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    Yeah well,

    Trust me. The majority of black gun owners ain't legal.

    For some reason, law abiding colords avoid guns like they avoid the water. Some kind of vestigial jungle instinct I suppose.

    They just get themselves into trouble. They're happier without the obligations that come with self sufficiency. Too complicated for a melanin soaked intellect.

    Yeah well,

    There's something to be said about the fundamental right to choose the time and fashion by which one's ticket gets punched..

    Yeah well,

    This insignificant shitstain seems to need an outlet to counter her massive insecurity. Way too invested in it's own delusion.

    Typical. Probably a nigger. Or raised by one. Nothing to contribute. Just another little parasite trying to hang with the grownups. Dime a dozen.


    Yeah, really.

    More proof that limp dick pencil necks will always fail trying to act like men.

    Get off your ass and let the real world teach you something. Only lean on youtube when you actually know what the fuck you're talking about.

    You can apologize for your arrogant stupidity now..

    Fuck, this forum's acting goofy. Have to edit way too many auto fill mistakes. Probably just me..

    Yeah well,

    Look closer.

    As far as I can tell, way more folks put it down than keep the habit. Not so with booze. Almost everybody I know is a lifelong drinker. Hardly anybody smokes.

    More regurgitated indoctrination form the terminally uninformed.

    Another useless shitstain who's never wiped his own ass much less earned the right to an opinion.

    Shit parenting is at the heart of the malaise. Pinhead spawn of addicts and parasites letting beavis teach their spermatoids how to think...or not..

    At least they're too worthless and weak to get into any real trouble...unless they forget themselves and mouth off to the wrong person without their keyboards to hide behind.

    Yeah well,

    Tons of worthless pieces of shit sign up for three hots and a cot.

    Guess they can't understand the reference to militia.

    They intended for the self sufficient citizens of their new nation to be able to fight.

    They wanted us to have tanks, if need be.

    Along with the odd hornet or TOW if you could afford it. No doubt.

    Yeah well,

    Try a same day cancellation with me and there better be an olympic caliber excuse.

    No tolerance for flakes. They're the same ones that scream bloody murder the minute they're inconvenienced.....every time.

    Sounds like that chick hasn't figured it out yet.

    Yeah well,

    Pinheaded hysteria aside, it seems many are out of touch with the idea that, as a nation, Americans are a vastly superior breed than can be found anywhere in the world. Anywhere.

    Much of that advantage is genetic, linguistic, and geographical. But what really distinguishes our culture from the lesser exaples found everywhere else is the principles embodied in our cardinal documents. Self reliance, integrity, and reason are the fundamentals that cause folks from pretty much everywhere else to make the effort they do to be able to live here. Often as a quasi-fugitive if necessary..

    The very notion we should devolve into imitating some bankrupt peasant ideology might be the stupidest suggestion one could make.

    The only thing union labor delivers is excessive cost and sub standard performance....along with a ton of delusional excuses.

    It's the natural result of selling jobs to weaklings who can't compete.

    That's why nobody ever hires those assholes unless they have to. Unless they actually want a staff of drooling incompetents who can't even negotiate their own income.

    Yeah well,

    Been fixing shit fucked up by pole smoking card holders far longer than you've been on your knees.

    What kind of faggot gets a picture took so he can try to impress strangers? Or maybe it's just full of shit like every other weakling?

    No matter. Punk's gonna punk.

    I will admit, I historically will try to get some honest industry in on L.D. as a matter of principle. Working on homes, it's a challenge since nobody wants the noise at their barbecue.

    This year I blamed threatening rain and took a mulligan. Probably just old age. I hope living amongst so many clock watching lowest denominators for so long isn't rubbing off....pun intended.

    Yeah it's weird.

    Hard to imagine a craft that hires out like that wouldn't have a second hatch.

    Seems like if it works out of California there would be stricter regulations in place.

    Yeah well,

    We've all seen some little kid so excited the first time his little pecker gets hard, he reckons he's the only one that it happens to.

    If a union puke does it, it's easy. Basically women's work. Otherwise they wouldn't let it be done.

    Try that on a platform, 30 years ago. Them come run your head.

    Fucking punks ain't got shit.

    Thank commies.

    Unions had nothing to do with it. Although they're communist organizations, they consist exclusively of weaklings and parasites. Not the type to offer any benefit to society at large.

    Getting paid to do nothing...