Special Needs Kids

  • My son is "on the spectrum". Kid has an off the charts IQ and can't complete a task on his own. He's been on an ADHD med for almost 6 months, no real change. It's working for his sister, but she's not "on the spectrum".

    I worry. 51 years old and I've eaten like shit most of that time with not enough exercise.

    My point is, I can probably take care of him for 20 years or so but once my heart blows up there's nothing I can do from the grave.

    He's 7 I hope he snaps out of it. It's a competitive world and I can't do his homework forever.

  • My daughter is on the spectrum and had some serious issues with violence, especially towards staff at the school.

    Less than two years ago people were doubting whether she'd have to be home schooled, or even if she'd finish school at all.

    All I can cay man is hang in there and never let them say that your kid can't do it.

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  • I've got three ASD and 2 ADHD.

    I've never let any of them use that as an excuse.

    They're all very high achieving kids.

    Absinthe makes the tart grow fonder.

    Celebrating those happy times when the penis is an internal organ.

  • Similar issues with both of mine. We cut sugar from our diet, limited TV/video games to 60 minutes a day, added a 1 hour reading period (quiet time) to the daily routine and we all took karate as a family. I dropped 40 pounds in 6 months myself! Son graduates next May, daughter is in pre-med with a 4.0.

    Ping pong table in the garage got a workout. Son learned to play guitar. Daughter took up cooking but not regular cooking, chef level stuff. She would watch a cooking show and make what she saw. Both kids learned to cook and had their own night to serve dinner but she took it to another level. I really expected her to attend culinary school but she just likes cooking for fun, a job would kill the joy she said.

    No TV or computer after 6PM. I guess these days I would have them turn the phones off and put up the tablets. I wouldn't be very popular.

    Sleep time was 8-6AM.

    I'm not saying any or all of this will work for you but it did for us.

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  • Yeah, we need to limit the tablets more. 6 months ago I purchased Minecraft (mind crack) for both kids. I've seen less obsessed cokeheads.

    The boy can do math, he can read 70 words per minute at 7 years old. He can't verbalize or write about what he read tho.

    Wish I'd never let them play Minecraft. The daughter is doing well at school tho!

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  • one of mine has tourettes, probably on somebody's spectrum too. Didn't let the docs pump him full of drugs for long before we realized it was fucking up his head.

    I always secretly wanted him to blurt out cuss words, but all he did was bark and chirp or grunt. At any rate, that was a horrible secret wish, and I'm glad he didn't.

    Did a lot of what Razer did.

    Changed our diet, which was a huge deal for him. Not just for him, actually. One of our other kids is hypoglycemic, so I basically didn't have junk in a decade unless I snuck it at work.

    Relaxed it after about 5 years.

  • Check out Young Living Essential Oils when you have the time.

    My daughter started using it on my obstinate grand daughter and she's a whole lot more manageable now.

    I'm studying for my CMRP exam and the bottle of Rosemary I keep nearby seems to actually help me remember this crap.

    Wife uses them to clean and makes her own laundry detergent. House smells great and my sinuses haven't flared up in weeks.

    It worked for us, might work for you.

    Backyard Commandos INC, HMFIC

    I disagree but I respect your right to be stupid.

    Winners focus on winning, losers focus on winners.

  • I have three foster kids as most of you already know. They are the result of alcohol and drugged fucked inbred parents, yes inbred. Miss 8, on the spectrum is a really sweet kid, prone to meltdowns but just completely loses the plot now and then because she is a victim to the younger two. Miss 7 is a complete ADHD poster child along with being a bit milder on the spectrum than her older sister, this kid is so naughty and fucked up she makes me burst out in laughter sometimes. One day I was calling her and she wouldn't answer for a few minutes and as I got more excited I hear a cranky little girl voice come out of the tepee in the room ( an angry little girl) "I'm in here ya fucking arsehole" I nearly wet myself laughing at the little shit. Miss 5 is off the Richter scale ADHD but no Autism and also extremely intelligent. I find the best thing to treat it is a calm voice unless I am threatening to kill them.

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