New pistol time...

  • I'm starting to look at the pistol thing differently---I have a lil bitty Colt Mustang from early 90's (looks like 70 series 1911) and a full size I wanna collect a Colt of every barrel length. I can dream

  • I have been wanting a long-slide 1911 for several years... I may buy one for Christmas

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  • I have been wanting a long-slide 1911 for several years... I may buy one for Christmas

    Will you be getting the tshirt to go with it?

  • That laser sight on the AMT 1911 in The Terminator was actually built by the guys who started the SureFire flashlight and low light fighting institute.

    That 1911 is also 7", not 6", it's a really nice long slide/barrel 1911 from AMT, very cool in the film, especially with that monstrous laser SureFire built for the prop guys, they wanted it BIG so that the audience would really key into the whole "laser" thing, which was fairly new at that time. I remember that stupid show "That's Incredible" where a guy with an Uzi and a similar laser shot up a target on their set (lol, imagine having a full auto Uzi on some live variety type TV show now these days, hahahah). They slow mo'd it showing the rounds making holes where they laser had just been, it was pretty cool actually.

    A good 6" 1911 makes a very nice and accurate range pistol for sure, even easy enough to carry still too. It's a bit of a placebo effect some say, but that extra inch sight radius, you can really feel it when you're lining up those sights, it's not all placebo for sure, I'm convinced, as you feel you can shoot very accurately with a 6" 1911, for sure.

  • I kinda remember the 7" AMT from some magazine article. There were a lot of 6" ones tho for a while. The AMT was called the 'Hardballer' and that was not a bad name for it since it barely fed hard ball ammo.

    Metallic silhouette started a semi auto class.. the longslide was gonna put the 1911 in the game but the increase in velocity with the 5" was pretty dismal. About all you gained from the longer slide was a longer sight radius and some front end weight. But they were never a very reliable gun. It is interesting to see the concept come back.

    To me... it would make more sense in high pressure rounds like the 38 super and 10mm.

    Gman... your namesake.. in the untouchables which was a gangster show on tv... well.. They had two guys who supposedly were Thompson machine gun wizards in the prop crew. In the show a lot of cars and buildings and such got shot with sub machineguns and I guess they really had no way of making it look realistic. supposedly these two guys would fire actual live ammo at the cars and such .. you never actually seen a guy near or in the car (maybe a dummy) in the shooting scenes... the car would get shot up at the curb and then a guy would pop up shooting or whatever. still tho... all them hardball rounds hitting a steel car?


  • The SIG Sauer two tone P229 arrived Friday. It is everything the auction on GunBroker said it was. Everything is there, and it appears to have either shot very little, or not shot at all. We'll hit the range soon, and then she's getting a carry permit. The problem will be a left hand holster for a female. She does not carry a purse,either.

  • There are a lot of 'semi custom' holster makers.. I mean they will do one offs and that should be simple to just extend a normal 1911 holster. It is surprising how many big name guys (and gals) out there really only have a few people working on the leather.


  • Ya, you shouldn't have too much of a problem getting either a good kydex or leather holster for a woman, for a 229, lots of semi custom and custom builders looking for work out there. Great used(or new) pistol to buy, the 229 is a fantastic handgun in every respect, even still, IMO there hasn't been anything in DA/SA come along that is superior, even after all these years. You can swap the magazine release to left hand on the 229, it's not very difficult, I'm sure you know that already, it's too bad they didn't manufacture a certain amount of typical Sig line pistols with left handed controls for the decocker, and slide release. Cost I'm sure.

    It's not all that hard to train around anyway, if you're decocking you should have all the time in the world to do it, so using a digit on the left hand isn't a big issue, and you don't have to use the slide release when you use the slingshot/over the top charging method anyway, IMO it's the worst option for slide manipulations in every situation, although it IS still an option for right handers. It's just a lot harder to use under stress especially with gloves on, so for lefties shouldn't really matter much either way. The mag release is nice to have on "your" side of the pistol though, for certain it makes reloads faster and less prone to fumbling.

  • I never could figure out how some guns still have that euro hell mag release thing. The 1911 got that part perfect for me. One oddball gun I have is the 1907 savage in 32 auto. not a small gun but still a pocket gun. Smaller than say a hammerless 1903 Colt but not by much... The gun is an actual double stack mag and holds 11 rounds which was pretty amazing for the time. it is also a locked breech gun which is cool... the recoil is almost nothing with the locked breech and the weight. very accurate and dependable.

    it is a striker fired gun with a sorta kinda hammer. odd... it also has a really odd mag release. it is a heel type but... push button or a pivoting one... if you push the heel button the mag flies out about a third of the way... probly all the way if it were pointed down and you held the button... I only have one mag for the gun and they are expensive.

    Anyhow.. this is a good vid of the gun. it is a fascinating bit of history Bat Masterson actually did ads for the gun. I had to use parts from two junkers to put mine together since a lot of the cocking piece parts are no longer available anywhere.