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    In the Future people will live in great smart cities.

    People you fuckers can live on the outside, an in exchange for production of food, and sons and daughters who meet the requirements for entry into the cities, you will be permitted to exist with limited rights and be as "free" as is allowed.

    Bulk food production, Medicine, Power and heavy industry will, of course, need to centralised in and around urban areas for everyones wellbeing.

    It amazes me that so many call people like me a "conspiracy theorist" and then go on to post the greatest and largest conspiracy theory ever devised. And it is a 'theory' because the idea of a utopia style "smart city" like you imagine will literally actually be a totalitarian police state full of a bunch of fucking weirdos. You have this grandiose idea of utopia smart cities without realizing that it will be authoritarian and there will be nothing you can do about it. Just look at China and realize that is what your "utopia" will actually be.

    well, your problem is you are off your meds again and have been reading too many Qanon sites.

    Jesus fucking Christ dude. Like are you able to acknowledge that the WEF exist? Are you able acknowledge there is a meeting in Davos? Did your fuck tard clown boys all give you faggots a directive that "you must not admit or acknowledge these things are real". I mean seriously, what the fuck is wrong with you people? I ask a simple question, and this is the response I get every time.

    Simple question ackack. Does the WEF exist? And do you acknowledge they are meeting in Davos?

    I guess he died in his sleep recording a movie in Dominican Republic. Too bad, I thought he was a solid actor, definitely had so many more great movies in his life to achieve.

    Crazy, I had a young friend about 32 years old who was a big truther guy with a shitload of guns die in his sleep last week. He sent us his normal tiktok video for the night and the next thing I know, I get a call the next day he died in his sleep. Literally no indications he was having problems, though I didn't see him in person. I'm pretty sure he was unvaxxinated, but did have a bad case of Covid a few months prior. As did I.

    Id say right now, cardio exercise is probably the best thing you can do for your health.

    The kid was groomed and programmed and given the weapons and ammo by a rogue intellegent source. Like all of the others. No one goes around shooting random people, or random students. You'd take out the bullies, not random students. They always choose kids who are alone, with very little family support, no friends, getting mental help and drugs from psychologist. Always known to authorities. He even said he killed his grandma on social media and it wasn't flagged immediately? Just like the other kids manifesto on social media wasn't flagged. It's all setup by rogue intellegence to push the UN agenda.

    Why do liberals continue to skirt talking about this? Why do they act like it doesnt exist? Do we live in a different reality where this doesnt exist to them? They are literally talking about a treaty to undermine country sovereignty and the left pretends it doesn't even exist and won't talk about it at all. A friend I've been debating won't even acknowledge it. Other liberals wont even acknowledge it when you bring it up. What the fuck is wrong with these people, seriously?

    Seems like democrats are hitting every single nail they can to ruin the country and americans wealth.

    We are now reaping what happens when we become dependent on China and its communist regime when they can shut down cities when they want. Shanghai is a huge reason for this current big tech sell off. Crazy after they are hitting all time highs on earnings that stocks are down 40%.

    I have taken this opportunity to buy more because there are a lot of good companies tied up in this market crash that don't deserve it. It's really kind of stupid how every stock no matter how good of a company gets wiped out.

    Slow down there ricochet rabbit. How is her wearing a hat proof that the deep state is communist? It isn't, is it? It is proof she wore the hat and that is about it.

    "A hat" - with the soviet communist hammer and sickle on it. Sergey Lavrov, the Russian secretary to the UNITED NATIONS. John Kerry - the US Secretary to the UNITED NATIONS. Literally deep state clown operatives for the democratic party and UN, posted by the US STATE DEPARTMENT. Why do you ignore the questions I asked? Why would the state department allow this? Why would the UN allow this? Symbolism has meaning. Imagine if this was Trumps press secretary with a nazi/or same communist hat on when they were with very powerful government officials to the UNITED NATIONS. It's proof that they are sympathetic to communist.

    Being tolerant of does not make one so. I don't see how you think what you blasted down would be considered proof of anything other than tolerance of.

    The US department of State posted a picture of Jen Psaki wearing a hat with soviet communism symbolism, with the Russian UN secretary and American UN secretary John Kerry. How is this appropriate? Why would the state department allow this if they didn't have sympathy for soviet communist? Why would the UN allow this?

    Why do you hate Amurica?

    The US federal government establishment 60 year hack politicians are not "America" and certainly do not represent American Citizens and its traditional values. They certainly dont represent me and millions of Americans by funding corruption and wars around the world. Don't get the 2 confused. Infact many founding fathers warned of such a corrupt government and encouraged citizens to do something about it if they spite the people for their own agenda.

    You did not answer my question. How is the deep state communist.

    Look at the post I posted before the one you quoted. Just a small tidbit for now as I dont have time right now to search my pics thoroughly.

    actually most, if not all of the 911 terrorist were from Saudi Arabia. When MBS arrested Alwaleed and his minions who funded 911, they attacked MBS and tried to remove MBS with Khashogi. That failed and Khashogi got turned on because they supported MBS and not the Muslim Brotherhood. The MB and Obama were funded by Alwaleed and Huma Abedins parents who worked with Hillary and Weiner. Weiner worked with communist in Mossad, which is why its all covered up. They created HUMA at Havard, a school which has funny enough produced some crazy communist leaders. 10 years after the war in Iraq, we are labeled white supremacist/nationalist, Islamophobes, and they always refer to us as Nazis, rather than communist. The left or establishment always covers up and defends people who actively come out as communist.

    Assad's view:

    Now why would a secretary of the UN and John Kerry allow a future government press secretary to wear this hat, representing the UN and America?

    Why would the Clintons be so nice to the weather unground who now support communist organizations like BLM?

    That's all I have time for right now.