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    Heh, good thing I don't need you geniuses for advice.

    The one place I was looking at is up the bluff from the white house. Which sits on a hill with a few other, older structures. I had looked at a building bout 3/4 miles down the road. Even lower. Across the road from the post office...if that means anything to you civil engineers..The rest of the shots are from the surrounding counties.

    The challenge is getting water. Not getting too much. Plus you typically can't build in an unregulated flood plain.

    Yeah well, the Ohio's a pretty long river. I actually never, ever, considered Ohio. Outside of Illinois possibly the shittiest place I've experienced....Oklahoma doesn't count.

    I was actually focusing on the area between Louisville and Owensboro. I was gonna post some images but I always seem to fuck it up..let's see if I can figure it out..

    So I spent last week looking over properties in the Ohio river area. Couldn't help notice the complete lack of spooks. In fact the only moolies I encountered were this couple at the motel that were bitching about stupid shit. I guess they couldn't figure out the 1 knob furnaces and the instant water heaters. Not simple enough I guess..

    I also didn't see any pigs. Not one. Well, there was a blacked out Mopar parked at the gas diner but I didn't see any uniforms. Folks wave as you pass by and from what I could tell, don't lock their cars...ever. I understand there's a meth problem in the area but nobody seemed too worried outside of the little cities.

    I'll be making an offer tomorrow.

    Another self administered I.Q. test, I see. Pretty obvious that if cogently defining talent were possible the metrics would have been in place for hundreds of years by now.

    I read somewhere that unrecognized talent is among civilizations' greatest regrets.

    Inversely, it seems that everyone possesses some to varying degrees but ambition, another intangible, has more to do with it's recognition than opportunity.

    Wow, wrote this this a.m. but am on the road and my wireless is fucked. Or maybe it's me..anyhow:

    Bloomington is a few hours downstate from Chicago. It sucks. Not smart to plan on walking anywhere unless you're by the campus.

    Bloomingdale is a chicago suburb. It sucks. Don't plan on walking anywhere.

    Best pizza: Egyptian Lounge on Mockingbird. Too far from either to walk or drive. Probably best just to forget about it.

    If the storm hits you likely don't have near the wardrobe to deal. Buy some long johns.

    It's not only stupid, but unkind to expect any slave race to make the evolutionary leap required to compete in modern society without the application of both Neanderthal DNA and the influence of Darwinism. So basically there's no hope. Unless we wake up and reverse the idiocy of 150 years of anthropological interference, our descendants will be forever cursed.

    I guess it helps to have some insight on the supposed goings on surrounding the central committee and to some extent, the climate of the times. I can see where some would just think it's stupid.

    I know you guys are typically more interested in swapping recipes or fashion tips but I stumbled on a film that I reckon might be worth mentioning. It's playing on cable for now and for a film with zero tits, I gotta admit it was kind of fun.

    Check it out if you have a few to kill.

    Assuming he's drinking adequately it sounds like you gotta wait for the x-rays. Older dogs get all kinds of cysts, tumors, and subcutaneous growths. Could be something is obstructing the urethra. If he's not drinking I can see them prescribing steroids to stimulate thirst. Good luck.

    Yeah well, seems like Darwinism in action. I'm no globetrotter but I'm pretty sure the Morroccan outlands have never been very hospitable to young blondes.

    I think I might start my orgy of retribution with the asshole that sold them the tickets in the first place.