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    If you start on the crockpot meal when you get home, it should be ready by breakfast time...

    The crockpot meal is a simple thing that takes you 10 minutes to prepare for a dinner much later. If you're cooking with organic ingredients and other fancy stuff, you might as well cook it for real and not in a crockpot.

    Recipe for Chicken and Stuffing in a slow cooker:

    Take 4 chicken breasts, put them in the bottom of a slow cooker. Salt and pepper them.

    Cover them 3/4's the way with chicken stock.

    Take some boxed chicken stuffing (either a 14 oz box of Bells or 2X 6oz boxes of Stouffers) and mix it up with 1 can of Cream of Chicken Soup. (Add in a little bit of chicken stock if you think it's too thick / there's not enough soup, but it'll probably be fine.)

    Spoon the Soup + Stuffing mixture over top of the chicken breasts + stock. Pack it down loosely.

    Put it on low for 8 hours. Don't take the top off. Ever. Seriously, if you peek a little bit you are losing a lot of heat. 8 hours, on the button.

    Serve it up!

    The movie just got put on Amazon. It's great if you've never seen it.

    False dichotomy

    The mechanic invests in an item that is part of their everyday equipment, generally only used by them and not consumed in the process. Consumables get charged to the customer.

    The teachers are complaining about having to spend their money to provide materials for the children to use, which are very often single use consumables, which aren't charged to the customer.

    No, his point still stands. You know how much money and time I've spent on bids I didn't get back? Spending your own money on your actual job is called being an adult.

    She's got a degree in economics but shows little understanding how economics works. Her green deal is nothing more than a dream pandering to the millennial generation but won't explain the economics behind it.

    She's smart in one area though that keeps her in the news almost every day. Her use of social media.

    She's more of a threat though to the main stream Democratic party people than the Republican party.

    She's got a degree in what they taught. The reason she doesn't understand Economics is because her professors don't understand economics.

    They taught her, and she actually believes that the government can spend as much as they want... provided it doesn't affect inflation.

    No, really. She really believes that. I'm not making it up. It's called Modern Monetary Theory (MMT).

    he said the Democrats in California wanted open borders, then he's gonna send the illegals to the sanctuary cities. That makes it political retaliation. There are also Constitutional questions as well that could tie this up I'm courts and open government to civil rights violation lawsuits.

    No. The Democrats said the Illegal Aliens are "Gifts of Love", so he's just gifting them more love.

    I'm looking it up now!

    Kerbal Space Program is in the top 10 video games ever made. And I don't just mean for PC. All Xbox's, nintendos, playstations, gameboys, and ataris are included.

    But you'll not likely advance far without at least studying the how orbital mechanics work.