Herd animals

  • I’ve always found it fascinating to understand the fear response of animals and their instinct to ban together for protection.

    It’s a primal urge for defenseless creatures to seek shelter in groups.

    Social cliques are strong they keep the herd together and help keep the population down. Maintaining a constant population in their territory is key. If the herd number grows the predator numbers will also increase.

    The protection herds give is obvious. If you’re in a group it is less likely you will be eaten alive by a unwelcome predator.

    A mob of sheep is a good example. Their instinct to group for protection has been programmed into them since birth though weakness and fear. They understand that the only protection from apex predators is numbers.

    Sheep are gregarious by nature so they enjoy each other’s company. Which makes them quite content to stay in a safe place chew their cud and ignore the world as it goes by.

    Having no ingenuity they lead a mundane existence stuck in the same rut day after day.

    I once read that sheep feel uncomfortable if four or five other sheep aren’t always in eyesight .

    If one strays from the flock it becomes alarmed and will start baaing for help or to find the herd. If there’s a predator involved the mob will do the same thing to alert each other. But if attacked they flee which leaves the weakest of the group in the most vulnerable position. For the Big Bad Wolf to gobble up.

    There is one strange quirk in there herd mentality among sheep. Have you ever heard the phrase “ like a lamb to slaughter” ? It’s actually a brutal and completely accurate statement. If the leader head’s to the slaughterhouse the rest will follow. If the leader walks off a cliff the rest will follow. Even the smartest sheep make bad decisions like that.

    Personally I think a lone predator well always have the advantage over a flock of sheep.

    • If someone would proofread this I would sure appreciate it.


    This OP was written from memory.

    The events, Sheep or predators depicted in this OP are fictitious. Any similarity to actual Sheep, living or dead or to actual predators is purely coincidental.

    “ some cause happiness wherever they go ,

    Some cause happiness when they go “

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  • I don't wear slippers... so I am probly ok.

    Iron.. crowds freak a lot of humans out.. those who cluster in big cities are mutants.


    "Don't let it end like this. Tell them I said something."

    Pancho Villa, last words (1877 - 1923)

  • Why is it when I pick a lonely spot in a restaurant or theater someone sits close to me?

    I hate it when people do that shit, it's why I don't go out much. If I were a rich millionaire nobody would ever see me. I would live in the middle of nowhere behind a stout, Cuban built gate and would only venture outdoors on cloudy days.