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    Yeah well,

    Those things are expensive. Seems like there's more noble places that kind of money might go that would accomplish more than showcasing some anonymous, vindictive broad's rancor at some other broad nobody knows.

    There's not a children's hospital close by?

    Probably get more yardage for free using Facebook.

    Yeah well

    I uh....know this guy, smokes high end bud all day, every day.

    He can outperform any member of this board in any cognitive challenge ever devised, every time. It's about neural density. Seems brain cells are a little like California cows..

    Unless he's been drinking. That shit makes you stupid.

    Yeah well,

    I find, as the years progress, a certain...bone weariness after a particularly active day. Kinda sore all over.

    Full spectrum CBD drops, sublingually applied, makes that stuff fade considerably. The pain from cuts and sprains, not so much. More of a nerve tonic for lack of a better term.

    Still kind of expensive but that will get better with time.

    But it's I've heard. Novice smokers have a hard time differentiating between varieties of similar qualities.

    Yeah well,

    Looked to me like that blond was substantially larger than the other chick.

    I imagine that had a lot with the outcome. Training notwithstanding.

    See, a lot of the confusion starts when a law is written declaring equality. Equality between skin, plumbing, God...whatever.

    It's pretty obvious the implication is that there exists equality in the Eyes of The Law.....not in the eyes of mother nature.

    Only an idiot would confuse the two....but, let's face it, there a ton of idiots running around. I blame medical advances and the lack of a world war for the most part.

    Yeah, I've seen some dudes who would probably suffer substantially at the wrong end of some broads ire. But I don't call them "men". No offense to those of you...ah hell, you know who you are..


    Not sure why the threshold wasn't installed with the door..

    Whatever, if the door is plumb and true and your ok with it then fill it in however makes you happy.

    You can form a threshold with any dry premix. Doesn't really matter. I think the stuff in the orange bag copes better.

    Break a leg.

    Take 5 minutes tear all that shit out. Reframe properly....well, better.

    Didn't really parse out the description but re-hang the door. Then finish the sides.

    Or tear it out, rebuild with block...and all the rest of the stuff.

    Those cement scabs are no good. Even if they are reinforced and tied in.

    That anchoring stuff you're looking at is thin, like floor leveler. Can't stack it up.

    Yeah well,

    Back when he was being prepped to get installed as Simon's replacement the conventional wisdom was that he was "just black enough".

    And that's why the 1/16th rule is so important.

    Yeah well,

    Just got word our deed is back. Gonna head down Sunday to get started with some minor improvements and look into finding a tenant for the cleared acres. Word is there's a grave yard by the road. Pretty sure I took a leak around where it's located but didn't notice and headstones. Maybe we'll spend some time cleaning it up.

    Already have another tract I'm eyeballin' a couple counties south. Much steeper but half the money per. On top of a ridge with some great vistas. Would make a heckuva home site.....we'll see.

    I've had the obligation to recruit personnel from time to time in a few different industries during my 3+ decades in country. Probably hired 40 or 50 folks in various, mostly entry level, capacities.

    Grand total of one moolie responded to any of them....called, but never showed up to apply.

    Lazy motherfuckers.

    Although I admit 40 dead spooks are rookie numbers, they keep the local criminal justice industry rolling along. Chicago is as addicted to scumbags as California is addicted to parasites. It's the only viable industry left. Maybe the new tariffs will help change things....but probably not.