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    "Now I’m afraid the Gulf is going to flood clear up to Dallas and a shark is gonna eat me in my yard"

    Yeah well, I recall exotic pets were pretty popular at one time. We had a neighbor with a couple of 3-4 footers. Couldn't tell you what kind. Huge tank.

    There used to be a pet shop across the street (Lover's Lane?) from Goff's...can't recall the name..that sold big cats, primates, and if I recall brokered the occasional odd zebra or whatever. Everyone wanted their own Lion Country..

    Or at least a big run full of dobies.

    Plenty of ways to get ate in Big D. No need for the wrath of god. Just piss off the wrong guy in Preston Hollow.

    Yeah well,

    Pretty sure consensus holds socialism is a solution best reserved for those that truly deserve it.

    But, on a different note, it is rewarding to see some start to come around. Kinda sad that it's taken so long.

    Ban campaigns, recognize single moms for what they are......I reckon that's better than half the battle.

    Schools, like every other social endeavor, stagnate in an uncompetitive environment. Union jobs are the definition of lowest common denominator cesspools of equality. Most public schools we are aware of are those of major population centers where any public sector job attracts the weakest and least inspired.

    People, even aboriginal mud people, are basically affiliative. Better people typically send their kids to better schools. Kids that are socialized and educated by a better class of people tend to profit from the exposure.

    Problem is, it doesn't work in any significant numbers as the threshold for an inverse effect is so low. You can only have the occasional example before the infection of inferiority takes hold.

    Lincoln was a Illinois lawyer. And as such, was an irredeemable piece of shit. As is any mindless turd that espouses his degenerate ideology.

    Not hard to figure out. Especially with the benefit of many years of proof to reccomend the conclusion.

    Wow, what a hijack. Sorry, couldn't be helped..force majeure and all that.

    But word is, Morning Call has gone the way of the City Park Bud's. Would have liked to make a bid on the bar. Gotta wonder where it went off to.

    The storm gutted the city. One would have hoped the effect would have been restorative. Clean slate and all that..It seemed like that would be the case, early on. But we see how that worked out...

    For me, the world pretty much ends at Esplanade. Years ago when the Beat Exchange had something going on I might cross over but the only reason to be over that way is for a burger. If I'm going for dinner in the Quarter these days, it ain't going to be a burger.

    Seems like the Marigny is the new Uptown. Probably not so new now.


    Buster Crab was a silent film star.

    Buster Holmes' was probably the most famous place in the world for red beans and rice. Now it's probably Mother's. Of course the old timers still remember D.H. Holmes.

    I wasn't aware Brennan's was closed. I know they had problems after the storm. One of my elementary schoolmates is management at Mr. B's. I woulda thought she would have mentiond something.

    And of course Hubig's fire was a huge bummer. Wasn't aware of a second..although I think I'll miss Morning Call more.

    But if you want to run into a "real" voodoo queen, there's usually 1 or 2 hanging out at The Dungeon...after midnite, of course. That is if the tourists haven't taken over.

    Anyhow, good to see you found some bright spots in an increasingly bleak landscape.

    "It's an excuse to dress up and do a bar crawl around the city."

    See? That's the point. You never need an excuse. Theme? Maybe. Excuse? Never...or at least rarely.

    That town is probably the most active tourist trap where the tourists almost never see the good stuff.

    And "voodoo" has been exiled to a couple of addresses on Dauphine. Better off experiencing the magic of grilled oysters.

    As the most highly regarded expert on the subject proclaimed, "They had more Irish."

    And of course history has proven the absolute stupidity of "emancipation".

    No wonder "northern " or "yankee" isn't a characterization applied to anything remotely desirable. Stupid, weak, degenerates. The birthplace of every American scumbag from Manson to Bloomberg. But proud of what someone else's great-great grandaddy may have done. Typical.