DCS Thread

  • I don't get how you guys come up with the time for this game, don't get me wrong, I think its great but just so fucking time consuming. I can't even keep on top of the F 15

    Once I mastered the Mirage, the rest was cake. After you learn to push the buttons for one plane, the second comes much easier.

  • Mirage is a great module, I should be flying that more...

    I too am really hoping the J17 comes out well, as we need more Red Air fighters, I agree with that completely. Hopefully the team that did the China stuff for the J11/etc can pump out a few good modules, J10 would be great. Mig23 I would like to see as well, Mig25 as well - they can't do a hifi module of the Mig29/Su27 variants for classification reasons they've said, which sucks. I really like the new Mig29 modelling, it's my favorite cold war fighter, and I hope someday they'll be able to do a "real" module of it someway/somehow.

    The F16 is going to be something else too - I have a Cougar I've modded with the stuff from the dude on ED/DCS, hall sensors, but just the stick. I'm waiting for the throttle stuff as the Cougar throttle should match up great for the F16 module. Gonna convert it to USB and put some new parts in it, plus the sensor conversion.