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    So for instance when you all blamed OBummer for a recession that started long before he took office, you were obviously full of shit.

    But shortly into Obummer's first term, economic growth, job growth, and the stock market turned around. And steadily improved throughout both his terms and even into the Trump Regime.

    A long time ago a little known organization with a couple podunk lawyers sued Citibank to enforce the punitive arm of the Community Reinvestment Act. They won, and soon banks started issuing sub prime mortgages by the boatload.

    That little known organization was called Acorn. One of those podunk lawyers was named Barrack Obama. (I fucking dare you to look it up and try to check me on it.)

    Obama literally gets the blame for the sub prime collapse.

    And I gladly give Obama the credit for his economic growth, job growth and stock market "recovery." He deserves full credit for it! Of course, it is the worst economic growth and job growth of any president on record. And he literally quadrupled the amount of dollars in circulation, but only doubled the stock market. So he damn sure gets credit for it!

    No, Rex is good though, he's got great insight, but we disagree over Mueller..

    I believe Mueller is doing a lot of behind the scenes work for Trump, bringing in testimony, which the media just assume is against Trump.

    The prosecutions and perjury traps are mostly for show to keep the left thinking Mueller is on their side, to keep the left coming to him with information.

    Mueller is Trumps big villain.

    He's a key the whole deception.

    As great as that would be... We know for a fact that Mueller and Comey are best friends. They've been giving each other government contracts and making each other rich for at least a decade.

    What would make Mueller suddenly turn on his "piggy bank" and go after the liberals that made him and his best friend rich?

    You just outed the liberal plan.

    Trump is a successful billionaire businessman living the life of luxury. He doesn't need this bullshit. He doesn't need everyone around him prosecuted into bankruptcy. If he simply resigns, and is pardoned by Pence, he can go back to his easy life of riches and caviar.

    But... If we're lucky...

    Trump will call these criminals on their actions. He will hang them from the gallows for repeated violations of the law and their subversion of the United States Constitution.

    So. Do you feel lucky?

    If you read between the lines... The vast majority of people know "climate change" is code for "money/power grab".

    You just hit the solution.

    Ask tax payers a simple question: "Is Man Made Climate Change real?"

    If they answer yes, an extra 20% of their net income is added to their tax bill.

    Except for one problem... They weren't campaign contributions.

    My prediction that this will lead to a tidal wave of disbarrments is looking to come more and more true every single day.

    I've got borax. And I've got about 25 feet of half inch square A-36. I've got hundreds of files, but they are the old kind. Great American Steel. I ain't sacrificing those.

    But I'll try it with the saw blades.

    Also circular saw blades or files. You take a strip of file and forge it onto a lump of a36 cherry red quench in oil if it doesn't crack you have a good knife stock.

    I've got A36 coming out of my ears, and a few old saw blades I was too lazy to throw out. That would be worth trying.

    Some of the best knives are made from at least 2 or more different grades of steel.


    You can make non-blade portions use milder steel if you plan ahead, but using this would entail trying to discover where the line between the two is, whether I can chop off the mild steel, reform the blade steel, bend it without permanently screwing up the edge steel, get some sort of knife shape out of it, and then hope it all comes together in the quench + temper.

    Not worth it for a $150 piece of steel. Especially when I get bars of the good stuff for $10-$15 each, and a bar of leaf spring for $0.20 or so.

    He'd have to have a grinder- it's about 3/8" thick, 20" long or so, and it's sharpened in a grinding machine. It's beveled on one side at about 45% and the other side is flat, but if someone wanted to grind it down, bevel it on the other side, and cut off all but two of the bolt holes (for a handle) you could commit hara kari with it, easily.

    I've been doing some research on these choppers, and the problem is that the spine is made of mild steel, and the blade made of spring steel. Mild steel doesn't harden. Basically means that I can't really form it up and make a good knife out of it. Unless you're basically making a machete without a point.

    Something worth 150 for free? That's way too generous. Besides, I'm not good enough to do anything worth while with it yet.

    I just used all my crappy abilities to make a pair of tongs.

    I have above average confidence that the SC will shoot that one down.

    The supreme court has been avoiding gun cases recently. There's talk that this was so that they could get a more firm conservative majority before they ruled on the cases, but it's just more likely that they've relegated the 2nd Amendment to second class status.

    I can't stand speaking well of someone ONLY because they are dead. If anyone speaks well of me at my funeral, they are written out of my will. I only have a half used bottle of nyquil to my name, but... Well nyquil is the good stuff and it's flu season coming up.