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    Exactly. I started off looking at improved land, then thought maybe I'd build, but after some consideration decided not to acquire more maintenance, insurance, and worry. Maybe one day I'd consider it but really just want to have the option. Especially if I ever want to sell. But a well and septic tank will, combined, add a substantial premium to the cost. Plus the added liabilities forementioned. Most septic systems need an inspection upon transfer and a lot of older ones don't pass so I reckon if I want one I'll have to install it. Water...that's a whole other kettle of fish.

    I've seen and walked all sorts of places and terrains so now it's just a matter of finding the right parcel. I've stumbled across some acceptable offerings but got real busy early in the year. I imagine I'll have to start over. Hopefully better informed.

    Out there, in most counties, they're about the only part of the home seat that requires permits and inspections. Just goes to show how bad it's gotten. Word is, most of the ground percs ok and if you have enough flat, move the site 100' and it'll probably pass. Or so I understand. But again, more interested in issues common to the eastern edge.

    Hence the O.P.

    Like I said, the only real criteria at the moment is whether I can get a trailer on it 2 or 3 times a year. Anything else is gravy.

    I had read there are still some issues lingering from the mining days...BUT I'm of the impression there may be a third life for the local mines. As we speak many are idle because the variety of coal isn't used by modern consumers...too dirty or not enough b.t.u.'s or something. But I wonder if, one day, it might find a purpose if and when the good stuff gets consumed.

    Yeah well,

    Water is the one big question as I look around. Not so much a real concern but it affects value.

    From my limited experience the Ky. Dept. of Health is doing a pretty good job regarding water quality. Of course if there's a surface waterway that in any way provides runoff the Fed. Is involved.

    For my ambitions, a cistern or tank would be more than adequate but sometimes the land is close enough to a mining operation to share a pond or creek. I think I've read a couple of areas are still affected. Then there's the issue of the dust which seemingly has created a global warming type debate.

    There are still a bunch of non-conforming septic systems, I'm told, but they're commonly found on sites of hunting cabins or other part time occupancies. So they're harder to isolate.

    Actually, there's pretty decent access to city water in many areas. You just want to stay close to the road. Which is usually the only real choice for most structures. But that puts you in view of passersby...

    A few parcels are the remnants of larger plots that are leftovers from subdivision and are cut off from roadside utilities. Literally dirt cheap and are the definition of seclusion. But not useful for much besides hunting.

    Thanks again.

    Heh, gotta love it when some pinhead tries to inform me when they just flat out don't know shit.

    Maybe that's a bit harsh....but I don't think so.

    No matter. Just sniffing around for info that may help inform my decision. Theses endeavors are something of an adventure. It'll be interesting what we wind up with.

    Deliverance was set in Ga. And the pussies were from Atlanta...fucking Atlanta.

    Always disliked Georgia. Probably because I hate Atlanta.

    The eastern part of the state has a different breed of inhabitant than I've encountered elsewhere in the state. Much less open and friendly.

    But property is very affordable. Seems like the roads are in pretty good shape and it's at the long side of a reasonable drive from here. I'm looking for seclusion. Not culture. Not that many options in my budget.

    Yeah, sounds like somebody's never been to Chicago. My ex-wife actually has a cousin-brother, sister,..and an uncle-dad.

    I'm more concerned about drilling a well for clean water. Or the issues, if any, of sharing a mountain with a mine..that sort of stuff. I tend to bring out the worst in strangers. I can handle that. It's sort of become a hobby. But i would like whatever we pick up to be homesite friendly in case we change our plans or want to liquidate.

    Yeah, we're looking at a lot of angles. But for now the plan is shooting/dirt bikes/decompression....maybe some exploitation, depending.

    Decided last time I was looking around. I'm not interested in maintaining or securing a building. At most septic, water, and or electric. They'll run 1000 ft. of wire for free. Not sure who pays for poles or ditches.

    Store a camper close by and grab it on the way down. I am concerned about stuff like fly dumping and trespassing. I imagine it's not uncommon to encounter a stranger hunting or whatever.

    As far as methheads go, at least you can shoot 'em and nobody will miss them. Around here there's all manner of crazed, useless, parasitic criminals about and they're all part of some protected species. Of all of them, the city workers are the worst. The main reason it's so shitty.

    That's mainly why I'm self employed and work alone whenever possible.

    Yeah well..

    Thanks! Not exactly an encyclopedic batch of info but I'll take it.

    Not looking to live there. Not looking to make new friends. Hardly any spooks, like zero. Very few pigs. No building codes...As far as opposed to Illinois I seriously doubt I could do worse. Biggest tax bill I've come across is a few hundo a year. Less than I sock away for a month here....for a smaller lot than our servant's quarters sat on in Bluff View...

    The location works for us and we like the elevations. I grew up on flat land and I don't plan on farming. Give me an acre or two of flat and we can put up some kind of shack although a trailer will probably suffice. The rest can be pretty rough. More hill, more backstop.

    I was more interested in issues like pollution from strip mining, alchohol issues in dry counties, water access, methhead issues and such.

    Thinking about buying some land thereabouts and if I recall correctly one of the recent batch of recruits hails from the area.

    Curious about what hazards it would profit me to avoid..

    Compensation commensurate with contribution.

    If they have since taken leave, sorry for the interruption.

    A friend, and yes, I use the term loosely, has photos of family property on Lake Michigan going back 50-60 years. It's pretty clear the shoreline is receding substantially. The boat dock is now unusable. Nowhere near the shore. No idea why.