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    H. Ross Perot was one of the few truly great Americans to seek the office.

    Typical Texan, he overproduced, kept his word, and honored his obligations no matter what.

    The fact that he didn't achieve the office he reluctantly sought spoke volumes about the malaise already taken hold.

    Yeah well,

    Again, not to put too fine a point on the dialog but, in spite of contemporary indoctrination, racism is a natural, normal, and valuable evolutionary imperative.

    It's completely unnatural to bear affinity for members of fundamentally different genotypes. It violates basic neuro chemical programming and undermines the product of millions of years of progressive evolution.

    So yes if you're not a racist, you're a dysfunctional mutant....not that there's anything "wrong" with that.

    Yeah well,

    Both parents and to a greater degree, grandparents, have only one significant obligation.

    This asshole completely ignored that duty. Nobody's fault but his.

    Unless he was notorious for endangering those in his care. Then I blame the parent(s).

    Yeah well,

    I understand it's like a c-note a head to play grab ass with Mickey. Probably more once you park, hydrate, and whatever...

    That kinda gelt should at least buy a spook-drama free afternoon.

    Since it's the nigger part that affects their impulse control, there's really nothing to be done save keeping them out of sight. They've proven time and again that idleness ill suits their nature. Keep them at a steady pace of constant, simple toil, and they're at their most content. It's really the kindest thing to do with them.

    Yeah well,

    Bottom line, in this time of what should be a period of revelation and renewal, if one chooses to focus on regurgitated slander and base irrelevancy, they are simply reaffirming what decent folks have known all along.

    Useless pieces of shit always seem to float up from time to time, it's best to just ignore them and they'll eventually sink to the bottom from whenst they spawned.

    My mom's generation of Sk%$&y girls apparently developed something of a reputation for the degree to which they embraced the Irish' "drink/fight" tradition.

    My only memories of family get togethers are of hollering, shit breaking, and never a kind word to anybody. Just real shitty people.

    Probably why I avoid "family" centric stuff to this day although I militantly endorse my wife and kids participation. It's important.

    Or a car wash.

    Like every paragraph on a contract, every law is a result of some asshole fucking shit up for everyone else.

    The more assholes, the more laws.

    Yeah well,

    Just so you know, most bikers can't really read, much less join a chat room.

    There aren't any bikers here. Never will be.

    Years ago being an only child in a single parent household was considered a precursor to severe social disorders.

    Now it's just a lifestyle choice.

    All asians suffer from the same deficiency...being asians.

    With few exceptions, they all subscribe to the same ethic of self satisfaction and materialistic priorities.

    The Judeo-Christian reverence for justice and equity will never resonate in the asian aboriginal. They lack the spiritual capacity for integrity.

    The Western rulebook will never apply with those animals. It's stupid to even try.

    India reeks.

    Or so I'm told by what I consider several reliable sources.

    The whole country stinks. They shit in the streets. Rotted food is left for beggars and never cleared. Arguably filthier than moolies considering the centuries of cultural mentoring by the most fastidious and effete limeys.

    Fuck India.

    Yeah well,

    Seems like higher education should be just that. Not career speculation.

    Never been a fan of lumping all secondary options under one administration. Liberal arts schools should have a different mission than technical institutions.

    But then I've long said primary education shoud only be mandatory until the 7th or 8th grade. After that only if the student qualifies and desires continued schooling.

    None of it will ever come to pass.