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    Since we are on construction topic, how can I fix this? Dam dog gnawing on the corner of the stairs.

    Get a fine nail or brad, and nail it in on the corner so that the head does NOT stick out past any of the surfaces. Not the top. Not the front. Not the side. Use a straight edge to make sure.

    I'd say don't sand down the wood for a smooth surface. When it's frayed like that, it would give more surface area for the wood filler to bind to. Use wood filler to fill it in, the nail / brad will act as structural support and more binding to hold it on there. Sand the dried filler to match the size of the missing wood.

    Then you have to get artistic. Paint it the background color. (If you get lucky and work at it, the wood filler can match the background wood color.) Then hand paint on the grain lines.

    Concrete needs to be "vibrated" for it to properly fill in every single gap. And even then, you never know if you did it right until it fails (if it fails). The expansive mortar, to me, means that it'll fill in the all the cracks and crevices, and you don't need to vibrate it.

    That being said, DON'T fill that gap with concrete or this mortar. If you fuck up the door jam, and it shifts as you place the expansive mortar, your door is forever jammed shut. Or open. You'd need a grinder to fix it, ruining your brand new custom built door.

    My vote is with the other guys here. I hope you haven't paid this guy yet.

    Barring that... Fill it with foam. The spray-in stuff in a can. Then any waterproofing should be done for the entire wall on the outside. Unbroken plastic sheets fixed to the frame of the door and going out to the sides. Basement contractors would know how to do it best.

    Trainwrecks and dumpsterfires aside, you need to do a reinstall now. It doesn't take much imagination to think of shit she could have put on your computer that would get you locked up. Do it now.

    As a little bit of a derail, I got that free windows 10 upgrade a while back, but I never had the Win10 install CD's. But my install is getting a little wonky, especially when I go to sleep mode. Anyway to reinstall without that Windows 10 hard copy and still keep windows 10?

    99% of the campaigns end when the campaign money runs dry. The only ones who usually have money at the end are the winners.

    A lot of the time campaigners duck out with a promise from the winner to pay off any campaign debts.

    That's government again... Even the chicoms celebrate their ancient history, and use it for propaganda of course. It's also not like the Russians stopped being Russians after the revolution. Their culture is very much intact after 80 years of communism. Even the Russian orthodox church survied.

    Disagree. When you start killing TENS OF MILLIONS OF YOUR OWN PEOPLE, you significantly alter the culture, not just the government.

    And they are authoritarian, so labor will always be cheap.

    That's where you are wrong. Socialists / Communists must keep promising AND DELIVERING better standards of life to stay in power. Even the dirt poor farmer must eventually see a floor under his feet, or else why is he suffering when he can see others getting rich doing something else?

    With the influx of money comes the building of the middle class. These people with better educations aren't going to be working factories for cheap. Their wages will go up. So the factories, who are trying to compete with international factories that can turn out a better product faster and for only a little bit more, will resort to automation. Then the middle class no longer has a job.

    So what can they do? Either kill off giant swaths of their civilization (which they've done in the past), or transform into a modern society, and push off their cheap labor to a different place. Like Africa.

    Lets spin the Twat style.

    You put money in a savings, 401, etc.

    Stop your analogy right there. It's been 50 years since it was a retirement program. 50 years since they saved a cent of money to pay you back later. It's been 50 years since it became a transfer payment transferring money from those paying into SS to those who are retired.

    Assuming at the very earliest someone started getting a paycheck at 15, that means the youngest someone can be currently who DID pay into the Social Security lockbox is currently 65 years old. And even then, we're talking about months of payments, not years. Basically every 68 and younger person never participated in Social Security Retirement. They all participated in Social Security Welfare.

    It's not long gone. If it truly were then I would have to declare war, along with many others, against the Democrats. No more money. No more Democrats,

    Not only is it long gone (the "lockbox" was literally dumped into the general fund 50 years ago), but within the next 5-10 years Social Security Welfare won't have enough money income to pay those currently receiving welfare.