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    Yeah well,

    Since you asked...

    I would bear in mind that FW was started as a reaction to a pretty specific set of circumstances in a particular sub-forum that smelled a lot A very select group of people have become the very spirit of whatever you want to call this.

    In the meantime an even more specific faction have, in effect, invested in....

    Get my point?

    Been a lot of years, now that I think about it, but cubans weren't really that desirable amongst those who gave a shit. Another dividend of collectivism I presume.

    True? How bout nowadays?

    Most Texans are WAY ahead of the curve in all endeavors. By the time we hit middle school we're pretty much all full up with learnin'.

    And yes, it does make it hard to be humble.


    What kind of idiot compares a pack of intolerant bigots who can't shit for themselves all the while demanding government indulgence with fearless oportunists willing to risk all they had for a golden opportunity?

    Remember who had to beg from the aboriginals after they failed at the most basic human industries. And to this day the tradition continues.


    They were refugees that had nowhere else to go. Even then they wouldn't have made the trip without the protection of the Crown

    Typical spineless yankee parasites.

    Yeah well..

    As I'm not interested in doing the job so many others, including one's self, has so miserably failed at, I'll just acknowledge your substantiation of my point.

    Gotta wonder how it would have turned out had they not actually tried every other option, or been guarranteed the Crown's protection before embarking.

    My guess is they would have given up their lofty principles and just stayed in Holland. Just like the belly crawling yankees of today.

    No Einstein, why don't you tell me all about the impact, or significance of 100 refugees, chased out of every decent country in Europe, 300 years before the subject at hand?

    And how they managed to beg their way into a homestead not even the Indians wanted to claim...

    Yeah well,

    You had much the same demographics then as we do now. The Southern and western regions were populated by pioneers who saw self sufficiency as a noble ambition. The peasants that infested the bleak wastelands of the upper latitudes were, and still pretty much are mere refugees that gravitated there after failing or being forcibly dislocated from somewhere else.

    Of course the generation of the 1860's, due to dissipation from breeding with their precious nigger brethren or simple extinction resulting from inferior constitutions, has no meaningful legacy in this century. Today the feeble spawn of Ellis Island invaders exhibit the same dependent, parasitic ethics that have been stamped into their genes by centuries of slavish mediocrity.

    They can't imagine the ambition of our founding fathers. Irrevocably locked into a terminal propensity of being directed by fear and weakness. Their bleating means nothing.