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    Heh, kicked dog always yelps first. Don't you have a ditch to dig? Better get to it or some slightly less insignificant mud person will take the job and you'll be back fighting the strays for your supper.

    It's the grease. Mud races have hyper active endocrine systems. That's why they smell so funny and have such limited impulse control..Among other defects associated with limited genetic differentiation.

    At least it subdues their imagination and makes them more servile. Set them to a mindless, repetitive, not too physically demanding task and they prove to be about as useful as a human teenager. Just try to limit their exposure to white man's pathogens. Then you'll see they actually draw more flies dead then improbable as it seems.

    Heh, bragging about more nigger work. Thing is, not even a nigger would make that bullshit claim.

    Dumb fucking greaseball...."reconquista'...Spics lost Florida a couple hundred years ago cause they were, as usual, too weak. Since then we've let the kikes have run of the place. The only thing those yapping shitskins are gonna "reconquer" is the landscaping industry when the last of the industrious 12 year olds moves on to pool maintenance.

    Stupid pathetic fuck. 60 years old and still digging ditches. I guess that's what the slave races do instead of country clubs.

    Funny how my simple observations stir up the insecurities of the insignificant and insecure. Spics seem particularly susceptible for some reason. Probably stems from a lifetime of having to bullshit their way through every challenge just to keep up with the niggers. But if you can deal with half the output of a regular guy for a fifth the cost...they do work all day. albeit slowly, on a grisly taco and a can of mountain dew. Niggers stay thirsty all day. And of course they all steal...

    "I've made my way burying pieces of shit like you thrusted."

    Heh, another delusional taco bender. Poor, pathetic fuck. Got your back all up 'cause you know you can't hang. Just another dime a dozen shitstain trying to keep up. Proud of a ditch.... Jesus. I go through a couple if assholes like you every week in season. Must be some kind of shitskin defect. Sad.

    Sorry boy. I pretty much limit my endeavors to tasks that can't be trusted to mud people. I understand you likely have no clue what I'm talking about. But if you ever wanted to tag along sometime, feel free. I've got $50 that says you'll never come back from lunch.

    Yeah well..comparing reefer to booze..pretty stupid. Except in the most general terms since they are both to some degree psychoactive. Beyond that the similarities pretty much end.

    Seems insane that we exploit one in such a criminally delusional manner while on the other hand folks are rotting in jail because of a pocketful of shit that grows on the side of the road. Shit that by all accounts has no real harmful influence and apparently a plethora of helpful palliative uses.


    And when you get the last minute call saying it's on, you're the asshole 'cause you didn't learn the set. and oddly, the indignation escalates as the pay involved shrinks. On the rare occasion I get "invited" to an event like that I always ask about budget. Separates the players from the pikers real quick.