How Gman unknowlingly got me a free Microtech knife

  • Long story made short... last year I asked about bitcoins... Gman gave me a pretty good primer in PMs. I bought $50 worth when they were about $600ea. Fast forward a year, sold them minus the capital gains tax @ $4000ea. Took the profits, and bought a cool ass microtech knife.

    Thanks G !

  • I have to admit, the knife isn't really my "style" - it looks to me like something you'd find in a Romulan bug out bag. That being said, man the build quality is off the charts, and the automatic action is incredible in hand. You can spend hours just deploying it. The blade itself is absolute perfection in hand. Wonderful lightweight cool as hell EDC blade in pocket. I've carried a Sebenza for several years now, and the Microtech just retired it (for now anyways).

  • They don’t work great anyway. Even the expanding batons are shit in a fight, I laugh anytime I see someone with them. Even a large heavy mag light is better, or better yet a full sized African hardwood baton or stick.

  • I never liked the feel in-hand of a steel collapsible baton. The more effective ones are the very large oversized ones made by monadnock - you need that weight for them to be effective, and the feel and balance is pretty bad. The most effect club in my opinion is the old fashioned spring loaded lead ball blackjack. They will kill if you hit the head. Kinda defeats the purpose to carry a "non lethal" option that is anything but etc. etc.

  • Clubs are overrated - I've see people get hit with bats - you'd think it would kill them and end the fight, but I've seen people fight through it like nothing. Ratan escrima sticks are also over-esteemed because they handle so good in hand... All you have to do is watch the "no holds barred" type fights put out by guys and you see they mostly turn into wrestling matches (the sticks get tossed quick). Nunchuks are also grossly overrated because of the Bruce Lee movies etc.

    Not saying it doesn't suck to get hit by all the above - just saying they are not instant fight stoppers like most people think.

  • I can be if you surprise someone behind and clonk them on the noodle with it. Otherwise in a fight it's way too easy to defend against, so little reach that making distance to keep it from contacting you is simple. Slam is right most expanding batons are too light, and the leverage is all wrong for transfering weight to the part that makes contact with the target, police agencies always teach all this shit about "breaking bones" and crap, but it never happens in fights with them. Larger/heavier clubs/sticks, yes, but expandable, no. I'd take a lead sap over a baton, but still don't like either much. Beats nothing, but not by much.

    The expanding batons are more effective using them with two hands and spearing, as opposed to swinging them, but that still sucks compared to the old style police batons. And even those aren't as great as you would think, there are millions of vids of protestors getting clonked with even those and just walking off. Spearing to the gut or solar plexus is still probably their most effective use, unless you 6 oclock someone and can really crack them on the head, which of L/E isn't allowed.

    A guy I worked with at Sig, Tim Connell, worked for Monadnock as an instructor and in R/D, they are probably the best for collapsing types for sure, Smith made some that were crazy heavy and had a rolling weight inside that made them xfer power like crazy, but they were banned swiftly as to many L/E were fucking people up with them. I think I have pics of one someplace, I'll check. The head are literally 2x as big around as most, and the shafts are close to that as well, they are heavy tanks, but much more effective, still not a full sized one, but close. Like the RCB peacemaker, but larger still, with a rolling weight inside it.

    For less lethal taser, aerosol, IMO work better, and of course edged weapons beat all of those, but aren't less lethal, hah.

  • I had a Monadnock many years ago (like 15 years ago) - trying to remember the model.... Autolock was it. It was a $100 club, and I swear it must have weighted 2-3 pounds (was their beefiest model at the time). It was insanely heavy and difficult to deploy (and near impossible to collapse). It hit like a ton of bricks, but the ergos were awful and it was slow to swing around... awful feel to it, but man you would not want to get hit by it. I don't know what ever happened to it... it just disappeared from the face of the earth and I've long since moved from where i was living. It was like carrying a half yard of rebar - just awful.

  • BTW I had a few bucks left over from the knife, and under the glass at the register, as luck would have it, they were selling Cold Steel Ninja stars and I had just enough - so I bought a set of three. Have not tossed them at anything yet (LOL).

  • BTW, clubs are overrated. Everyone thinks they can take out anyone when they have one in hand, but in reality they do less damage than you think - when people see it coming (like gman said basically).

    Reason why is you need pretty good timing to hit the (lets call it) "power curve". Move just a little (the swing is slow), and you basically spoil the shot. They need the momentum from the swing be effective, and you can spoil it by moving and changing the distance - then the guy has to set up another swing etc. Not the case with a blade (!).

    This guy here take a number of good shots and they have no effect.

  • That is a very nice knife slam. I am not really a knife guy as you know.... they are more tool than anything to me. I have given it some thought tho... I think a club and a knife are both effective in the right hands... mine are not the right hands but..... I think I found the solution with the whole knife club combo thing... the knife is quarter inch thick and razor sharp... seriously sharp.. a gentle push and it will go right through someone.. a slash will remove a hand I bet. The body is very heavy aluminum.. heavier than I thought it might be.

    even for my pitiful knife fighting skills I think this would give me an edge (so to speak)


    "Don't let it end like this. Tell them I said something."

    Pancho Villa, last words (1877 - 1923)

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