

    Yes. I told her she didn't want to ever make the mistake of taking the first punch with me because I would treat her just like a man and beat the hell out of her. So she tells me she's beaten men before and I said, "Not this one." She dropped it then. :biggrin

    You got stickers yet?

    And can you do the perch swimbait without eyes?

    No stickers, those will be waiting until after I hit up ZoomLegal and yes I can make the perch swimbait w/o eyes or the bloodline.

    *Edit* Just so you know, the laminates coming out of that swimbait mold will never be perfect because of the mold design. I'll do a review on that mold soon so you can see what I mean. If I had a production machine with an injection nozzle with a dozen ports it might be a different story. ;)

    Or at least get an endorsement for your web site.

    He's always out there glad handing and handing out cards. And when he finishes high enough to get up on stage he hands out endorsements for me. :)

    Out to the guh raj to make some lures for Golfer and btw, he just had another top 10 finish and he was in the money this time also. And his finish this time qualified him for the Nationals again.

    Your excuse ??? don't need an excuse

    You should just be straight up.... and say... I think I may have been hacked... need to clean my system...don't want to harm potential customers computers...

    She knows I think I may have been hacked, I told her just to see what her reaction was. She smiled when I said they deleted a bunch of files but when I said I had already recovered them all, well, lets just say the look on her face was priceless. :laughtears

    You don't need an excuse to reinstall. I agree with Jeros, take it all the way down. Delete the partition and start over. Only way to be sure. And use a password not easily guessed. A phrase is best imo.

    I've already started changing passwords and I'm using variations of Whore912 LyingHoor111 etc etc etc.

    Ok, but do be careful, remote access programs can be easily hidden, and as many are legitimate software they may not come up on a virus scan.

    If she had physical access to your machine she could have done anything.

    She had physical access long before I realized she shouldn't. She deleted a shitload of .KML files for Google Earth also but I have backups in Google Earth itself plus on my external hard drive and thumb drive. Thumb drive and hard drives are hidden and I'm not saying where just in case she has my user name and password for this place. And if she does?


    I plan on a fresh install soon and I have my excuse ready.


    She was definitely using some sort of remote access (I was at the computer when she was on it and I lost control of the mouse) and she changed settings in Chrome. That is all fixed now.