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    There's probably more too it than just that. Sounds like you were probably an asshole...

    A 4 year old asshole? That's when the Catholic one cut me off. As for the other, I continued to support her long after she was sure I was a demon. I never showed her anything but love. It doesn't bother me as much as you think because I understand. She is a country person with no other input around her other than a small group of religious fundamentalists. Losing my grandpa sent her closer to them. Before she found fear religion didn't matter as much.

    Then maybe you should go back and put it into the context in which it was written. Storch asked multiple times how religion affects me. This is an answer, not a statement.

    God doesn't have anything to do with any of this. humans made up this ridiculous religion, and their reactions are a common way of interpreting it. It instills such fear in them that they can't think straight. Beyond that, if you don't follow the specified religion, you aren't tribe, and you become a member of the out group. It's not complicated.

    All part of God's mysterious plan that we can't possibly hope to comprehend. Yeah, not very original. This is how contradictions are explained away. It's a blanket check for when reason runs out.

    I just told you. You want personal experience? My paternal grandmother wouldn't have anything to do with me or my sister because we weren't Catholic. I used to live with my maternal grandmother, and we were very close. Before she went senile she asked me if I still believed, and when I said no, she wasn't interested in me anymore either. That's what religion does. I have to live in the same world. Laws based on religion affect everyone, how is this hard for you.

    I have to live in a world were people get to the end of their reasoning, but just want to believe anyway, so they do. I see people getting rooked by the millions by TV evangelist, International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, every sick priest ruled by that man in the massive golden palace. They pass laws based on religion to keep right with the lore, and expect the rest of us to follow happily. It's a source of war and passivity all at once. It is a cancer. That's how it affects me. The longer humans have an anchor on them, the longer it takes to grow.

    Missing teen girl, parents are on TV asking for prayers. Social media lights up, millions are praying with fervor. As time goes by, one of these happens:

    Missing girl found safely - "We want to thank God for answering our prayers, all of those of you who prayed, God really heard you and loves you."

    Missing girl found naked, raped, mutilated and dismembered - "We thank you for your prayers and know she's with God now. I guess God just needed another angel."

    Not found - "We hope God is looking out for her and just want everyone's prayers to wrap this up so we can find our girl."

    Life just happens. Humans insert God into it any way they can. Does the number of prayers change things. Is he hard of hearing? Is he pouting for attention and wants to see how many likes he can get?

    Why would a god need to procreate in the manner that you do, or at all? "He" is the pinnacle of the species in mammals, which we are, so it's a common reference. Males are dominant, God is dominant, it's a he.

    Are you going to be at Lillith Faire with your Biore strips on your nose with your besties? What kind of guy says God is a she?

    Pretty sure my god did not do that shit nor needed to.


    Yeah, because your god is what I call the John Denver God. You're walkin' in the rockies, and you stop to listen to the stream and the birds, and watch the light filter through the quaking aspen, and suddenly you realize God is there and you're one with it all.

    What's his name? Where's he live? What are his powers? On and on, and there are only hippy answers. Nah, man, he doesn't go like that man, he's just there winkin' and noddin' because he loves us man.

    Okay, well, maybe you feel one with the universe, because, you know, you are! Maybe you could feel that anytime if you paid attention. What does that have to do with God? You give this God credit for things you don't understand, have no evidence at all of it, and overlook the most obvious reason. Why does it need to be a god? Isn't that thinking just a byproduct of centuries of gods being forced down your throat? Think bigger.

    Gods are a primitive understanding of a much bigger thing. Don't be afraid of the universe. It doesn't care about you and it won't help find missing children. It's just huge and complex. That's it, and that's enough. It doesn't need will. It's all around you and it is you. The rest is just emotion making shit up where there's nothing there.

    fishbaum... I think that is pretty typical for atheists.... god allowed their puppy to die so there is no god... god allowed cancer... whatever.

    You don't pray to god to fix shit. You pray to god to have the strength to handle it. I hope you never have to go there but if you do I hope the above helps.


    A- I wasn't asking you. B - If a person doesn't believe in God, then why would they fault him for anything, including puppy death? That doesn't make sense. C- You had the strength the whole time, time to realize that.

    Well here is a thought... for GOD there is no time... GOD exist in the past present and future at the same time... perhaps GOD created time for us?

    so... GOD existing in all them places at once... can look and see what path you went on...

    thus the path is not preordained but it is known...

    Again - he existed before Sodom and Gomorrah, at and during their destruction, all at the same time. He had expectations for this place which were not met. As a result he killed them. How could he have reasonably had a single expectation that wasn't met if he knew exactly how it would go before they were even born? They have free will...okay, but if that's the case, then there are things he could not know.