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    It's the grease. Mud races have hyper active endocrine systems. That's why they smell so funny and have such limited impulse control..Among other defects associated with limited genetic differentiation.

    At least it subdues their imagination and makes them more servile. Set them to a mindless, repetitive, not too physically demanding task and they prove to be about as useful as a human teenager. Just try to limit their exposure to white man's pathogens. Then you'll see they actually draw more flies dead then improbable as it seems.

    Why bother? Just go to niggerville. Pretty much the only pronoun you hear. Seems like sir or ma'am are the more offensive descriptors. Funny thing is, they only seem to notice me using the term when there's a third party around. I guess the need for attention trumps their self awareness.

    Often I'm convinced only common courtesy prevents folks from asking about the huge bulges I walk around with.

    The wife says if she wasn't clued in she wouldn't even notice one was a firearm. Maybe I'm just too self conscious..but I am intrigued by clothes designed to accommodate my little friends. I reckon I'm pretty good at spotting the tells of a concealed carrier. Seems like cargo pants are a pretty standard giveaway.

    They look useful. Just not my thing.

    I uh,..know a guy, who's been eyeballing one of those Heizer autos. If the price drops much more I'll bet he picks one up. They are funny looking. Gotta wonder how they shoot.

    50 years after Roe v. Wade and they still get knocked up "unintentionally" is spite of having access to the most numerous contraceptive choices in history.

    Subsidize birth control, strictly regulate terminations and outlaw single moms.

    Killing your kid because you are stupid and lazy is the wrong thing to do. Even if it was probably gonna be a shitty kid.

    Labor unions have never been necessary, useful, or American.

    They indulge the lazy, incompetent, and criminal lowlifes that would rather extort than produce. The result of the peasantry's need for a master and the parasite's desire for a docile host. There isn't one single innovation in worker's rights that was spawned by a labor union. From paid holidays to pensions, every common employee benefit was created by free enterprise to cultivate a better labor pool then co-opted by commies to justify their leeching.. Thanks to unions we now get to pay lowest common denominator clock watching worms to stay home and produce nothing just because some loudmouth nigger was too slow to duck.

    Fuck 'em. Send them all back to Russia.

    Ok, video. Forgot UMatic. Had to go on a search once for a transfer client. Found a local who had one. They never came to pick it back up. I recall there being some kind of timecode issue with the beta deck. Not sure what, maybe a bad card since they were both production units and should have synced right up. Had to rent a generator if I recall. Never got into video gear any more than I had to . Probably should have.

    Phatzo, about when was that?