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    Trainwrecks and dumpsterfires aside, you need to do a reinstall now. It doesn't take much imagination to think of shit she could have put on your computer that would get you locked up. Do it now.

    I would take heed of this. She hasn't been able to get you out so far. So what Scroat is talking about would probably be a logical next step in her mind.

    What happens to any extra campaign money left over? Do the candidates just get to keep it?

    That's a good question. The hard rule is that it can't "kept". It can be donated to charity or to political parties. It can be used for dept incurred during the campaign though. And I have a sneaky suspicion that they all make sure they don't have much left at all at the end.

    Curly... that is the thing with all electric cars on the market. You can buy one hell of a lot of gas for what you pay for one and lose in depreciation....


    Depends on what you buy. Used sure, new not so much. I asked the sales guy who buys an loaded $80,000 Expedition, he said not many. Most lease for 2 years, dealerships get them back and sell for $45,000. So that's close to 50% depreciation in 2 years. Not sure what the expeditions were new 2 years ago but they average about $30,000 now.

    You can go 7 years on a new car loan now. That mean you'll own more than the vehicle is worth in 2 years or less. And that's ALL NEW VEHICLES.

    I was reading about some smart dude who has patented a new type of flywheel with magnets. They can be timed to pulse at TDC and BDC and act as a electromagnetic assist to the engine. Said to be great for small 2 strokes/4 strokes and also in the automotive field.

    The dude will likely be disappeared..... and we'll never hear about the idea again,dude is a yank too.

    Back in the 80's in Cass City Michigan the Company Walbro fitted a 2 stroke motor in a ford escort. I knew a guy who worked on it and he said that thing was awesome. Great mileage and power. They drove the thing all over the country including The UP in the middle of winter. And around death valley in the summer. Then they just shut the program down and scrapped the car. He never understood why. I suspect it was much the same as why GM scrapped the EV1 and shit canned years of research.

    How hardcore Tesla fans are can't be underestimated. I'll give them that.

    Dude thanks Tesla for saving his life... after autopilot smashed him into a sign.

    Autopilot is not to he used hands free, Tesla will tell you that. And have you seen some of the crashes that people have walked away from in Teslas? Probably not because you just can't stand to look at the good in them.

    Most the auto industry is moving towards EV's. Ford just showed off an escape hybred that has over 400,000 miles on it and it's still going strong.

    I still say in 20 years a gas station will be as easy to find as a phone booth is today.

    Ford will do it right. Like I said before they dumped a shit tone of money into another new EV manufacturer. Which will benefit greatly from help from ford because these guys are more screwed up manufacturing wise than Tesla.

    Yes Indy I said they are screwed up manufacturing wise. Mostly because they are trying to run before they can walk.