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    In the Future people will live in great smart cities.

    People you fuckers can live on the outside, an in exchange for production of food, and sons and daughters who meet the requirements for entry into the cities, you will be permitted to exist with limited rights and be as "free" as is allowed.

    Bulk food production, Medicine, Power and heavy industry will, of course, need to centralised in and around urban areas for everyones wellbeing.

    Funny you mention this, someone recently said to me that I lacked testerone and that is why I was a leftie.

    I said that he probs lacked it compared it to the guy now married to his ex-wife and is raising his kids.

    And apparantly I'm the asshole????

    If Belarus fucks with us, maybe.

    If Belarus attacks Poland, yes.

    Until then? Meh.

    By the looks of Belarus wants out of this whole thing now its started proper

    I often forget the Millenials are not the first generation the boomers told to go off and fight and die in some random hellhole.

    Jewrose.... Train? why the fuck don't you just jump in your SUV and drive?


    Because it takes 2-3 hours less.

    Hell if I fly, which is normally cheaper than the train, I can be from my front door in Scotland to my Childhood home in around 3 hours as the flight is about 55 minutes.

    Yet somehow....3 hours of airport and flying nonsense is more stressful and exhusting than 5 hours on a train.

    I love my city, small enough to always know where you are, big enough to take a wander and always find a new little shop or cafe you have not been to before.

    I am happy here, happier than I ever was back in my hometown, and if I ever feel like I miss it, I hop on the train back and count all the boarded up shops to remind myself why I left.

    The French have things pretty dam good as far as day to day life goes, better than many places, I can understand why they don't want that to change.

    Its a little embrassing the the French can keep such a massive bureaucracy chugging along and working so well and in the UK it takes years just to put up a fence alongside a kids playground.

    It will be sold onto Meta by end of the year or "Early Q1/2 2023" according the money movers in silicon valley, Snapchat by Q1 2024 based on the terms of the current agreements with shareholders.

    So that means by the end of 2024, Meta will own Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram and Snapchat.

    At what point do we panic?

    Or maybe im just trolling, but then again I could not make up the consolidation of the tech world.

    Good lord shut up, we provide whatever weapons to whomever we wish.

    What are you gonna do? Tow an aircraft carrier into our waters?       


    Or perhaps you are going to roll your tanks into our densely packed urban areas full of windows and doorways?

    Or send some more propeller craft near our airspace?

    It is utterly amazing how the world keeps teaching you lessons and yet you refuse to listen. A bunch of rice farmers did better with your cast off gear your mainline army can do with the “best” of it.


    At least the Americans have the good decency to investigate when they screw the pooch.

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    Starstreak works well.....flares and chaff cannot protect you

    I wonder how many complaints about mercs and audis are people brining them back as they there is a micro scratch on the underside of the leather seat or something stupid.

    My generation drove Fords that we brought for £50 out the newspaper and got halfway to cornwall before ending up at the side of the road in a cloud of steam and sold them for £25 scrap, like real men.

    Nothing is free. It is a matter of who pays and when.

    Things like that are often paid through general taxation.

    In Scotland water is free, as it turned out to be cheaper and easier for the goverment to manage it and put the cost through the property tax, which amusingly is about the same as England anyway.

    Actully now I think about it the property tax in my city is almost indentical my hometown, but of course you don't get water included back home in England, hell the gas company made me pay for the gas hookups to my old property even tho it was not connected to anything or in use.