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    And disregard what the stupid shit says.

    Have the guitar set up after shipping.

    If you want I have a shitty little token Fender "practice " amp sitting in the closet, much like the ankle humper, now that I think about it.

    It's hers if you want to cover shipping.

    I'll likely pour a slab. At least packed gravel. But the bench would be wooden. Although I have considered cobbling something together out of 2" galvanized and p.t. lumber..

    We'll see.

    Looks a little dinky unless you can set up on flat, hard ground. Or something you can use off a deck if circumstance allows...

    But the I guess a little platform wouldn't be that complicated.

    If I can get this Ky. deal done I'll be doing something but my plan is for more of a fixed bench/table setup.

    Yeah well,

    Unfortunately the old chestnut still applies...

    Practice makes perfect. And the only real way to practice fighting, is to fight.

    All the rest of that bullshit is really about avoiding a fight or disengaging once the festivities are already under way. But if that don't work in the first couple of seconds, you damn well better be able to take a punch.

    "I still hate that word so my apology is for trying to influence others' behavior,.."

    Yeah well,

    Rhetoric is one thing. Hysterical inference and allusions to physical confrontation is an entirely different issue.

    I expect delusionals to post silly bullshit. But getting shitty with a stranger by hiding behind unfounded, self absorbed, inference is what kept the ball in the air.

    Party on.

    Yeah well,

    Fact is, what we're dealing with now is the result of the poor judgment that brought us the...(don't quote me)..16th, 19th, and the one that gave children the vote. The concept of equality in the eyes of God, not The Law, is the real villian here.

    With few, mostly irrelevant, exceptions, every blessing, cultural, practical, or recreational, are and always have been, brought into existence by....white men.

    Giving dependents the impression that they are automatically capable of significant or meaningful contributions to society has caused a crisis in self awareness.

    They can't compete so they blame their betters. And it's "rude" to point out the obvious....

    Here we are.

    "If you want to try to fuck me my name, address and phone number have been posted- show up and get fucked up."

    Yeah well,

    You got called for challenging the intellect of another while insisting they play stupid to accommodate your weakling's view of the world..

    Then you verified your ignorance and terminal lack of reading comprehension by getting shitty.

    Then you tried to play the typical nigger game of spewing stupid, idle threats.

    Every day I've got a half dozen punks looking for an excuse to prove they're more af a badass than the next asshole. Always trying to escalate and intimidate with that short fuse bullshit. Every word is a trigger to the insecure shitstains. Even those stupid, ex-con cluckers know their place.

    So you can't read but that don't stop you from popping off with me....not smart.

    I wouldn't waste the time on some hothead, illiterate punk but one day someone might. You better think twice when trying to intimidate strangers. Inviting that shit home...assuming that is your home, just makes you look like an irresponsible fool.

    Best think twice before calling anyone else ignorant. Just a matter of time before you piss off the wrong person.

    While you're at it, maybe enlighten us on the threats, accusations, and characterizations you took issue with. Maybe you'll eventually learn the elegance of our very specific language and avoid stepping on your dick in future dialogs.