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    You're not wrong. He was an overindulged sickly beaner. He should have played with toy cars.

    He most likely would have but for the intervention of agents of the illegitimate regime that funded and coaxed him into that latest but not last leftist perpetrated outrage.

    It's time to put an end to leftist lunacy.


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    An excellent reply.

    I think mine boxed amateur. His lessons helped in the schoolyard. He taught me other things though. He taught me to punch the throat and also to cup hand slap the ear.

    The latter was usually an instant fight stopper.

    He cautioned me against a throat punch.

    My eyetalian used to say that. He was actually pretty handy. Though not a great English speaker he knew when one was being offensive. At an Eagle Army/Navy surplus some young tough was being rude to me. I was probably five or so years old. The tough ended up in a pile on top of a display. When the owner or manager of the shop came over we were on our way out. Abuelo said I sorry. No more words exchanged.